How to leave for Norway on permanent residence from Belarus.

How to leave for Norway on permanent residence from Belarus.
Scandinavia is considered a very attractive place to live: good salaries, social benefits, free medicine. Here there is a political system remotely similar to socialism: high taxes guarantee every citizen support in case of unemployment, illness or lack of funds for higher education. Emigration to Norway guarantees all these benefits, so many people want to move to this northern country from Russia. The government understands that most of the visitors are not motivated to work for the improvement of the state, but simply claim for social benefits. Therefore, moving to the northern kingdom is not an easy task.
The national flag of Norway.
Permit for permanent residence allows an alien to stay in the country for 5 years without an annual re-registration. According to reviews, this status of a migrant is not too different from citizenship: even without the status of a citizen, employers willingly employ such employees, one can claim benefits and benefits. The advantage of permanent residence for citizens from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan in comparison with citizenship is the possibility of traveling to the homeland without issuing a visa. In addition, every Norwegian has to serve in the army (with the exception of women), which is also not very pleasant.
According to the law, a permanent residence means that a foreigner has lived in the kingdom for the last 7 years. This period is reduced to 5 years only in those situations when the reason for moving is marriage or marriage.
The permit can be issued on the following terms:
The petitioner must remain in the kingdom continuously for a specified period (7 or 5 years). The reason for living in Norway should be the same throughout the period. The visa, on the basis of which the migrant was on the territory of the state, should give an opportunity to obtain permanent residence afterwards. The general name for such categories is oppholdstillatelse in Norwegian or opphold in English.
To leave for permanent residence in Norway it is possible in connection with work under the contract in the Norwegian organization, creation of own business, and also if necessary political asylum. The latter option is unlikely at the moment for migrants from Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan. Many refugees from the Middle East, where civil wars do not cease, come here in the hope of a better life. Therefore, the migration service sets strict requirements on refugees.
First of all, an expatriate needs to know how to obtain a residence permit in Norway in order to apply for permanent residence in the future.
Business immigration.
A private entrepreneur must obtain a visa of category D from the Norwegian consulate, come to the country and register his company, obtain a license, and pass inspections of all instances. It will be required to produce a certificate of income, to submit a detailed business plan for the development of the project with specific dates, activities, planned investments and profits. An important advantage is the experience of entrepreneurial activity in the past. The capital of the project should be no less than 13 000 euros.
Emigration to Norway from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan is possible with employment in several ways.
Finding a suitable job in advance, signing an employment contract with the employer before moving, using the Internet or intermediaries. The employer draws up an official letter of invitation, signs a work permit in the city government. It is necessary that the level of wages is not lower than 500,000 Norwegian kroner (about 50,000 euros). The average hourly wage is 14.5 euros. Obtaining a residence permit for employment after the arrival in the kingdom. The residence permit in this case is issued for 12 months, it is understood that during this time the foreigner must find a job.
The consulate requires the following documents from the migrant:
It is assumed that the money in the bank account should be enough to ensure that the visitor could ensure their existence while he is in search of work. In 2017, this amount is 208 000 kroons or 20 000 euros.
A highly qualified professional with experience in the specialty can emigrate under the program. The country is in need of representatives of a number of professions, so it attracts foreigners to free posts as well. The presence of a scientific degree, publications and foreign internships will be an advantage for the applicant. Information technology specialists, doctors and nurses, oil workers, engineers, technologists are required. Also there is a request for low-skilled personnel. Constantly there are not enough workers for farms, the foreigner in this case comes as a guest and lives in the host family. Employees are demanded for fish processing enterprises.
At first glance, the easiest way to immigrate to Norway from Russia is. this is a wedding. But not everything is so simple. Reviews of emigrants from Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus say that it is unlikely to conclude a fictitious marriage.
Traditional Norwegian wedding.
Before permitting the reunification of the family, the migration service carries out a very thorough check. The newlyweds fill in the questionnaires, which detail how they got to know each other, how their relationship was going, and confirm the information with joint photos. The forums even tell stories about how the spouses were literally ambushed in the morning: the examiners thought the toothbrushes and towels in the bathrooms, looked in the cupboards. However, if the relationship is real, the authorities will not prevent the joint living of lovers. After 4 years, you can apply for citizenship, with a high probability of a positive response.
To get permission for permanent residence, you need to document the knowledge of Norwegian at least at an average level. Political migrants and refugees are entitled to free participation in the integration program. In its framework, a foreigner is required to attend 250 academic hours in language and another 50 in social studies, after which it is necessary to pass the exam. Persons over 55 can be exempted from this. Labor migrants can participate in the program for their money or provide a certificate. Moving to Norway for Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Kazakhs does not make sense without knowing the language, as only English will not be enough for most vacancies.

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