How to move to live and work in the UK.

How to move to live and work in the UK.
Great Britain is a large state that is located in the north-west of Europe. This country is among the most developed. On economic indicators, this state is among the top ten. The GDP per capita is $ 38,000. For comparison, & # 8212; in Russia this figure is 13 000 dollars.
The UK consists of four provincial units: England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland. It is immigration to England that has a great demand among the citizens of our country and other post-Soviet states.
The reasons for immigration to England.
All people are striving to places where they are better and more comfortable not only to live, but also to work. The main reason for emigration is the high standard of living of the Kingdom of Great Britain. In addition, the national currency of this state (pound) is the most stable, in comparison with the floating ruble.
In the world, the number of local wars has increased, so some believe that acquiring the citizenship of a given country guarantees them peace and peace. The British Armed Forces are among the most combat-capable not only on the continent, but throughout the world. This country is a member of NATO.
Many parents try to move to this country with their children of younger ages to give them a prestigious education and to obtain the citizenship of this country. In the UK there are well-known universities that have worldwide fame (Oxford, Cambridge and many others).
In this state it is allowed to obtain dual citizenship, which is also one of the main reasons for emigration. To obtain citizenship, it is necessary to fulfill a number of conditions. Dual citizenship gives the full right to travel throughout the UK.
When moving to the UK, anyone can participate in a special program of business immigration.
Business immigration.
This special program was launched in 1994. The main goal is to attract foreign capital to the economy of the state. Absolutely, any person who has large funds can safely obtain the citizenship of Great Britain, having previously invested his capital in the economy of this country.
In order to participate in this program, you need to fulfill certain conditions. First, immigration to the UK is allowed if the applicant’s age is more than 18 years old. Secondly, it is necessary to give a guarantee that it is in the UK that your life activity will take place. The state offers two categories of business immigration:
Immigration to the UK in the category of investor (to obtain citizenship, you need to invest in this state 2 million pounds). Immigration to the UK for business (to obtain citizenship, you need to invest 200 thousand pounds).
British experts came to the conclusion that it is Russians who occupy the first place in the number of applications for citizenship, to participate in this wonderful program.
Types of immigration.
Family (emigration to England is permitted if the husband or wife is a citizen of the United Kingdom); Student (immigration to the UK is allowed, pi condition of study in British institutions); Professional (immigration to England is possible if there is an official invitation of the employer); Business immigration (participation in a special program).
Currently, the UK was able to host about 60,000 people who used to live in Russia. In total, about 200,000 people reside in the territory of this kingdom from the post-Soviet republics (Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, etc.). Basically, Russians live in London and suburban areas. Also our compatriots live in Birmingham and Manchester.
Russian London.
In London, there are all conditions for the Russian-speaking population. There is even an Orthodox church. In the city you can meet Russian schools, clinics and much more. Thanks to the Foundation for Cultural Relations of Great Britain and Russia, concerts with Russian artists are constantly held. The festival of Russian song captures the attention not only of Russian-speaking people, but also of the English. In this country there is everything to make our compatriots feel comfortable enough, almost like at home. Daily, between London and Moscow are air services.
It can be concluded that the UK is a very favorable country for immigration. Only the British climate is the main defect of this state. The country is washed from all sides by the seas, so the humidity here is very high. Constant rains are unlikely to leave a good impression.

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