How to move to live in switzerland from russia for permanent residence.

How to move to live in switzerland from russia for permanent residence.
Residence permit in Switzerland and grounds for obtaining residence permit:
You can open a managing, holding, manufacturing company, representative office or branch. Registering your company for today is the most reliable, but quite expensive way to move to the country. Anyone (from the CIS countries) can register their company in Switzerland, get a job in it and get a residence permit as a manager.
In order to obtain the residence permit one registration is not enough. The company must actually work, create jobs for Swiss citizens, pay taxes and contribute to the development of the country’s economy.
Please note that there will be expenses for maintaining the company: control over its activities, development of a business plan, work of a lawyer, taxes, etc. There is even a risk of getting a refusal to grant a work permit if you have insufficient qualifications or little experience.
Another option is to move to Switzerland and live off income from capital. If you have sufficient declared income and you want to live in Switzerland, you get the right not only for residence permits (it allows you to live throughout the year), but you can also make a lower tax rate. In order to obtain a residence permit of the “Tax Agreement” category, a foreign citizen must have a declared annual income of at least 150,000 Swiss francs, from which it will be necessary to pay taxes at the rate of about 30%.
Attention . Always correctly assess not only your current capabilities, but also the requirements that the country makes. Disregarding this, people often lose their money and time, face the impossibility of family reunification or extension of status. In Europe there are not so many countries where it is possible to obtain residence permit for yourself and for all your family quite easily and without refusals.
Get a work permit in Switzerland is not easy, and sometimes just impossible. Employers prefer workers from EU countries. Even if you are an experienced specialist, you can get a job in Switzerland only after there is no suitable candidate among EU citizens who are applying for immigration and getting a job in Switzerland.
To get a job you need to be a highly qualified specialist with an intellectual and practical side. This will allow you to get a residence permit, but only for a limited period.
When an immigrant has a permanent job in Switzerland and his seniority (in Switzerland) for more than 10 years, he can get a visa category. This visa is also temporary, but it needs to be extended not every year, but every 3 years.
Please note that our project has a free section “Jobs in Switzerland – Vacancies”, where daily vacancies are added with direct contacts of employers.
3. Education and higher education in Switzerland.
In Switzerland, the quality of education is considered to be one of the best in the world. When enrolling in a school, college or university, a temporary residence permit is granted. Students in secondary, higher and professional institutions have very good chances of obtaining Swiss citizenship after graduation.
Foreign students are granted a category visa for one year, but with a subsequent extension.
There is a visa category – it is issued at a predetermined period of stay in the country. This visa is provided to trainees or students in Switzerland. Also its owner can get a job.
If a foreign citizen has the right to stay in a category, then for himself or for his family members he can buy real estate, but the total area of the acquired object should not be more than 3,000 square meters.
Foreigners with the right to settlement categories are free to acquire real estate.
You can also buy property for recreation in specially designated areas (the mountain cantons of Valais or Graubunden). In Switzerland, the cantons decide whether a foreign citizen can buy apartments for recreation. In some places, this purchase is not prohibited, while in others it is necessary to have a residence permit for this. To date, it has become possible to purchase new apartment buildings, receive government subsidies and significant tax benefits for 20 years.
In Switzerland, there is a law that prohibits foreign nationals (who do not have a residence permit) to freely acquire real estate. Also, Swiss citizens are prohibited from buying real estate on their own behalf for a foreigner and for his money. This transaction will be considered void and terminated.
Buying a property in Switzerland does not entitle you to a residence or settlement in the country. This can only become the basis for obtaining a multiple-entry tourist visa without having an individual invitation or hotel booking. With this visa you can live in Switzerland for up to 6 months (not more than 3 months for one visit).
Please note, the site has sections where you can pick up real estate in Switzerland or see photos of Swiss cities.
This is possible for pensioners (persons over 55) who have close ties with Switzerland. Provided that they will not carry out activities related to income generation here and will be able to show sufficient financial security. They can issue agreements on the payment of a fixed (lump-sum) tax.
When registering a marriage with a citizen (citizen) of Switzerland, you will receive a visa category that allows you to reside on the territory of the country. After 5 years of successful marriage, the visa will be replaced by a category. But if during the inspection they decide that the marriage is fictitious, then the immigrant is very quickly deported from the country.
When an immigrant successfully worked as a managing company for 10 years, he will be able to issue permanent residence, and after 12 years citizenship.

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