How to move to the US developer

How to move to the US developer h1>
First, let’s talk about how the “standard” process of moving to work in the United States is arranged. Typically, IT professionals – mostly programmers – either find vacancies themselves in companies they like, and send CVs, or their CVs are passed to HR-services by their acquaintances who are already working there (this is a more advantageous way), or recruiters themselves find professional in the right direction and invite him to try an interview.
If not included in the quota: visa type L.
Some large US companies with offices in other countries bypass the restrictions on H1B visas using L-visas. They are intended for transfer to the head office in the US of employees from foreign representations of the same company. There are subtypes of L-visas for management and talented employees (special knowledge worker). In general, in order to be able to move to the US already without any quotas and lotteries, an employee must work in a foreign office for at least a year.
Visa O1: pluses, minuses, pitfalls.
The O1 visa is given to “outstanding specialists” in their fields. It is quite actively used in the field of IT start-ups – many employees and founders of young projects are trying to move to the US with her help.
References from professionals in the field of marketing are also quoted opinions of journalists. Here it is important to find colleagues in the shop, and from the very beginning I planned to collect letters from CEOs and chairmen of the board of companies that I worked with, but my lawyer rejected this idea. I had to spend time searching and negotiating. In general, letters are the most difficult: you need to persuade people, then agree with them the text of the letter – it helps to prepare lawyers and use a very specific language – and some are embarrassed by such laudatory odes.
The lawyer told me that in general my case is more or less promising, but not directly “wow”, so you could expect any result. As a result, in April, I was approved with the O1 visa. The subtle point is that I received the authorization to work in the US in my company for three years.
The conclusion.
Summarizing: having spent more than $ 10 thousand, a lot of effort and half a year of time at the initial stage you will get the opportunity to work in the US in your company. Then you can either develop this business, or look for employment options on a contract basis or on a full-fledged basis. To do this already being in the country is much easier than from Russia.

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