How to start moving to Europe from Russia for permanent residence.

How to start moving to Europe from Russia for permanent residence.
At first glance, moving to Europe is easy: you choose the ideal place, determine the budget and collect the required amount. If the money did not have problems, then it remains to order a ticket and go to conquer new expanses.
But is it all so simple in practice and the difficulty lies in buying a ticket? Is it possible to foresee and avoid possible migration problems during the pre-migration phase? Let’s figure it out.
Preparation plan for moving to Europe.
As you know, the success of any business depends largely on planning. The drawn up plan of action will allow to be ready to possible problems and to simplify the transfer to Europe. Preparation for the move is better to begin at least 2-3 months before the planned date of moving. During this time, various issues have to be solved:
Perhaps you have been dreaming of a city since childhood. Or the desire to change something in life, to experience new emotions arose quite recently … If you just want to change the place of residence, but still do not know where to go – read our articles on the site, where we describe the pros and cons of various corners of the planet.
Advice! Before you make a final decision, first go to the country and to a specific city as a tourist, spend one or two weeks. It is likely that the fairy tale city is not so fantastic, and when you travel, you will find a new home for your dream.
It’s not enough just to come to a new country. Here you need to obtain a residence permit (residence permit), and subsequently citizenship – it is important to perform “homework” first. Think about how you will emigrate from Russia to Europe: as a student, trainee, investor.
You can also get the status of a “refugee” (but for this you will have to prove that hostilities are being carried out at home). Another option is marriage with a citizen of the country. Look for information, immigration options vary from country to country. So, in Spain, Hungary and a number of countries to get a residence permit, you need to buy residential real estate, in Germany it is easiest to get a residence permit for the sought-after specialists.
Advice! If you have confirmed data on ancestors who were citizens of one of the states of Europe, you can get the right to a simplified procedure for registration of residence permits and citizenship.
Be careful, check the expiration date of your passport. If there are not more than six months left, you need to get a new document. Please note that it takes a long time to legalize your status and get a residence permit, from six months to two years.
Thoroughly plan and think about how much money you need. Calculate the cost of visa processing, flight costs, transportation of personal items, pets and cars, as well as funds for household expenses.
Please note that in the first couple of months you will be busy with paperwork and arranging a new place, finding housing. At the very least, you must have a supply for the first three to four months – provided that you have already found work and have an invitation from the employer. Otherwise, there must be a “buffer”. Which will allow to live in a new place from six months to a year.
Pass a medical examination, be sure to issue medical insurance, otherwise even a commonplace cold will be a bad surprise. When moving to most European countries, a certificate of a test for tuberculosis and a number of other infectious diseases is required.
Open several bank cards at once.
In many countries there are restrictions on the import of currency, so open the payment card in advance, in two or three banks at once. You can buy traveler’s checks, so you can avoid declaring, and so much safer.
Note! Before leaving, tell the bank that the calculations will occur abroad, set limits.
In advance, familiarize yourself with the tariffs in the new place – on arrival, you will not have time for this. Also for communication with family you can use Skype or Viber. They allow to communicate for free, having only access to the Internet.
There are several ways to move to Europe: by plane, car, bus, train. Book your ticket in advance. If the choice fell on a personal car – have a foresight check the vehicle, bring the car in perfect condition. Your car or motorcycle you can send the container along with your personal belongings to your destination.
Prepare all the essentials that will be needed on the road: a minimal set of clothes, if necessary – medications that you regularly take (there must be prescriptions from the doctor), personal hygiene products. Furniture, utensils and other personal belongings should be sent in advance to the country of arrival by the transport company.
Prepare a package of documents for obtaining a visa.
Regardless of the method of immigration, it is necessary to prepare: an application, copies of visas and passports received earlier, three – four photos of 3.5 x 4.5 cm format, health insurance, bank statement (minimum 2-2.5 thousand euro, and in some cases the account must guarantee residence in the country for the period of opening the visa). We also need documents that are the basis for issuing a visa: an invitation from the employer, relatives or friends, a marriage certificate, a certificate of admission to the university.
The full list of documents can be found on the embassy’s website.
Unfortunately, it is impossible to foresee everything in advance, especially if this is the first experience of emigration. But you can avoid most problems when moving to Europe. Just contact Santa Fe Moscow.
We plan the entire process of moving to Europe, depending on your circumstances and opportunities, we will offer the most convenient and fastest way of emigration, prepare a package of documents.
We will help you find and rent a house (in Europe, without recommendations – this is a very difficult task), we will transfer personal items and pets.
How to use our services?
Fill out the form on the site or just call: +7 495 933 52 32. We will make the move to Europe fast and take care of everything, leaving only pleasant troubles.

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