How to leave Kherson in Kiev

How to leave Kherson in Kiev h1>
Can I buy tickets in advance or on the day of my arrival (in July) to Kherson?
Tell us please, is it correct that from the Central Bus Station of Kherson do not sell tickets to Kiev in general. Sells only a separate ticket office of Gunsel. This is strange. I do not want to go to Gunsel, then it’s a monopoly. I asked for a ticket for the flight Evpatoria-Kiev from Kherson, there was just launched a new bus Liner-12 with air conditioning, TV. but they upset me.
Here in this note, and all the quotation: the flight follows from the Crimea and until the moment he does not arrive at the bus station of Kherson it’s difficult to say whether there are free seats on the bus. Of course, there are means of communication (and internet, including 🙂 which allow you to find out earlier. But in practice the rule “tickets for transit flights are sold on arrival of the bus to the bus station” is mainly used. This is primarily due to the fact that along the route of the bus can be a passenger with a raised hand (and usually the driver picks up such a passenger). This is not the best practice (especially from the point of view of the passenger who came to the bus station :), but it exists as a fact that should be taken into account.
There is a sufficiently large number of technological schemes that allow to bypass this (and other restrictions), but this is a topic of a separate conversation. In the same specific case, you should probably contact the administration of the bus station and try to find out – in which mode tickets are sold for this flight “on arrival” or “beforehand”.
I will only add that through Kherson there are very decent “Avtolyux” buses going to Kiev and many other carriers no longer use “Ikarus” on this type of flights.
And from the central bus station of Kherson to Kiev goes not only Gunsel. And tickets can be bought at the box office AB.
By the way from Nikolaev to Kherson buses and minibuses go very often and the trip takes less than an hour.
By bus you can go to Lviv (choose arriving early, around 8.00-10.00) in the morning, costs about 60-100 EUR one way, there take a taxi (20-25 UAH) at the bus station, drive to the railway station, at 14.31 otp. the train 110L Lvov-Kherson, in Kherson at 12.28 (price K-55 UAH, pl-35 UAH).
You can go by the same bus to Kiev, there you change to a train, the verity of having tickets from Lviv is higher than from Kiev.
There are several buses from Germany right up to Kherson, the question is whether you will be able to withstand such a journey.
By air, the minimum price in two ends to Kiev can be about 300-350 EUR, you need a date and place of departure-without them I can not advise anything.
the problem is that there is nothing to go from Kiev: (and with luggage you have to pay for everything> 20 kg and expensive.
and ask again if they make such a flight.
Bus trip: Berlin – Kherson.
Departure: Berlin CAB., (Funkturm West) ICC / Kaiserdamm Arrival: Kherson Ch. railway station Route.
Tuesday 18: 00 * Thursday 05: 00 * Kraft Reisen.
Saturday 18: 00 * Monday 05:00 Kraft Reisen.
Bus trip: Kherson – Berlin.
Departure: Kherson Ch. train station Arrival: Berlin CAB., (Funkturm West) ICC / Kaiserdamm Route.
Tuesday 00:00 Wednesday 12: 00 * Kraft Reisen.
Saturday 00: 00 * Sunday 12: 00 * Kraft Reisen.
they have a website details there, keep in mind-for luggage vishe rate they require an additional payment.
luggage, but this – a rarity. Of course you can buy 2 places nearby, in summer the probability of an empty bus is quite small, but in Lviv there are about half of the passengers, i.�. to Kherson almost certainly will be able to go on a double.
Can I book for only 10 days?
> Hello, you must learn from you how to get from Kherson to.
> Evpatoria (1st or 2nd of December). There are certainly such.
> routes, so that without transplanting. I ruffled half in the Internet, and found it.
> only one questionable route of the bus is Chernivtsi-Sevastopol, which.
why doubtful? see –
the only doubt that can be – on a transit flight may not.
>>> I want to book a ticket for the route 60 AU ODESA PRIVOZ – AS DONETSK.
>>> The starting point is Kherson.
>>> Punt of the nomination – Mariupol.
>>> Unfortunately I did not find the information on 2 questions about the site:
>>> 1) How it is possible to book a ticket so that the station.
>>> departures in the order became Kherson and not Odessa? Upon attempt.
>>> book a ticket system allows you to specify only the destination,
>>> but the point of departure does not ask.
>> Features of the organization of processing orders for bus stations are not yet.
>> such an operation, so on the reservation server this feature is turned off until better times (one should think for about a year)
>>> 2) To which of the bus stations of the city of Kherson does the bus arrive?
>> I think you better look at the timetable on the site, but usually it’s.
> only from Odessa and there is no way to pay the cost only from Kherson?
In the general case, yes. But for example, Kherson, too, can resolve the booking for this flight, and then you will make an order already in Kherson (and there – also buy a ticket). Perhaps other options are possible.
> 2) On which site can you find out more precisely about the point of departure?
On this! 🙂 and what exactly you did not find.
> 3) The reserved ticket in Kherson will be sold on the same.
> bus station, where the bus will stop on the route.
> or in a check-out of some of the cash points in the city?
Technically, the sale of a reserved ticket is possible at any bus terminal included in the system, but At the moment there is a system installation some bus stations may not yet have the necessary access, or personnel will not be ready to perform such an operation.����f=&b=650100 from this set the most suitable buses are man, but they go a) in the evening, b) from Odessa (means buy a ticket in advance most likely does not work)
in the extreme case, you can go with Icarus (Ik-250), but I would have thought 5 times before such a trip.
and the last – take a separate place for the child (and if the means are allowed, then two) then he can lie / sleep.
If you are going to take a bus in Kherson, then why should you book from Kakhovka – just book a trip Kherson – Kiev and get a ticket in Kherson.
It is also possible to make a simpler version – just buy a ticket for the flight Kherson – Kiev (about 100 Ukrainian bus stations, including Kakhovka, sell from Kherson)
There is such a nuance – I’m with a bicycle (partially dismantled and packed in a case).
Is it possible to transport a bicycle, like luggage and what kind of payment for such a service!
I will be very grateful for the answers.
Minibuses from Kherson to Nikolaev go constantly and on the road for about an hour – do not regret this hour.
I drive in search of routes Kherson – Dnepropetrovsk.
The system shows the flight 20 (828000020) KHERSON AU – SUMA AS (
16:21 Departure from Kherson 22:55 Arrival in the Dnieper (there are no intermediate stops). In this case, when trying to buy a ticket, the initial station indicates exactly Dnepropetrovsk.
I want to know if this flight can leave Kherson? Tickets at the box office will be sold?
[Kherson_admin # 230984] # 230984.
We need to get to Odessa on June 28 from Skadovsk. From Kherson goes transport to Odessa in the evening?
There are two options for travel by bus:
1. Lviv – Lutsk (many flights) there is a transfer to the bus from Chernivtsi (flight 676) and further to Brest.
2. Lviv – Exactly (many flights) there is a transfer to the bus from Kamyanets-Podilsky (flight 216) and further to Brest.
I want to buy a ticket in advance.
1. Lutsk bus station to the system is not connected, can I buy a ticket from Chernivtsi (I’m ready to overpay) to get a paper ticket at the ticket office in Lviv, and take a bus in Lutsk?
2. Rivne a / s to the system is connected but if you enter on the page of buying tickets Rovno-Brest, then at any date only a bus from Kherson is offered, which does not suit me in time, why there is no flight from Kamenets? How can I buy a ticket?
& gt; & gt; 1. Lutsk bus station to the system is not connected, can I buy a ticket from Chernivtsi (I’m ready to overpay) to get a> paper ticket at the ticket office in Lviv, and take a bus in Lutsk?
No, it should not be done – see
According to the rules of transportation tickets for transit flights are sold upon arrival of the bus to the transit bus station. What you are offered places on the Kherson flight means only that the bus station with the carrier has a special agreement on the preliminary sale of tickets for the transit flight. According to Kamenets, such a treaty should be assumed – no.
at the central bus station of Lviv, a very decent hotel – he spent the night 🙂 try to build a trip based on this fact.
& gt; a bus from Kherson at 11:40 but not specified exactly where (address) and me.
& gt; I wonder why the ticket from Kherson to Lviv costs only 19 UAH, why.

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