How to move to Vietnam for permanent residence or live there for a long time?

How to move to Vietnam for permanent residence or live there for a long time?
Immigration for permanent residence or for some time in Asian countries is very popular among people from different countries. Theoretically, there is nothing complicated in this process, the main thing is to have enough funds, properly draw up documents and be patient.
You can immigrate to Vietnam in several ways: live a long time on a tourist visa or apply for a residence permit. Many start with a long-term visa, they look at the country and the chosen place, and only then go on to the next stages related to staying in the country for a longer period or even forever. Many tourists make out a long-term visa for three months (during the validity period it is impossible to leave the territory of Vietnam, otherwise it will be canceled).
To obtain a residence permit in this country, it is necessary to fulfill a number of conditions, the main one of which is official employment. In this issue, there are several nuances that are related to the fact that it is not easy for a foreigner to find a job in this country, but to obtain documents indicating that you can be officially employed. These issues are dealt with by special agents who need to provide a diploma certificate of absence of criminal record. Having received documents on employment, people get the right to issue a residence permit. A residence permit entitles you to purchase accommodation in Vietnam, while a tourist visa does not give such a right. Most often, as agents who help to formalize documents about official employment, representatives of travel agencies act on channels that have been established over the years.
Some tourists think that marriage with a Vietnamese citizen can radically change the situation. In fact, the fact of marriage does not in any way affect the obtaining of a residence permit, and even more so of Vietnamese citizenship (citizenship can be acquired for at least five years on the territory of the country and at the same time mastering the Vietnamese language).
For a period of up to 15 days, a visa is not required for Vietnam, it will be delivered free of charge at the airport upon arrival to the country. During this time you will be able to find a travel agency or firm that will make you a certificate of official employment, which in future will give you the right to obtain a residence permit.
To apply for a residence permit, you need a passport, a diploma of education (higher, secondary special), a certificate of criminal record (preferably from all documents, make copies and have them electronically). It’s best to go to Vietnam with all the listed documents, so that later you do not have to worry about it.
In your question, you did not specify whether you have enough money to stay in Vietnam or moving to that country involves employment (not fictitious for obtaining residence permits, but official to earn a living). The easiest way to find a job is for teachers, medical professionals, information technology specialists, and service workers.
Since January 1 of this year, the rules of visa-free visits to the country have changed somewhat, we can say that they have become somewhat stricter. If before a visit to the country was enough for a passport with a validity of three months, now it takes at least six months. From the time of departure from the territory and the country a repeated visa-free entry is possible not earlier than in 30 days.
Residence permit is a slightly different story. It can be issued for a period of one to three years and these issues are not only dealt with by Vietnamese firms, but also by Russian ones. Obtaining a residence permit provides for the fulfillment of several conditions. The easiest way to do this is to officially find a job in the country, but there are other options. Also, residence permit can be obtained by persons who opened their own company in Vietnam or became a shareholder of an existing company (it is necessary to have at least one percent of shares). The latter method has recently become more popular, since this business is being rotated in such a way that no shares will be with a person, and he will receive only a residence permit.
Receiving a residence permit has undeniable advantages before staying on the territory of Vietnam on a long-term visa. At least, you do not have to renew it, but every year this pleasure becomes more expensive. Also, you can travel outside the country unlimited number of times, if you want and the availability of funds you can buy accommodation. Remaining a citizen of Russia, you can apply to the Russian consulate for various issues: passport replacement, child registration, marriage and other services and documents that can not be obtained while in the country on a tourist visa.
The drawback of the residence permit can only be a fairly high price, which can afford not everyone who wants to move to Vietnam. The cost of registration of residence permit from 1000 dollars a year, for two years about 1300, and for three years about 2500 dollars. This is the price of Russian intermediaries, and what prices are offered by Vietnamese, I find it difficult to say.
To obtain a residence permit, you need a passport with a valid visa, four photos on a white background of the appropriate size and money. Any firm will start to work only after 100% of the advance payment, and therefore the choice of intermediaries should be approached as seriously as possible. Since you can stay without money and without a residence permit. The processing time is usually in the range of 10 to 20 days.
Unfortunately, you did not specify your citizenship. For Russians – some rules, for citizens of the former CIS republics – several others. I know more about the issue of visas for Russians, so I will speak about them. If you plan to stay in Vietnam for more than 15 days, then you need to issue a multiple or single entry visa valid for 1, 3 or 6 months. On a single entry you can enter the country only once, on multiple – unlimited number of times all the validity of the visa. You can draw up documents on the territory of Russia, as in the visa center (in Moscow it is located on Maroseyka), as well as on-line. On a tourist visa you can stay in the country up to 180 days a year. On the issue of extending the visa, you can apply to almost any travel agency, the benefit of Russian-speaking offices of such a plan in Vietnam is very much. It is better to go there in advance, 10 days before the expiry of the visa. The registration takes about 5 days, and the cost of the service can directly depend on the greed of the travel agent.

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