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To get a visa to Australia it became easier!
If you have long dreamed of studying in Australia, we have great news for you! Get a student visa and study in Australia has become much easier.
Australia is a country with an open immigration policy, the authorities of the country are interested in attracting as many talented people as possible to the country.
Since July 1, there have been significant changes in the process of obtaining a student visa to Australia.
Thousands of students come to study in Australia because of the pleasant climate and huge opportunities for development.
No more subclasses.
If earlier the visa was issued to you depending on what level of education you want to receive and the time of getting an education was taken into account, now there will be no division into subclasses. Earlier there were 7 subclasses, now – one visa. All students are issued a sub-class 500 visa.
No restrictions.
Under the new rules, if you come to a language course in Australia, then you can stay in the country and enjoy an amazing climate as much as you want. Students can take language courses for an unlimited amount of time.
You will always have something to do after class.
No suspicion.
If earlier, as in the USA, every application for a student visa was carefully considered to find the immigration intent, now visas will do faster and will not require a whole pack of evidence of your attachment to your homeland. Previously, the website of the Government of Australia published a list of countries from which most immigrants come, so the inhabitants of these countries had to prove that they will return to their homeland, now there will be no such list.
If you want to stay, stay.
You came to Australia for language courses and realized that you would like to continue your studies in this beautiful country. Feel free to go to an Australian university or college, after graduation you can stay and find a decent job. Time spent at the desk at the university or college will go to the count of hours to obtain the right to permanent residence.
By the way, when booking language courses from 12 weeks, you can study and work in Australia absolutely legally! Do you remember that Australia has the highest salaries in the world?
Amazing sunsets will not leave you indifferent.
Online submission of documents.
The government decided to simplify the process of filing documents for an Australian visa as much as possible. Now you can apply only online. Less stress and time savings.
Financial questions.
As always, it is necessary to confirm the student’s solvency. In order to obtain a visa to Australia, it is necessary to show means for full payment of the course, round-trip airfares, living expenses and for personal purposes.
As always, the language course needs to be paid in full before applying for a visa.
Bring your family to Australia.
Under the new rules, even if you are traveling to short-term English courses in Australia, you can take with you someone from family members.
For a long time dreamed of hugging a kangaroo? In Australia, nothing is impossible.
Where to learn English in Australia?
Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne are the best cities to study English in Australia.
Have you heard about our new school in Melbourne? Paradise for learning!
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