How to leave the Ukrainian for work in Canada.

How to leave the Ukrainian for work in Canada.
Canada occupies one of the leading places among the countries attracting foreign labor resources and is the best place for the search for temporary jobs by Ukrainians. This is explained by the large diaspora of the latter and the comparative simplicity in obtaining a visa.
For a trip to Canada there are several options for visas:
All of them, not counting the immigration, are temporary. You will have to leave Canada before the end of the period for which the visa was issued.
You can obtain a work visa at the Visa Center of Canada. To date, there are two in Ukraine: in Lviv and in Kiev. The schedule of work and the sequence of actions can be found on the Center’s website.
Important! Before applying to the Visa Center for a working visa to Canada in Kiev or Lviv, it is recommended to find a future employer and ask him to send documents confirming employment.
To avoid additional difficulties with obtaining a work visa to Canada, you need to collect and submit the correct package of documents. You can find out what exactly is in it at the Canadian Consular Center. There they will not only give a list with a complete list of necessary documents, but they will also help to prepare them. In addition, the staff of the Canadian Consular Center will provide a quality translation service and, if necessary, will help to book a hotel or rent a house, will prompt how to properly pay the consular fee.
An indicative list of actions for obtaining a work visa to Canada consists of the following items:
obtaining permission to invite an ukrainian to work (it is received by a future employer in state bodies of Canada); registration of the invitation by the employer (the post, working conditions, salary should be indicated); conclusion of a contract; providing documents that confirm the rental of housing in Canada (it can be rented by both the Ukrainian and his future employer); obtaining a certificate that confirms mastery of the language (for Canada this is English or French); collection and provision of recommendations from previous places of work (if any).
In addition, you need to pass an interview with a visa officer and convince him that the trip to work in Canada is temporary and after the termination of the contract you will leave the country. For this, it is necessary to answer all questions of interest to him and show a strong connection with Ukraine.
Despite the fact that Canada is an open and hospitable country, efforts must be made to obtain a work visa. It is required to issue a work permit and collect a specific package of documents. As a rule, it takes from two to six weeks to process a work visa. If there are any additional difficulties, you can always contact the Canadian Consular Center or the Tour Partner company. Employees will consult on the problem and offer solutions.
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