How to move to Canada and become a citizen of Canada.

How to move to Canada and become a citizen of Canada.
Many people want to move to Canada, a land where health care is free, people are friendly, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau explains quantum computing just for fun.
But in order to become a citizen of Canada, you first need to go through several steps, for example, to live in the country for at least six years, no offenses and know something about the country whose citizenship you will soon take.
For those who really want to go north, that’s how you move to Canada.
Foreword: make sure you are not yet a citizen of Canada.
Before you go through the hassle of applying for citizenship, do a short study to find out if you can already be Canadian.
The government sets out a few caveats for being a citizen, even if you were not born there, many of which depend on the citizenship of your parents. Perhaps you secretly inherited their status at some point along the way.
If you are not of age.
Minors require their parent or legal guardian to fill out an application for them; They must be permanent residents in Canada (more on this later); And the parent must either be a citizen or intercede to become one at a time.
In Canada, there is an accelerated immigration system, called the Express Entry. This is how qualified workers get accelerated citizenship to the country.
All applicants in the Express Entry receive specific scores based on their specific talents and job prospects, and then evaluated with other applicants. Those who are at the top of the rating can become permanent residents.
Have a permanent place of residence in Canada.
To become a permanent resident, people can choose between several avenues. They can apply to the province of their choice, embark on a special entrepreneurial route, get help from a family member who lives in Canada, or go through Quebec, which has special immigration requirements.
Permanent residents have the right to medical care and can work, study and travel anywhere in Canada. You can not vote, run for government or hold certain positions with a high level of security.
Declare your intention to live.
If you are invited to become a permanent resident, you must confirm your plans for a stay in Canada. The Government determines the permanent residence in Canada, a period of not less than two years in a five-year period. If you spent less time on the territory of the country, then you can lose your status of permanent residence (residence permit).
If you do not live in Canada, you must work outside Canada as a public official known as the “Crown Servant” or living abroad with certain family members who are crowned servants.
Spend six years in this residence.
Permanent residents do not always become citizens. If you live in Canada, you must be a permanent resident and physically present in Canada for at least 1460 days (three 365-day periods) for six years immediately before the date of application.
You must also be present for 183 days (six months) during each of the four calendar years, which are wholly or in part for six years prior to the filing date of the application. In other words, your time in Canada should remain relatively consistent.
Please provide your tax return.
Like the residency requirement, you must be able to submit tax returns for four years in a six-year period preceding the date of application.
Basically, the authorities want to know whether your work is legal. Speak English or French. Along with dozens of other countries, Canada has two official languages: English and French.
To become a citizen, you need to know only one. You do not need to speak it freely, enough to speak in order to maintain communication in the company, give instructions, know the basic grammar and the average vocabulary.
You will send written documents with your application, and the Citizenship Officer will give you a final call and evaluate your English or French.
Learn something about Canada.
In any case, you probably should study Canadian history, but the government also offers participation in the quiz to applicants for citizenship, questions about: the history, institutions and symbols of Canada.
You pass the test if you are 16 to 64 years old. Typically, this is a written test, but the citizen officer can also ask questions verbally. There are no real surprises. All you need to know can be found on the Internet.
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