How to move from Russia to permanent residence in Ukraine?

How to move from Russia to permanent residence in Ukraine?
I live in Ukraine. After a divorce from my husband I want to move with my son for permanent residence in Russia. Entry is allowed after all for 90 days, how then it is necessary to act – all the time to cross the border, or something, and go back? Who faced this situation – share your thoughts.
After 90 days you will need to register at the place of temporary or permanent residence. Theoretically, you can skate back and forth every 3 months, but if you are serious about moving and searching.
I want to ask a question to you. You see.
The basis for obtaining the VNVH is the existence of a permit for the employment of a foreigner in Ukraine (RNT), which is issued by a special state body. To obtain RNT a foreigner can open his own enterprise in Ukraine or find a job in an existing enterprise.
Documents required for registration of a temporary type on.
My mother is a pensioner, citizen of Ukraine, she moves to St. Petersburg for permanent residence. I’m registering it in my apartment. I am interested in the answers to the following questions: 1. With what passport is it better for her to enter (and present in instances) – Ukrainian or foreign? if there is a difference – then what? 2. In Crimea, she has a square in property, a son, she will periodically need to come there – for how long will it be permissible for her? 3. What is the algorithm of our actions for registration of it for permanent residence, p.
If you are going to work or get married, you will need to register a residence permit and you can live without crossing the border. Now it’s just a new law in Ukraine introduced, it came into force on 04/07/2014: “Now citizens of the Russian Federation who legally arrived in Ukraine can temporarily stay in its territory for not more than 90 days within 180 days from the date of the first entry if another term is not defined by international treaties of Ukraine, “the State Border Service said in a statement.
For many years, immigration from Ukraine has been growing. We can only say about a certain period, which falls on 2005-2009, when the number of arrivals for the first time became more than the number of people leaving. In the following years, the decline in production, price instability and low wages forced most Ukrainians to again choose options for immigration. Of course, there are many people in Ukraine who have made great strides in material terms, have created their own business and.
Then go with a citizen of the Russian Federation in his office of the FMS to a specialist who accepts notifications about the place of arrival of a foreign citizen. Fill out this notice, give your passport, ticket if you did not go by private car, and the passport of the Russian citizen, with whom you came. You get a voucher of this notice, where it will be written that you.
It is necessary to enter correctly.
Do not neglect the rules of entry and the regime of staying on the territory of Russia. A visa is not required for crossing the border to Ukrainian citizens, but on the border it is necessary to fill in a migration card, one of the detachable parts of which remains on the hands of the incoming person. In the event of damage or loss of the migration card, a foreign citizen is obliged within 3 days to declare this to the nearest territorial body of the FMS of Russia to receive it.
Inna Mazurkevich.
I am very grateful for help with the registration and filing of documents for permanent residence.
Without your help, I would file documents, probably six months or more. I was very pleased with the professional and competent approach to solving the problems of clients. I had questions about the documents (the spelling of the name was changing) – advised what additional information should be submitted, immediately correctly issued the Application. That is, people in their place do the work.
Good day! I would like to receive a detailed explanation of the situation. I’m going to move to Russia for a few days now because of the situation in the east of Ukraine. Tell me, please, the legal sequence of my actions regarding the documenting of residence and residence in the territory of the Russian Federation. Perhaps a marriage with a Russian citizen will be formalized. What benefits can be used, are there any government programs to support people with this.

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