How Ukrainians live in the Crimea.

How Ukrainians live in the Crimea.
Young people want to leave, and those who come to mainland Ukraine complain about the indifference of the authorities.
More than two weeks have passed since the so-called “all-Crimean referendum”, following which Russia “contributed” the peninsula to its composition. And if his main opponents, the Crimean Tatars, are now considering various ways of interacting with unrecognized Crimean authorities, then local Ukrainians still can not get away from the shock.
In a conversation with the correspondent of Today’s Crimean Parliament of Crimea, Leonid Pilunsky bitterly notes that the feelings of the Ukrainians remaining on the peninsula are best described by the word “no”. Some & ndash; constantly threatened: “For example, my son was detained for 6 days in prison, where he was beaten and tortured, he was released only because he is a well-known expert, and many Russian and foreign figures took part in his defense, many of whom have to leave for the same reasons. I have nowhere to go, despite the fact that the children and grandchildren live in Kiev, but I simply can not leave, and there are three generations of Pilunskys living in the Simferopol cemetery, I gathered their ashes together, and they are in one grave & ndash; parents, uncles, grandmothers and spouses. Do you follow their graves and my tiny garden? ”
By the way, now Leonid Petrovich can not engage in even deputy activity, since the building of the Crimean parliament from the unwanted are protected by representatives of “self-defense.” However, he says, there are some pluses in what is happening: “I am surprised by the position of many Kiev politicians, including those I know personally.” Today they are engaged in their own arrangement in the new government, everything that happened is a very good lesson. that those whom I thought were friends were enemies, and simple acquaintances became very close people who saved me and worried about my son, and some of them did it wrong. ”
With alarm about the surrounding Crimean reality and says 25-year-old Anna. The girl admits she does not hide her pro-Ukrainian views, which has already led to several skirmishes with her colleagues: “It is especially annoying when, after every mention of the Putin’s name, many almost fall to their knees, all the time they do not leave the desire to go somewhere. that in fact nothing will change for the better. “Today banks leave, shops close, people lose jobs, and prices have also risen.”
But, perhaps, in one of the most difficult situations now were teachers of the Ukrainian language. As the teacher of one of the Simferopol schools told us, they could not imagine such a thing in a terrible dream: “They say that now they will leave only one teacher for the school for those who want to study the Ukrainian language electively.” And what about the people who studied for five years on Ukrainian philology? Where do they go now with their diplomas? ”
However, not all of those who left were happy to change the situation. For a week, head of the Crimean organization of the Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists Vasil Ovcharuk, who is in Kiev, complains about the indifference of the authorities.
“Many people left the Crimea with optimism, hoping that the Ukrainian authorities will protect them, now these people are in limbo.” Many legal problems arise, including because the parliament does not recognize the peninsula as an occupied territory. “The authorities threw Ukrainians in the Crimea, they were between heaven and earth, but they continue to hope that someone will help them in solving social and other problems, “& ndash; says Ovcharuk.
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Ukrainian students in the Crimea want to make learn in Russian.
Parents of students are indignant & ndash; if out of a thousand students go to the Russian want one hundred willing, then this is not an excuse to deprive the majority of the opportunity to learn in native, Ukrainian language.
Russia gave Ukraine only about 4% of the Crimean weapons.
On the mainland Ukraine, 200 units of military equipment of the ARC were exported.
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