Igor Gindler | 60 missiles that changed the world.

Igor Gindler | 60 missiles that changed the world.
In the social sciences – economics, sociology, demography – is the concept that came into these sciences from physics. More precisely, from the theory of dynamic chaos. These are the so-called long correlations. The point is that often the reason for what we see now, today, are not today’s news, but events of the distant past that were not seen at the time. And if they were noticed, they were ignored.
I would like to recall the 60 Tomahawk cruise missiles that Trump brought down to Syria just at the time of the dessert at the White House dinner in honor of the Chinese president (one of the rockets had a starting engine, and the march did not, and she fell, not reaching the goal).
Therefore, Trump in Saudi Arabia was taken as if he were the brother of the Prophet Muhammad himself.
After Saudi Arabia, Trump went to Israel. There he visited the ancient Bethlehem, where he made it clear to the head of the terrorist enclave that his game was uncovered. Trump openly told Abbas that he was a liar, that he deceived all American presidents and tried to deceive him, Trump, and personally incited him to jihad against Israel. During the meeting in Bethlehem, Trump not only raised his voice – he yelled at Abbas, did not give him a word to say, and calmed down only by the time of the joint press conference.
According to eyewitnesses, after the angry tirade of Trump in the meeting room for four minutes a silent scene arose. So with a leader of terrorists, no one ever allowed himself to speak. Why did Trump allow himself to yell at the President of Palestine?
Because with the king of Saudi Arabia, Trump seems to have found a common language, and during Trump’s visit the so-called Palestinian problem was officially lifted by the Arabs from the agenda.
Sunni Arabs soberly judged that to hate Israel, of course, the case is right and acceptable to Allah, only here in order to hate, you must first survive in the coming nuclear war with the Shiites of Iran. And without participation in the anti-Iranian coalition of both Israel and America, nuclear Iran will quickly crack down on the oil kingdoms.
The political axis Russia-Iran-Syria-North Korea has existed for a long time and is the ideological successor of the World War II Axis countries (Germany-Italy-Japan), but soon the allied countries America-Israel-Saudi Arabia-Jordan-Egypt will say their word.
In his speech before the Muslim leaders, Trump, unlike Obama (remember Obama’s humiliating speech in Cairo 8 years ago), did not apologize. He put everything exactly on the shelves – that Problem # 1 in the Middle East is not Iran, but nuclear Iran. That Problem # 2 is not the fate of Palestinian Arabs, but terrorism.
In this scenario, the choice that China must make is extremely simple and obvious: there are no free territories on the oil-rich Middle East and it is not so easy to get there from China through two oceans, but Siberia is big enough, rich in oil , and is near. I think China has already made a decision, and its geopolitical consequences will be very unpleasant for Russia.
The turn in 180 degrees in the American foreign policy was felt also by Europe. German Chancellor Merkel said that the United States and Britain are no longer reliable partners, and European countries can only rely on themselves.
And I completely agree with her.
Trump made it clear to all NATO partners that the welfare of Europe, under the protection of the American nuclear umbrella and at the expense of American taxpayers, is coming to an end.
The prosperity of the social democratic regimes of the so-called prosperous countries of Europe is based on the continuous post-war redistribution of capital – it flows from America to the European continent. As Margaret Thatcher once remarked subtly, the problem of socialism is that someone else’s money at any time necessarily ends. But this is the Eurosocialists in their blood – they managed to unleash two world wars in the XX century alone.
In other words, Merkel realized the obvious fact that globalists can no longer count on America. The country-parasites suddenly realized that it was more to drink American blood with impunity and would not work for free. Have to pay. From his pocket. And to solve their own problems. European leaders G7 resent, they are used to the fact that Obama was always ready to put the interests of globalists above the interests of America.
Until the freebies-eurosocialists finally realized that America is not going to participate in the worldwide redistribution of capital, code-named “global warming.”
Trump made it clear that if Europeans consider global warming to be the main problem of our time, then let them decide it. Without America. America considers terrorism to be the main problem of modernity.
Trump built one head of NATO member states and ranked them as guilty students for insufficient efforts to combat Islamic terrorism.
Actually, Trump did the same with NATO as NATO members did with Ukraine. The Europeans decided that, since Ukraine had surrendered part of its territory almost without a fight and was going to fight with the aggressor purely symbolically, then the help to Ukraine would be purely symbolic.
Trump decided that, since most of NATO countries do not fulfill their defense obligations and finance NATO purely symbolically (the contract assumes at least 2% of each country’s budget for military needs, and Germany, for example, spends just over 1%), then America will Europeans have the same purely symbolic military assistance (since the formation of NATO in 1949, it is the American taxpayers who bear the main burden of protecting both their country and all other NATO members).
What was waiting for President Trump on his return from the first (and triumphant) foreign tour?
Former Speaker of the House of Representatives, one of the leaders of the Democrats Nancy Pelosi said that the presidential trip abroad was a disaster, because Trump visited countries not in alphabetical order. I do not know exactly how to describe this situation from the point of view of clinical psychiatry, but from the political point of view it is the progressive intellectual degradation of the Democratic Party.
At the same time, the Marxist wing of the Democratic Party acts, as always, in a very organized manner. Have you noticed that Obama’s shadow government does not dissipate its forces, and always acts in a concentrated manner? Each political attack lasts about 2 weeks, and is always directed against only one of Tramp’s (hat tip Gregory Viola). As a target, there was Steve Bannon, and Attorney General Sessions, it all started with Flynn, and now the target of the attack is Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner.
Why Kouchner? Yes, simply because it was Kouchner who organized the triumphal foreign tour of Trump.
It is Kouchner in the eyes of the Democrats that is the person who humiliated President Obama by providing President Trump with a reception in the Middle East that Obama never dreamed of.
Kouchner is the behind-the-scenes player who created the creation of a Middle Eastern counterpart of NATO with the participation of Israel and the Arab Sunni countries. The Sunnis and Israel will be friends against Shiite Iran, which was supported by Obama. This is the main fault of Kouchner. That’s why his name will be mixed with mud for two weeks on all American TV channels.
Formally, he is accused of being in the process of preparing the transfer of power from Obama to Trump, somewhere in late December 2016, he allegedly worked out a question with Russian diplomats about an alternative, secret communication channel between Washington and Moscow. It is clear that, like all other myths, this fake will live its two weeks, and safely quiet down.
It calms down simply because the Democrats to us all ears buzzed about the fact that Trump is Putin’s puppet, and during the election campaign he received instructions from the Kremlin on a top-secret communication channel.
But if Trump had a secret communication channel to receive instructions from Putin before the elections, why did Kouchner raise the issue of such a communication channel after the elections?
Let me remind you that “The half-life of news is about 24 hours, that is, after 24 hours half the population no longer remembers what yesterday’s news was.” Actually, such layers of the population of such fakes and calculated.
And this will continue for all four years, and maybe all eight.
From the point of view of the Washington swamp, Trump is a foreign body. And like any living organism that tries to get rid of any foreign body, the Washington swamp is trying to squeeze Trump out of Washington.
But the fate of the dreamers from the Washington socialist swamp will be the same as the fate of their ideological twins – the Kremlin dreamers.
Because in the world of propaganda myths, other states need to be visited in alphabetical order, and in the real world laws of long correlations and success are achieved by those presidents who have the people’s mandate for launching the Tomahawks.
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