How we moved to Canada.

How we moved to Canada.
After receiving a visa to enter Canada, the first question is when to enter the country, what to take with you, where to stop and how to look for work. There are a lot of questions and on this site there have already been articles, in which good advice has been given, but here I just tell my immigration history.
We received a visa quite unexpectedly, only 9 months after the filing of the documents. I worked calmly in St. Petersburg and did not expect such a surprise from the embassy, because the turnout at that time was 2 years. When we passed a medical examination, there was a woman who had been waiting for a visa for 3 years.
Everything happened quickly enough. Having received passports with visas in the spring (I do not remember exactly the month), we immediately went to buy plane tickets. We tried to take the nearest available one to fly to Canada in the beginning of summer and give the children as much time as possible for adaptation in the new country. Apparently not only we thought so, because almost all tickets were already sold out for the next flights and we managed to take them only at the beginning of June. Only then in the plane we saw that it was almost completely filled with immigrants.
Just before I left for Canada, I decided to send out my CV to Canadian companies, so that on arrival there would be something ready, at least an invitation for an interview. Using the monster and workopolis sites, I found several job offers where I best suited my skills and sent out a resume.
Of the things they tried to take only the most necessary things, but still it seemed like about 6 suitcases, not counting hand luggage. The adults carried two suitcases and children one by one. And my were huge for so much that we could hardly fit them in the coach compartment of the train when we were traveling to Moscow.
A very good friend helped us to rent an apartment right on the border with Toronto and met us at the airport, so there was no problem. I can not even imagine how people come to a new country without any help from those already living here, this should be very difficult. After all, such people will have to rent an apartment himself, and at this time to live in a hotel that is quite expensive in Canada. Maybe there are cheap motels, but somehow I was not interested in this issue.
And then we were brought to a new, completely empty house, where there were no beds, no tables and even chairs. While my wife went to the nearest store for the goods of the very first necessity, I stayed with the children who were sleeping on what we were able to spread. Because of the change in the hour-long train and the fatigue of the flight, they fell asleep very quickly and in the position in which they landed on the floor.
I was sitting on the floor in an empty house and in my head enough terrible thoughts were flying about whether I made a mistake. Go to a completely unknown country, which I only know about notes on the Internet & ndash; risky enough. What if I can not find a job? And if I can not get along well and support my family? And if children can not adapt to the new country?
Maybe my resume was not quite right, and maybe some other reasons could be beaten, but when we were already in Canada, there was not a single invitation to work. Not even a single call from employers or recruiting agencies to whom I sent out my resume.
First of all, we made a SIN social security number, opened a bank account, issued a credit card to start recruiting a local credit history and applied for state OHIP medical insurance.
Despite the fact that in Ontario free medical care starts working in three months, we have issued everything in advance. We were given a number of insurance on a simple A4 sheet, which was supposed to start working exactly three months after we crossed the border.
And then there was a question & ndash; and whether it is necessary to make out temporary medical insurance for the first three months. While we were doing it all, it took two weeks and two and a half more. Since it was summer, the risk of catching a cold is much lower, and even with this disease, most know how to fight. I decided not to pay money to the insurance company and risk living without insurance.
In Canada, there are many different free services for those who can not afford paid medicine or who do not have state insurance. Here it is advisable to go with the nearest Welcome Center such as YMCA and there will give all the detailed information about where there are nearest similar centers.
Despite the summer, we still had to face a cold. And here it was a bit scary & ndash; what medicines to take. From the articles on the Internet there was a feeling that all medicines in Canada only on the instructions of a doctor, but this is not so. Only antibiotics go by prescription, but simple tablets for colds, coughs, etc. available in almost any store.
Familiar suggested that here the cold is often treated with Tylenol. I went to the nearest store and was surprised to learn that this medicine is different, and I did not even know how to explain what exactly it is. It turned out that it was just Tylenol Cold. & amp; Flue, saves from any colds and is available without a prescription.
We did not have any more adventures with medicine before receiving OHIP.
Since the work was not yet, I decided to go to the nearest Welcome Center and improve my English. There they also give courses to find a job and help a little with employment.
Two or three weeks later I received a second invitation for an interview and immediately received an offer of work, and then everything became much easier and easier.
The most difficult & ndash; this is the first months when there is a job search and adaptation. When there is already income, then the adaptation is much faster.
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