How to obtain the citizenship of Venezuela.

How to obtain the citizenship of Venezuela.
Not all countries of the South American continent are equally attractive in terms of immigration. This is due to many reasons, including the instability of the political situation or the transition economy. The most popular among immigrants from European countries is Argentina, but those who are interested in the question of how to obtain Venezuelan citizenship are much less.
In this article I will tell you about what legislation regulates the citizenship law of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, what immigration routes are offered, which of them are the most optimal for guests from the other hemisphere.
How can I obtain the citizenship of Venezuela?
Currently, the main normative legal document in Venezuela is the Constitution, it describes the rights and duties of citizens. Experts say that in this state there are the following ways of acquiring citizenship: by birth; by origin; through naturalization.
In principle, these mechanisms are considered the most common, they are present in the legislation on citizenship in different countries. The first way to obtain Venezuelan citizenship is by birth, that is, every child who first sees this world on the territory of the country will be considered a citizen of Venezuela. And it does not matter what nationality his parents have.
The second way of obtaining citizenship – “by origin” – is more complicated, it involves some actions that parents of the newborn should take – citizens of the Bolivarian Republic (at least one of the parents), in case the baby was born abroad. The first condition – before the coming of age of the child (before the age of 18) parents must return to the country, the second – the child must declare the desire to be a citizen of Venezuela. Such an opportunity is granted to him before the execution of 25 years, if this did not happen in a timely manner, then a person will be able to obtain citizenship on general grounds, that is, through naturalization.
Acquisition of citizenship of the Bolivarian Republic by naturalization.
The third way to become a citizen of Venezuela is to naturalize, it is suitable for all potential immigrants coming to this country and not having the right to acquire citizenship in other ways. One of the main conditions for applying for admission to the citizenship of the republic is the residence qualification. According to local legislation, for most potential applicants, it is five years.
Individual categories of immigrants can take advantage of the right to acquire citizenship, having lived a smaller number of years. The list of such lucky ones is:
former citizens of Latin American countries (loyal attitude to neighbors on the political and geographical map); former citizens of Spain, whose colony at one time was the territory of Venezuela; a foreigner who married a citizen of the Bolivarian Republic (the rule for some reason does not apply to foreigners who have become legal spouses of women in the country).
The opportunity to declare his desire to become a full member of Venezuelan society until the end of the coveted five years of the residence qualification is a minor alien whose parents (or one parent) have recently been naturalized. In this case, it is necessary to fulfill two other conditions – to reside on the territory of Venezuela and to file a petition before the execution of 25 years.
The loss and restoration of the citizenship of the Bolivarian Republic.
Since the institution of dual citizenship does not operate on the territory of Venezuela, its citizens must be ready to lose their Venezuelan citizenship. This can happen in the case of immigration and admission to citizenship in another country.
A Venezuelan resident who has married a foreigner remains a citizen of the Bolivarian Republic, unless she declares her intention to change her nationality to the country of which her legal spouse is the representative.
Legislation provides for the possibility of returning citizenship, if earlier for some objective reasons it was lost. It is necessary to return to his permanent residence in Venezuela, to declare his desire to be a citizen of this country.
The loss of Venezuelan citizenship can take place on a voluntary or involuntary basis. In the first case, a person makes a written waiver of the citizenship of the Bolivarian Republic, if he is abroad, then he passes this document, together with the passport, to the embassy or consulate. Loss of citizenship on an involuntary basis occurs, basically, for one reason, a person takes the citizenship of the country of new residence.
Experts note that it is quite easy to obtain Venezuelan citizenship under conditions. Refusals are extremely rare, only to potential applicants who have violated the laws of Venezuela.
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