How’s it going in Texas?

How’s it going in Texas?
Maybe there is someone who has been or lived in Texas (Dallas, Arlington)? How serious is it with respect to temperature and humidity? I’m not interested in statistical data (they can be found), namely portability. Everything around is just negative. Is there really nothing good there? My husband is going to change jobs, and is thinking about this staff. What to do?
Hot summer and warm winter.
I do not know in which state Natasha lives to compare with Texas, so I will describe my position and point of view as a recent resident of Texas.
I myself was born and grew up in a cold place, where in winter -50 degrees below zero, and in summer the hottest 30 degrees. After graduation, I went to another city where I lived last years before I left for America, where it’s slightly warmer than -20 in winter (but with a strong wind), and in summer it’s also 28, but with high humidity.
In Russia, people say that if a person has lived in the North for at least 10 years, then in a hot climate it is simply unbearable for him to live. Nonsense!! I lived in the North all my life (27 years), and, having moved to Texas (Dallas), I feel great.
I like hot summer and warm winter. I like the dry climate, because when I go out, my clothes, despite the heat, do not stick to the body because of the increased humidity, as it was in Russia (in the city where I lived). Since air conditioners are working all the time, in the summer, wherever you come – shop, restaurant, office or you are at home – it’s cool everywhere, I would even say – it’s cool.
I would also like to add my own observation. I work in a recruiter company, and through me there are hundreds and thousands of resumes. And, according to my observations, people living in Texas prefer to find a new job only in Texas, they can move from one city to another, but staying inside of Texas.
I also met many women and girls from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Lithuania. We celebrate together Russian holidays, birthdays, or just meet at a picnic – chat, exchange relevant information, etc.
Of course, this does not happen as often as we would like, but we do not have a deficit in Russian communication. March 8, for example, gathered in a Russian restaurant, celebrated the holiday (54 pairs). I’m sure that you will also find friends here. In any case, I can introduce you to some.
In general, life is good and live well.
If it’s hot, it’s so hot; if it’s cold, it’s so cold.
Natalia, well, not everything is so bad, there are also positive moments – depending on what to compare. We are compared with his wife with Virginia, where they lived a couple of years, and, of course, with their homeland – the Urals.
Yes, it’s a hot summer. The temperature is below 40 C on the street, and this lasts for months (last year it started somewhere in May and lasted until October). But the room is cool – in all public places are air conditioners. In this, however, there is a minus – sweating on the street and going to the store, you can easily catch a cold (with the habit, local people are used to it since birth 😉 – although in Virginia it was the same. In the car (if the machine is) also air conditioning, it’s hot only for the first 5-10 minutes, until it cool down the air. In the bus and metroreil too air conditioners. So, working in the office and making travel such as a house-work-shop, the heat does not particularly depress.
Walk on the street can only after sunset, and even then return wet. Therefore, many people walk in the gym on the treadmill. And on weekends, all splashing in the pools. Of course, about long trips to nature (and we traveled almost the entire Virginia) had to forget. And nature is not particularly good for visiting. There are almost no forests (near Dallas we did not find – only a couple of arboretums, but there are many newlyweds – as in the registry office – they got bored). All around, mostly grass scorched by the sun. Rains are rare, only a few for the whole summer, and they are short, and dry out instantly.
In the daytime, the humidity is low, around 30%, but in the evening they cut the lawns, and by the morning humidity rises to 40%. Glasses in the car from the inside do not get fogged up (as in Virginia), and the machine itself is not covered with dew in the morning (as in Houston), hence it rusts more slowly. The garages here are very popular.
Spring and autumn are some not expressed, in my opinion. January, February and March were stably cold (5-10 C), but the snow was falling once – only a couple of hours and soon melted. They say that this winter was outstanding for coldness, all due to the northern wind (the plain is here). In general, the climate is continental, if it’s hot – it’s so hot; if it’s cold, it’s so cold. Well and in general portability is individually, can, you here also will be pleasant.
They say that many Russians live here. Of course, not so much as in Maryland, Pennsylvania or New Jersey. Most of the visitors are still from Mexico (that’s probably why the climate is cool here ;-).
Yes, about Arlington: in my neighborhood is not the best. Infrastructure is not particularly developed, in my opinion (I do not recall anything there, except for a few large offices of some insurance companies, and a park with roller-keeper on the road). I can only recommend the northern Dallas, Adison and Plano. At least, most high-tech employees live in Plano. Do not settle for southern Dallas or Garland, do not even go there.
Well, if you are expecting a child, then this is a separate song. Ask my wife Ani in detail (address in the editorial office). She used to wear it all the summer. And when I gave birth, then in a neighboring area, in Carolton passed a tornado (yes, by the way, and the year before last, they say, he broke glass in downtown). I think, after that, her town has a more negative attitude towards these places than I have.
Well, in fact, we’ll get out of here as soon as possible. Yearning here.
It’s hot only two months.
I am very familiar with your experiences, because about two and a half years ago I was occupied with the same thoughts when we were going to go to the state of Texas. But here already more than two years, as we here, and already all around is perceived as a matter of course. I looked with great suspicion and interest at people from Tehas before I came here. To my surprise, I noticed that among them there are no tanned (in bulk), that is, people do not spend much time in the sun. A lot of full, then they can somehow live with Texan humidity. Having made such conclusions, in principle, I was not mistaken.
And now I’ll try to answer your questions.
The climate here, of course, is specific, but on a par with minuses, it has pluses, which at first sight are not visible.
It should be noted that in fact, only two months a year are very hot here: from the end of July to the middle of September. That is, only two months out of the twelve – it’s hot. And one or two months a year is cold: January is a february (the temperature, of course, depends on the specific place, at least somewhere – 5� in the afternoon in the Houston area). And all the rest of the time is quite fitting spring-summer, by our standards, the weather is quite sunny. Humidity, of course, is felt, but, again, it is unpleasant, mainly in the hot or cold months.
The nature here is slightly different than, for example, in Moscow, therefore, as in any new place, it is necessary to take into account some features such as: one should not sunbathe in the open sun, drink orange juice and, if possible, do not walk in the middle of the day at August-month, as they say, without panama. And it’s still necessary to wear sunglasses (local, by no means Russian). In the room, car, shop, office in the summer is usually even cold, so 2 months are experienced quite tolerably. In my opinion, it is easier than a month in Moscow without heating in October or November. I do not know who your spouse is, but if he works indoors, then the heat will not be a problem, especially since Dallas is in the north of Texas.
Tehas is considered not the best place in terms of different allergies, but, from personal experience, I can see that due to the evenly-moderate climate of catarrhal diseases there is less. And if the humidity is very disturbing, then in the room you can put a normal PURIFIER. I usually turn it on in the summer at night. And, of course, there must be air conditioning in the dwelling.
I do not know where you are moving from, perhaps at first sight, in comparison with the north, everything here will seem simpler and somewhat rural, because the state is still mostly farm, but, again, everything depends on a specific place and situation, but at the same time, life here is more peaceful. As the locals say: “In Texas only cars run fast.”
Another interesting fact – everyone knows about the high temperature and humidity, but no one talks about the local rains. Umbrella here can only help if it is very big, with our Russian one you can not always go out. And yet – he can go during the rainy season for several days with a downpour – not even for a minute. But with his car, again, you can survive.
And finally – one of the biggest advantages of Tehas: life here is much cheaper than, say, in California. Especially it is noticeable by rent for housing.
And the last tip – if you decide to retreat, it is better not to do it in the hottest months to acclimatize, and there was no psychological shock, as it, in fact, is usually more than physical problems with heat.

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