How to move to live in Monaco find a job

How to move to live in Monaco find a job h1>
Good afternoon, readers. For a year and a half I live in a dwarf state called Monaco. I decided to tell a story based on my own experience, how not to be afraid of change and go to my goal, sounds very trite, but it is so.
I was born in Amsterdam, then we moved to Brussels with my parents, where I studied till the 6th grade, and then I moved to Moscow to my grandmother and studied there, passing the EGE more or less normally, but as you guessed, I could not get to the budget, no one was going to pay for my studies. It was decided to return to study in Belgium, where education is completely free (not including all kinds of duties).
On the way to the airport, my uncle & # xAB; advised & # xBB; do not go to the university (although at the very 3 v / o), and go to the southern coast of France to work. Says – & # xAB; the more you have both French and Russian, you quickly adapt & # xBB ;. The perspective is not bad, – I thought, you just need to find a job. I decided that I had to go where the money was, and decided to leave for Monaco, which I did afterwards. Arriving in Belgium, my parents discouraged me from this venture, they say, it is better to get an education, then remember our words, but of course I got fired up with my idea and thought only of it.
Going to the sites of hr agencies in Monaco, I immediately found some interesting vacancies with good pay. It turns out that to get to work on a yacht, you must first obtain a certificate of knowledge of safety standards, which costs a lot of money, namely one and a half thousand euros for a 4-day course, which had to be earned in Brussels in a furniture store for 2 months.
August began and I finally got a job as a steward on a 45-meter yacht in Monaco with a small salary of 2500 euros. So at 18 years old, I began to receive 2500 euros a month, did not pay for rent, did not pay for food, everything was on the yacht on which the whole crew lived. In the end, it really turned out to be a good opportunity to earn. You can not imagine my feelings when the plane landed at the airport in Nice and you get on the bus by direct flight to Monte Carlo, from there you go out and go towards the port, and there’s a huge yacht … indescribable feelings. But soon my emotions faded and I remembered why I came here.
So that you understand, the stewart must deal with the maintenance of the yacht, its owner, and so on. At first you might think that this is just a dirty job, in fact, the owners of the yacht come in at most two times per season, since going to sea costs a very large amount of money. By the way, I was entrusted with cleaning the hydrocycles located right at the entrance of the yacht.
Of course, I did not dwell on this and started moving to another position, to the post of deckhand, which received an average of 3,500 euros.
The only drawback, probably, is that this seasonal work, it lasts in fact from May to October. I did not know what to do first 6 months from the very beginning, but since there are a lot of Russians in Monaco, I tried to communicate with everyone here, be they French or Russian. Superfluous dating will never prevent, especially in Monaco.
Top on top First on top Topical top.
no, well, fuck of course, only “born in amersdam and living in Brussels” as for me – very much simplifies life and the possibility of getting into monaco in comparison with “being born in Chelyabinsk, living in syvtyvkar”, for example.
Well, say we have a 17-year-old boy: “urgently need 1.5 euro mowers? No problem.” Work for 2 months in furniture. “Ahaha, ahahahahaha”
Here I read up to the furniture and could not continue, I’ll try later when the temperature drops.
Sitting where uh in muhosranske writes me here a comment, saying it’s impossible you’re chee.
And you look how much they pay in Europe, at an hour for example. Would be interested to start before writing any dirt.
An ordinary hard worker can get 700 euros, he would know – he did not write stupidity.
And about the fact that I was born in Europe, this does not mean anything. My parents are not the richest, my father is a middle-class Frenchman, my mother came from Kazan a long time ago, nothing unusual.
fuck poor thing, what a gentle and sensitive. hell knows where you saw the “dirt” in the previous koment. but, incidentally, your writings are highly anticipated. and yes, I lived in Europe, and is well aware of the salaries, and if you do not understand what was said about the fact that we have a hardworking student horseradish who earns 700 euros a month – it’s sad.
How does tag # mine correspond with copy-paste from “Lifehaker”?
Very simply, I was preparing a text for the lifhhaker today, I sent them to view the publication, copied and pasted it, forgetting about the first line.
August began and I finally got a job as a steward on a 45-meter yacht in Monaco with a small salary of 2500 euros.
Well, straight so took the boy without recommendations on the yacht at 45 m, yeah.
The cat went to turn on the lamp.
Yeah, given the level of guests, to take directly in the port anyhow anyone is a great idea. And then there are rumors and gossip from the unvaried members of the Crees.
I repeat, that without the experience and recommendations of the guy was taken from the street to work and immediately at 45 meters – a serious exception to the rules.
Sometimes it is the captain who is responsible for it and is responsible for the people hired.
Sometimes this is done by a brokerage company, and recommends the captain of people.
I still believe that from the street they can take a temporary handyman to clean up the garbage in front of the Sitrial or Komusihsioning.
The fact that you were taken from the street and without experience – you are unbelievably lucky and do not think that 100 out of 100 students with a crust of yesterday about the passage of safety courses will get on boats by stewards.
for interest – you got on a boat or a charter boat? if not secret – say the name.
somewhere in 200-300 meters from the yacht club.
video to the mail send.
Do not worry. They are in a viper – and you are in Monaco. Eat them for spite of pizza, that near the Casino on the corner do.
Among other things you can read on any site that recruits crew on boats. The starting job of the stewart.
Experience – from 0 to 2 years, virtually no experience, if you want you can get a job.
The question was a trick. Although the owners of the yachts are still junkies and they are ready to save anywhere, but without recommendations, especially on large boats (and 45 m is a fairly large boat) – few people take, even stewards. The Internet is piled with tons of CVs from beautiful girls, but somehow they are not much disassembled for good yachts.
I think that you were lucky that you quickly fell into the hook, because they had to shut up the hole in the schedule, and you turned up, half an hour before you left the port.
Success to you and in the future and career growth. And this is not sarcasm!
and what are the prospects?
Amazing people after all. You tell them a trash story, how blithem threw university, moved to another country, and they are always looking for something wrong. Do I have your account 4 years ago? I have nothing more to do, I’m working. And today I thought why not to tell, especially if there is such an opportunity. Once again I say, I created an account in a lifhacker, wrote an article in the notes and sent it for review, then the text was thrown here, after creating an account. God, what insanity people have in their heads.
Forgive us, we are sinners. This has taught us Apres and many more people here with fictitious stories. In yours it’s all too sweet to believe that I studied in university for nothing for 5 years, fiddled with the army, gambled for 9k a month for a year, and five years later I started earning hardly 1k bucks a month.
And who is to blame for this? I’m not. I saw the opportunity and went, I do not know where you saw a sweet story here, maybe, as I described my first impressions, well, I’m sorry. In general, if you wanted to, you would earn more. I, too, could not go to any Monaco, stay in the “village” called Brussels, and would receive the same 1000 euros, maybe more. By the way, here is my friend 1,5 years ago, graduated magistracy, she told me “now these 4 years are the most important in your life will be, do not go to the university will receive a pittance”, but she could not get herself, in 5 places filed everywhere refused , although she has an English and a master’s degree. I asked, and what kind of s / n you expect? To which she answered me 1400 starting. And where is it? How can I study for 5 years to get so much, I need it, I’m still glad that I did not stay there.
=) The question was rather not that I’m a beggar (sic!), But that in such a success story (for now for you, me and still many people your current position is success), it’s hard to believe . I’m reluctant to recognize myself as an em-m. unsuccessful lazy.
Therefore, we need proofs. Something that proves that you, it’s really you. And not a fictional story with beautiful pictures. For so you read every day success stories – no self-esteem is enough.
Vobschem waiting for proofs, Billy. In a kind way. At least I do. but we are waiting =)
I did not think initially that my photos will be needed and I did not expect that I will have to spread myself on some forums. Well ok, in the next post I’ll post it, I would even cut the video off, I have enough of them.
And about saxsses story, I do not see anything successful in this, yes, I’m probably lucky to some extent, but 3500 is not so much, or rather, it is possible and better. If for you 2500-3500 is a success, then I’m sorry for you.
In Russia, the ruble equivalent of 2500 to 2500 euros in euros or dollars (that’s about 150-200 thousand rubles) is considered very decent even in Moscow.

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