How to move to Thailand with a child

How to move to Thailand with a child h1>
Moving to Thailand is not at all difficult, but it is necessary to think things over carefully and in advance.
Below I will write more in detail, and in short I got this way:
1. Prepare a source of income.
2. Money to move.
3. Choose a place in Thailand where you would like to live, choose a particular beach.
5. Book a hotel for a couple of days while you look for a house.
6. Apply for insurance.
8. Prepare for the move.
Immediately I answer all those who are interested in who can work in Thailand & # 8212; almost nobody!
Most of the specialties for foreigners are banned. And if you conduct any illegal activities, then you risk being in a Thai prison, and this place is not very pleasant, just like in that famous movie. According to the laws of the country of smiles, a foreigner can not perform work that a citizen of Thailand can do. Just in case, I result the List of the forbidden trades for foreigners in Thailand. Of course, this can be circumvented if the employer agrees to formalize you as a consultant or director, but usually they are not at all eager to do someone a working visa, a work permit, because it is more profitable for them to work with illegal aliens, who in case of anything can simply themselves and merge the police. Many work as guides, in real estate or as nannies, but the Thais actively fight against such workers. If you are caught as a tourist guide, you will receive a fine of 200,000 baht, and if you are lucky, you will be deported from the country, or you will sit for years. Only the performance by foreigners of works requiring high qualification or work as an expert or specialist is honored. There is still a road open for leaders of scientific research or teachers in research institutes. If, of course, you know the perfect English and find where to find a job. With a good level of language, you can take an IT specialist, a designer, a programmer, a coder, an editor in Thai newspapers.
And also you can open your own business in Thailand, but there are a lot of difficulties, and capital will not be needed a little.
Ideally, if you work on the Internet. Of course, the Internet here is not ideal, but most living people are working in the field of programming, web design.
Photographers here have nothing to do in terms of earnings, because there are almost all good cameras. And trying to make money through photostocks and photobanks is dead, and few people get it.
A good addition to the budget will be if you have an apartment that you can rent at home. With this money you can rent a good house here. Or a mediocre, and even inferior, but will remain on a modest life and vegetarian food.
In general, it is worth considering in advance what to do in Thailand, then to not run around in search of anything.
Money will not be needed as little as it might seem. Here in the article How much do you need to move to Thailand, I gave you how much it is desirable to have in stock. After all, in addition to the ticket, you will need visas, insurance, paid extension of it, money for renting a house, deposit, food, transportation, medicines and much more.
3. Choose a place in Thailand where you would like to live, choose a particular beach.
It just seems like it’s easy. The resorts are very different, and everything depends on your requests and requirements. How to choose a resort in Thailand, read. After all, the ticket should be ordered at the right point at once. In Pataia all party, but the least safe, on Samui good sea and quieter, but someone will seem bored, because space is limited. Phuket is beautiful, but expensive and possible tsunami. In HuaHin, there are fewer Russians, but there are few swimming beaches, and housing near it is very expensive. And in Chiang Mai is very budgetary, and there live many ai-tishniki, but there are no seas at all. In addition, there are many islands, there is cheap and beautiful, but boring, there are problems with the Internet and there is no special civilization.
Choosing a place of life, decide on the beach. Some are thunders, noisy, others are quiet, but the sea is shallow. Somewhere good to do diving, windsurfing, wakeboarding, and somewhere a paradise for relaxing with children. Perhaps you would prefer to settle in the mountains, or right next to the sea. Someone is important to have a number of large stores, someone to an international hospital, and some to the lack of people and civilization around. I can only tell a little about the beaches of Koh Samui.
If you are not limited in means, this is one. But if you want to get a profitable offer, fly away and a good flight, and for cheap, you have to work hard. I advise you to choose tickets through the search engine of the cheapest tickets for all companies and sites, and you need to monitor constantly. Frequently there are cheap tickets in advance, and on the eve of departure. How to buy a profitable ticket.
5. Book a hotel for a couple of days while you look for a house.
It’s not so easy to find the home of your dreams, although some people get it right after they arrive, but it’s more an exception than a rule. On average, the search for a house takes about three days or more. So it’s better to have a hotel reservation in your pocket. I can advise you to book a hotel through this search engine of the most favorable prices for hotels by all companies and sites. Book directly on the beach where you are going to look for a house. Here are some of my tips, How to book a house, How we searched for a house.
Required! Believe me, life is unpredictable. We are not sick at home, but in the first month of life in Thailand we paid our insurance for each repeatedly, even the teeth were treated. About Insurance my opinion is here. It is best to arrange insurance through.
Often banks offer free insurance to holders of their cards, specify from them, even the Savings Bank insured its depositors somehow for nothing. Only in advance, find out what kind of assistance, with which hospital cooperates. Why is it so important? Wrote in the article above.
7. Make a visa or think about how you will renew it.
The easiest way to arrange it first from Russia, and when you enter questions to you just will not arise. But it is possible to call in on the stamp, and then to extend travel to visa-wounds or doing in neighboring countries. How to make a visa to Thailand.
8. Prepare for the move.
This is not just the packing of suitcases. (Moreover, all the same, what you take in Thailand, most likely you will not need it).
I got a lot of points, how to prepare for a trip to Thailand with a child. Yes, and without it enough things.
Settle with the work, find who will monitor the apartment or renters, and those who will take their money from them, pay your receipts. To issue a power of attorney to your representative, because the questions that need to be settled arise unexpectedly in your absence. To issue bank accounts and cards, if they are not. A minimum of cards should be two from different banks. To go to this very bank, put a note that you will withdraw money in Asia, otherwise the card will be blocked after the first withdrawal. If possible, put a limit on the amount to be taken in order not to become a victim of scammers. Make a printout of the return ticket, otherwise you may not be allowed into the plane. Think about how you will make a visa. Or make it in advance, or book tickets on. To sell unnecessary … In general, a million cases, read in a separate article. I had to prepare for exactly two months in Russia, I thought that I would come and settle everything and I would not know yet what to do, but as a result, I barely managed to do it. Even some things my representative was completing by proxy. Of course, if you are going to winter for a couple of months, your training will be much easier.

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