How to move to New Zealand.

How to move to New Zealand.
Despite the fact that our planet is round, the edge of the Earth still exists and, according to any European, he is in New Zealand. But the inhabitants of the distant islands, comfortably settled near Australia and one of the first on the planet to meet a new day, with such a the formulation is unlikely to be accepted. On how to move to New Zealand, lovers of pastoral natural species, fans of organic products and everyone who prefers pure air of green lawns to the hectic of the gassed metropolises often think.
A little about the country.
In New Zealand there are clean lakes and ocean beaches, a high standard of living for its citizens and stable indicators of economic development. On the islands, there is almost no crime and constant risk of falling into an accident, racial contradictions and national unrest, but free education and medical services, full social security and numerous benefits are available to residents.
Legal ways to move to New Zealand for permanent residence.
The residence permits issued by the immigration authorities in New Zealand are of several types. Choosing the right one for you, you can live in the country for a long time and subsequently apply for citizenship:
Family residence permit will be obtained if there are relatives in New Zealand. The same type of residency is issued by those immigrants who married a citizen or a citizen of the country. The shortage of workers and qualified specialists with higher and secondary education is the reason for the issuance of numerous workers of residence permit. This residence permit allows holders of demanded professions to count on certain benefits from the state. Businessmen can try their hand at organizing a company on the territory of the islands. A business residence permit will not only allow you to move to New Zealand, but also organize a profitable business. Wealthy foreigners who have invested in the country’s economy have the right to rely on an investment permit. From the state side they are guaranteed benefits and support.
Real estate in private property serves as an advantage for an alien who has decided to acquire New Zealand citizenship.
Reasons for obtaining residence permit.
A foreign citizen who has entered into legal marriage with a resident of New Zealand has the right to obtain a residence permit after two years of cohabitation. All this time, the supervisory authorities are watching the couple and it is obliged to provide evidence that the marriage is not fictitious.
The status of the resident is received by persons who have invested at least one and a half million New Zealand dollars in the economy of the country. Other requirements in this case include the age of the investor – no more than 65 years, and his stay in the country at least 146 days in each of the last three years. Knowledge of English is also among the necessary conditions. Delays are introduced for businessmen who have invested more than 10 million dollars. Such job seekers may be over 65 years of age and must stay in the Maori country only for 44 days a year.
If a foreign citizen opened his own business in the country with a statutory capital of NIS 100 thousand and ensured his successful development for at least two years, he has the right to become a candidate for a residence permit. If the authorized capital is increased to half a million, a businessman can apply for the status of a resident within six months.
All works are good.
New Zealand residence permit for qualified professionals wishing to work in the country, is provided to applicants whose questionnaire meets special requirements. To begin with, the Maori Immigration Service website will have to fill out a questionnaire on education, level of English proficiency, age and work experience in this specialty. Those who score 100 or more points can take part in the second round of selection by sending a preliminary package of documents confirming all the information about themselves in the first questionnaire.
Citizenship. Where to begin?
Get citizenship of New Zealand without problems can all born in its territory before 2006, people, or those who have New Zealand roots. All other residents of Russia who wish to go to distant Polynesia for permanent residence will have to undergo the process of naturalization. It takes quite a long time and integration into the local society is quite complicated. The applicant must:
To speak English at an acceptable level for understanding and communication. To be of age and have no problems with the law and criminal records. Be financially secure. At the time of filing the documents for citizenship permanently reside at least three years in New Zealand.
Think for yourself, decide for yourself.
To live in New Zealand and have her citizenship is possible without giving up Russian citizenship. Even a residence permit provides a person the right not only to stay in the country permanently, but also to receive free medical care, to study and enjoy various benefits.
The Russian diaspora on the islands has about 20 thousand people. The bulk of it lives in Oakland and the suburbs. Doctors and economists, engineers and teachers, Russian immigrants are very satisfied with their situation and the only thing they would like to change sometimes is the geographical location of New Zealand, located so far from its historical homeland.
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