If a passport of a citizen of Ukraine was stolen in Russia – what to do?

If a passport of a citizen of Ukraine was stolen in Russia – what to do?
To enter and stay in Russia, some foreign citizens need to have a valid passport and valid visa. There are some exceptions for residents of the CIS countries – so, Ukrainians only need to have a passport of a citizen of Ukraine. However, being in another state, you can face such trouble as loss or theft of your passport. In order to be able to safely leave Russia, a number of conditions will have to be fulfilled.
They stole the passport – where to go.
If there has already happened such a nuisance as stealing an internal Ukrainian passport, while a citizen temporarily or permanently lives in Russia, then you should not hesitate, but contact the police. Such precautions are conditioned by the fact that even fraudulent documents can be fraudulent, as an example: the implementation of transactions for sale and purchase.
The loss of the internal passport is threatened not only by a fine for negligent storage of the document, but also by problems with the departure from Russia to Ukraine. In these cases, to check whether a person is a citizen of Ukraine, you need to get at least some confirmation of the person.
So, the first and basic step should be going to the police, you can go to any office, but it is advisable to do it at the place of loss of the document. It is mandatory to write a statement about the theft, otherwise the criminal case will not start. And even if the police insist that the documents were lost, and not stolen, you still need to write a statement. It is necessary that the passport of a citizen of Ukraine be put on the wanted list.
To speed up and simplify the work of the police, you can give them a copy of the passport, which should clearly show the photo, series, issuing authority and other data. According to the rules, 10 days are allocated for searching for the document, and then the citizen of Ukraine will be summoned to the department, there he must be given a decision to initiate or close (if the victim does not have any suspects, and suspects too) of the criminal case.
In addition to the resolution, the police will need to take a copy of the protocol compiled in the case and a certificate stating that the theft was recorded by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. When you receive papers from the police, you should check that signatures from authorized persons are everywhere, otherwise they will be invalid.
If the internal passport was found within the allotted time, it is returned to the owner, but an examination is carried out for falsification in order to check whether the photo has been glued, whether the registration stamps have appeared, etc. There is no need to make a new document in this case, Passport can be used further.
Is it possible to restore the Ukrainian passport in the embassy.
If a person is not located within one of the listed cities, you should contact the nearest consulate by phone or send a request. It is advisable to contact the representation in the region of residence, but in any case, you can make the request much more convenient for a foreigner, to refuse help is not allowed. In order for the case to be accepted for consideration at the consulate, it is necessary to go and file documents personally. And in addition to travel expenses, it will take about 5-6 thousand rubles to pay a fee and notarize other documents.
If there was a theft not only of documents but also of money, the situation becomes more complicated – it is impossible to make a new document while staying in Russia, it will be necessary to leave Russia within the time fixed by law. In some cases, employees of the embassy meet – on a special request, they allocate a certain amount of money from the reserve fund to fellow citizens as assistance. The amount is usually small, it is barely enough to take a photo and buy tickets for the return journey.
If there is no passport – how to leave Russia?
If the passport of a citizen of Ukraine is stolen, and the passport remains intact, you can safely return home, there will be fewer problems with the restoration of the internal passport. But to get the opportunity to go to Ukraine and restore the document, you need to issue a special permit in the consulate general. To do this, you need confirmation that the citizen is indeed a resident of Ukraine, you can do this one of the ways.
Provide any identity card. It can be a certified translation of the Ukrainian passport (where photos, series, number, other data are clearly visible), driver’s license, copies of documents, etc. It is desirable that there is a photo on the identity card that was made no more than 6 months ago. In case there are no documents proving the identity, you need to find three compatriots who will confirm the identity of the foreigner. Naturally, with these people a person should be familiar, and not one day. When there are no documents or witnesses, it will be necessary to make a request to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine in order to receive confirmation of identity, as well as to contact relatives or colleagues to send copies of the documents by e-mail.
In addition to the above, you will also need to prepare:
protocol and police certificate of passport theft; 2 photos for documents (one photo remains in the consulate, the second – glued to the permit). And the photo should be done no more than 6 months before the time of treatment; a receipt for payment of the state duty (the cost is 4900 rubles); application for the issuance of a temporary permit for return to their home country.
The permission obtained in the consulate is the only document by which it will be possible to travel to Ukraine. Buy or get such a document in Russia illegally impossible, all forms are under strict control. In addition, data on a foreigner who will leave the Russian border without having a passport of a citizen of Ukraine are recorded by the customs authorities.
It should be noted that the authorization is not issued on the day of the appeal, for the beginning the request is sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, this is necessary to check all the data about the applicant. The waiting period can stretch from a few days to a month. The term of the temporary permit is 30 days, during which the Ukrainian needs to leave the borders of Russia. On an individual basis, you can get a respite from a temporary permit, but the reason must be weighty, for example: staying in a hospital, etc.
Upon arrival in Ukraine should within three days apply to the passport office at the place of residence, issue a temporary permit and submit papers for the registration of a new identity card. If a foreigner lost his documents and permanently resides in the territory of the Russian Federation, and also has a residence permit (RVP), then to make a new passport of a citizen of Ukraine, it is not necessary to leave. Replacement will be carried out in the consulate general of Ukraine.
Loss of passport.
What if the RWP is issued and the passport is lost? According to the Decree of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine No. 2503-XII, the period for issuing an in-house passport is one month. Urgent to make a new document simply will not work, because there is a legally established time limit, and buy, especially (this is a criminal offense). The Ukrainian passport has its own unique series and expiration date, and the new document will have other data. Therefore, the old passport automatically becomes invalid after the loss.
According to the Law on Citizenship of Ukraine and Regulation No. 3423-XII of September 2, 1993 on amendments, the general passport is the main identity card, which must be replaced with a change of gender, name, first name, and also if the document is lost or damaged. If a person has lost a passport, this is not a reason for depriving him of his citizenship, the document can be restored.
In order to obtain Russian citizenship, it will be necessary to renounce the status of a resident of Ukraine, while an internal passport is handed over to the embassy. Loss of documents is not a rejection of citizenship, but certain difficulties are encountered when drafting new documents. If there was a loss of passport, and at the same time a citizen of Ukraine has a RWP or residence permit in Russia, he will not lose this status.
However, the provision is that the temporary residence permit was issued for one document, and if lost, a new passport is issued, in which there is another series, a photo, an issuing authority. Usually, the OVIR does not notify of this, but the temporary residence permit will have to be issued for new documents. Where to go in this case? In the Main Administration of Internal Affairs (former FMS), where the initial permit was issued. The essence of the procedure is to replace the authorization document itself (it will have a new photo, another series, but its validity will not change).

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