How to leave Turkey from Turkey

How to leave Turkey from Turkey h1>
Sonia got acquainted with Turk Emin back in 2010 on vacation, they were 21 years old. Since then, they met only in the summer when Sonya came to rest, all the rest of the time – communication on the Internet and his scandals. As a result, a year ago, the girl was completely exhausted from all this, spit on all this from a high ceiling, and simply stopped responding to his angry messages at all, no matter how sad it was.
The next summer began. Noting her birthday, Sonya left for Turkey the next day to work as a children’s animator at the hotel. Especially before that, she deleted all of his numbers, so that there was no temptation to call or write a message, in general, so that the Turks did not find out that she was in Turkey, and that everything was not rushed over again.
Their hotel required a man who knows how to do the “fire show” and Emin decided to settle into this workplace, with a mysterious Turkish soul. He gave up his summer job and came to the hotel for a new job. Only now, while he was going to take a place in their hotel, they suddenly changed their power, a new animation manager appeared, which completely redrawn their entire program, and “fire show” did not fit into the updated leisure project.
In the morning, no light, dawn, Emin rang Sonya and said that she was standing near the gate of her hotel. Sonia, of course, slept at that time and told him that she was still asleep, and their manager would arrive only by 10 am, that he would have liked to stop somewhere and wait.
All the morning Sonya passed on as if on needles, then he called several times, but the girl was already at work with the children and could not help him. The new manager, of course, did not take it and the latest SMS came to her: “I’m leaving.” Sonya’s friend is a Turkish woman, she was friends with a manager from a neighboring large hotel, which was accepted only by the Turks, and suggested that he try to get settled there. Emin proudly replied:
– I’m leaving for Bodrum and I do not want to talk to you anymore!
Cousin of Emin, whose name was Aidar, wrote to Sonya in Facebook that she should stop her games with the feelings of his brother, and now she lost it forever. Although Sonya is already so.
especially did not want to see him, not fate, then.
A little later the entire animation team resigned from the hotel forever, because of the new manager who was building various intrigues against everyone. For two weeks they wandered out of work, although the season was in full swing, and they wanted to work together. As a result, there were only four of them: Sonia, a Turkish woman and two Ukrainians. During these two weeks, Emin periodically called a drunk, and said that he loves her and misses her. Then his sober cousin Aidar called, but with both of them the Turkish girlfriend in strict form was already talking.
By the advice of their first manager, they were brought to Bodrum. There, & quot; catch & quot; there was absolutely nothing, they stayed there for about three hours and went to another city, Marmaris. But in Marmaris they were generally divided, scattered by two people to different hotels. Sonya realized that she could not work at this hotel, everything was spinning around “Bingo” tickets and disco-tours, and Sonya could not sell them. In addition, the living conditions were simply awful.
– I’m a teacher, and I can communicate with children, this is my profession, and “vtyuhivat & quot; people that she herself would not have bought, no! said Sonya to everyone.
Once the dj called from the old hotel said that they still needed a children’s animator that she would return. Sonia immediately packed up and left. Anyway, there was not a mini-club for her, nor a normal home for them. Sonia went to Antalya. Along the way, he writes a text message to the manager: “Hello, this is Sonia. Sorry, I was wrong, I confess, this is my first season in the animation, and I left with my team, but the hotel could not be found better, take me back. ” And he replies: “No, thank you.”
Everything for her is just an ideal catastrophe. As long as she reaches Marmaris to Antalya, it will be dark, where she will go, where to sleep, what to do, she does not know. Probably will be lost in Turkey.
And then a miracle happened. Her cousin Aydar calls to her:
– What hotel do you work for in Marmaris?
– In no one, and in general I’m going to Antalya, I wanted to return to the old hotel, but do not take it.
The cousin begins to panic:
– How come, I specially came to Marmaris to talk to you, to guide you on the right path, you and Emin should be together, and you left! And you go alone, no friends, no one! Allah, Allah, what a horror! I sent Emin for you, he is coming from Bodrum to help you! When you arrive at the bus station, you do not talk to anyone there, trust no one, if you want, sit in an Internet cafe or eat something, and he will come, you will pay all this! Do not be afraid, the help is already coming!
It was too good to be true. But she had no choice, except to hope that there will be a super-hero in the person of a former Turkish young man. Sonia stayed at the station for almost three hours. Her condition was terrible, she froze, tired, she did not have the strength to even panic. And yet she waited for him. He came and took her with him. And it seems like old grievances were forgotten, everything became so good right away. They went to Kemer, there to look for work in animation, but there the hotels did not want to mess around with them because of Sonya documents, since she did not have a working visa.
Then the guys decided to go to Alanya, there he had many acquaintances, his aunt lived and there was a place where you could stop. For a week they were looking for work. Then, when Sonya was ready to despair, they still found her and took them to the hotel alone.
It was just a holiday! So besides, they were also given a room in the villa, where the hotel animators lived. Sonia was very happy. They were always together, and there was no limit to her joy. Somehow a girl approached her, resting and said:
“Sonya, I wish you that you were always as cheerful as today!”
The fun began at night, when Emin began to remind Sonya of all her past sins, when she offended him, when he saw her picture with a guy, set up a scene of jealousy. He declared with mockery:
“You yourself, you bastard, abandoned me and live with confidence that for all this time I will not have anyone, in general, ever!” – Sonia attacked the Turk.
“You have to accept Islam and if you do not accept it, then I do not want any relationship,” he told her.
Somehow they managed to reconcile and they fell asleep. In the morning, when they came to work, they realized that something was wrong. The whole team went to do their & quot; activations & quot ;, and ordered to wait until lunch. Sonia said:
“You know, dear, it seems to me that we will be fired.”
He sits, smiles and says:
– Yes, I think so too. But do not be afraid.
“Then where do you want to go?” What to do? I do not know, “Sonya answered.
The manager came to dinner and their fears came true. All the blame for the damn disco tours and “Bingo”, they could not sell tickets for them. The manager suggested that they arrange them in another hotel, where not everything depends on the sale. Sonia agreed, but Emin did not, he said that in that case they would go to his house, to his city. The girl was horrified. And despite this, she went.
After acquainting with his family, Emin’s mother examined her from head to toes:
“My son loves you very much.” You, by the way lost weight. In the photos from last year, you were more & quot ;.
In general, strangely enough, Sonya’s family accepted. All week long she became acquainted with his endless cousins and cousins, sisters, brothers, svjats, friends, neighbors and all other acquaintances. And she lived all week according to their customs. His mother said on the very first day:
“My children, I want to arrange an engagement for you, but of course, it is desirable that Sonia accept Islam and after engagement she would not leave for Russia, but stayed either in our house or go with Esin to the city where he studies.” I’ll give you the money for the rings.
Enamored rings for a long time to choose, but what were they then happy. Chose, photographed and showed the photo to my mother. Mom, it seems, understood the full scale of the disaster, and took the leadership on herself:
“I want Sonya to stay in our house after the engagement,” Mom said.
“By the way, Sonya also needs to finish her studies,” Esin explained to her.
“When Sonia goes to Russia, no one will see her there and she will not know how she behaves there,” her mother argued.
Esin eventually quarreled with her mother and the next day the lovers went back to Alanya. But they did not find work there. They wanted to make Yesina a foreign passport to travel together to Russia, but there was a big holiday in Turkey, the post ended and all institutions were closed for three days. Sonia went to Russia alone. He promised to come to her later. On the plane she was in some kind of acidic state, the white light was not nice to her. I got used to it, spent half the summer together, and worked and ate, and slept 24 hours a day together. And then suddenly separation. Until recently, Sonya did not believe that he would come.
At home, my mother met Sonya, she missed you all the summer. And Esin made a passport to himself in the meantime, and in a week and a half flew to Russia, he even brought gifts to all. Living here for two weeks, he was surprised at all, liked all friends, even Sony’s mom took it.
“Now we’re going to live well with you, after all, it’s not a holiday for 10 days, it’s serious, we’ve been together for a long time, we met with parents, you came to Russia, told my mother about the seriousness of their intentions, “said Sonya Yesina, who agreed with her. Later he went home. Internet correspondence began.
But the seam of love cracked over the old, kind, so beloved Turkish heart of tradition, with the arrival of cold weather. The Turks started strange psychoses, then the messages: “I love, I miss, I’ll come in a month, as if I’ll see you”, then I tried to find Sonya’s photos, where she and former cavaliers were, who was interrogating who it was, from where and so on the list.
“My past relationship, when you left me, does not matter to me already, I’m faithful to you and love you very much,” Esina tried to assure the girl.
“You’re a liar, a traitor and a deceiver,” the Turks concluded.
At times the Turkish conqueror of hearts writes to Sonya tragic poems about how she offended him, and he so loved her and never deceived her, and Sonya must leave his life.
And now they do not have everything, like people do. For a month and a half they do not talk, except for his monologues about how dreadful Sonia is.
And most importantly, Sonya realized that she really loves this man, for the first time in her life realized that this is the person from whom, no matter how funny it sounds, she wants to give birth to children with whom she wants to live life, regardless of these his antics. She is ready to put up with them, but she does not know how to deal with them. She lost him, forever.
Previously, Tanya spent two years in Turkey, and like many here, she fell in love with her nature and color. Later in the homeland followed the expected, but still painful break with the guy with whom they lived together for three years, loneliness, as all her friends married, and in her new life for her place was not, still a crisis at work, and in addition she lost her favorite dog. Life seemed empty. Against the background of all this, Tanya played a depressing game. I wanted to send everything to hell and shake myself. The decision was coordinated – to go to work as an animator in Turkey.
I began to search in the internet job offer for the season, send out a resume.
Soon a young woman, a Turk Kadir, phoned the girl, who said that she was looking for this kind of staff for hotels in Antalya. They exchanged contacts and began to communicate about the work. Tanya flew to Antalya early, in March, as it was necessary to wait for the documents to be ready for work. Tanya met with Kadyr. She never believed that you can fall in love with the first meeting. And then she just took her obsession, she was ready to listen to him for hours, just to be there, her head was literally spinning from one of his presence.
The moon flew by unnoticed, soon Tanya began to work, but nevertheless she often came to Kadyr after work, he introduced her to his family, began to call his beloved, said that he was no longer a boy, so he does not need superficial relations, only the family is important. His mother also asked why Tanya does not come to them every day. The girl for a long time was afraid to admit not that to him, but even to herself, that she fell in love.
With the beginning of the season, they began to see much less often, the Turks often traveled to other cities, signed contracts with hotels, accompanied the dancers, began to cooperate with Tanya’s employer. The girl also tried to help her as best she could – she talked with the girls who wanted to, but were afraid to go to work in Turkey, she was convinced that everything was safe. Everything was going well, Tanya was incredibly happy, and every time leaving from Kadir, she immediately began to dream about the next meeting.
Business at Kadyr was on pair with the friend as most hardly began to consult. Then they had a misunderstanding and Kadyr asked a friend from the business to withdraw, because of mistakes in work, and accordingly, the sharing of money. Kadyr said that his partner had to pay him a round sum, the same he considered differently, and hired some scumbags who threatened Kadyr and his family with reprisals and extorted money. Kadyr turned to the police and it seemed to be decided.
At that time, Tanya had only one weekend, it was Sunday, and she needed to send another payment for the loan, which was taken at home. Since the banks do not work on weekends, Tanya relied on the Turk and gave him money and a card so that he could put that money on her. He agreed to help her.
On Monday night he called Tanya:
– I had to leave urgently for Bodrum, I plan to return on Thursday evening, or on Friday morning, I will have a birthday, – said the Turks.
Tanya on the joys bought him a gift, almost with tears in her eyes, asked her Friday for a Friday holiday. And silence, the phone is off, the network does not go.
A little more than a month passed. Tanya could not find her place, she was nervous, there was no news from Kadyr, there were no cards or credit money either. In addition, the hotel where she worked, terminated the contract with her employer and her one of the whole team, with whom she had made friends, was sent to Belek, where Tanya absolutely did not like anything.
Early in the morning Kadyr called from an unknown number to her:
“Darling, they’re trying to kill me, I have not been on the Internet until this day, I do not have a phone, I got your number in the post office.” I’m forced to fly to Holland tomorrow, because it’s dangerous to stay in Turkey. Now I have friends in Izmir. I’m sorry that I did not pay the loan, give me the address of the hotel, where to send the card and the money.
Tanya suffered a shock and hysteria.
“I promise to contact you via Skype when I finish it,” he promised her.
Tanya also did not have the opportunity to permanently be on the Internet, saw from him a couple of missed calls, but she could not get through herself.
Another month passed. The girl sent him a message to the mail and Facebook that she had an accident at the games with tourists, a heel fracture, and she flies home urgently, since there is a bias on the heel and she needs surgery.
After a month and a half, Kadyr showed up:
– Darling, I returned to Antalya, I’m dying here, I live with friends, I want to fly to you, I need you more than ever. Season is gone, so there is no money for the ticket, lend me, I will return it to you, “he said.
Tanya was very angry and freaked out, she was depressed:
“Where can I get money and how will we live?” I have to wear a plaster for at least another month and a half, I can not find work in this form, the Turkish salary has already been spent, I live with my pensioners, and not yet closed loans. Let’s talk in skype? she suggested.
– No, I can not, friends of the Internet do not, and from the Internet cafe, I do not want to call, since there are extra ears. Help, there is no one else, I quarreled with my family, my friends do not lend money, I will work! I lived in Russia and worked as a photographer for a couple of years, “he pleaded.
Tanya took pity, asked the bank to increase the credit limit, they approved for ten thousand rubles, and the girl sent money. Having received money, Kadir called her:
“Darling, that’s not enough, but I’ll try to find the rest of the money,” the Turk assured.
A week later the Turk again called:
“My dear, the tickets have risen in price, I have not found any money, some of what you sent, I already spent, because I have to live on something,” he exclaimed.
Tanya again went to the bank for money. Has sent out ten thousand rubles. He said:
– Thank you, tomorrow I’m buying a ticket and arriving.
Kadir never arrived. Tanya prays every night, if something suddenly happens to him, then let God help him. And if not. Then let God give her strength to forgive and let go.
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