How to prepare for moving to the States: what to buy / take with you / leave at home.

How to prepare for moving to the States: what to buy / take with you / leave at home.
Moving in & # 8212; an incredibly serious and complex event. Especially if your new home is located overseas. Unfortunately, no one talks about how to make this move. It goes without saying that all your things will be packed up and flown to America.
In addition, before moving there is a lot of questions. What should I bring with me? What is not needed in America? The better to stock up for future use? What documents should I take with me? Now we will try to understand this difficult issue.
Before leaving ….
1. Prepare all the documents.
You have already given all the necessary documents when you made out a visa, applied for university or work. However, we would advise you to keep copies of these documents, and before you leave, notarize and apostillize them. Just in case. Also do not forget the medical record.
You are leaving for America, and what will you do if there are any questions at home that need to be resolved quickly? In this case, it makes sense to issue a power of attorney to one of the relatives or friends. Then they can take all the necessary decisions for you or sign documents.
You’ve probably heard that medicine in America is expensive, and its system is quite complicated. In this case, there is an effect: during a move or other nervous event all problems and illnesses are aggravated. Therefore, it is better to have a checkup at home and to cure everything that has been ignored for years. Cheaper will come.
Buy medicines for future use. First, in America they are quite expensive and this applies even to simple aspirin. Secondly, some medicines that can be bought here freely, in the States need a doctor’s prescription. Before you go shopping, check with the list of drugs allowed to import.
After coming to America …
1. Fill in the customs declaration.
It indicates all information about the date, time and place of arrival in the States, the purpose of the visit and the type of visa issued. On the basis of all these data, the period of legal stay in the country is put in the form. Study the list of things and means that you must declare necessarily.
2. Make out the social security number.
Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) and Social Security Number (SSN) & # 8212; the most important American identification numbers. It is not difficult to arrange it, but you should do it immediately after your arrival. Without these numbers, you can not open a normal bank account, make major purchases, or rent a good home.
Medical insurance & # 8212; the second most important document that you need to issue as soon as possible after you arrive in the States. Sometimes the insurance is provided by the employer, but in other cases this issue and expenses will have to be taken over.
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