Immigration and work.

Immigration and work.
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Who should not immigrate to Canada?
Immigration to Canada requires certain knowledge, skills and skills. If these skills are not available, they can and should be purchased. For immigration to Canada, motivation is also important – a person should know what he wants. If there is no clear goal, then no immigration consultant can arrange for you to move to Canada.
We publish fragments of correspondence and interviews with clients that contain useful recommendations and advice for potential immigrants to Canada.
Customer question: Despite the fact that we have more chances to get to Canada on the Quebec program, we are inclined to the fact that this way will be very inconvenient for us. The main problem is & # 8211; French. Therefore, I ask you to evaluate our possibilities, excluding the Quebec program.
Answer of the expert: It seems to me that it would not be entirely correct to raise the question of whether you will be comfortable & # 8221; Come here on the Quebec program or not. At one time, as I previously wrote to you, I was “impassable”, and I was very uncomfortable & # 8221; graduate two educational institutions after the law faculty and spend 7 years of their life preparing for the move to 39 years: the culinary college and the University of Informatics and Radio Electronics, but I really wanted to come here, and so I’m here & # 8211; I live and work. To my colleague, a lawyer girl from a bank who also had a culinary college and a faculty of the Belarusian State University, which was also a non-admission program, in addition to law faculty. because of her legal profession, none of the programs at the time, other than the Quebec (her chances were 50/50), was also uncomfortable & # 8221; start learning French from scratch, but she went for it and now she’s here & # 8211; a Canadian citizen, works as a certified accountant for $ 30 an hour and lives in his home in Montreal.
My wife was very uncomfortable while still in the UK, starting to learn from scratch English. However, she patiently pored over the books and listened to English tapes on our old sofa after a 12-hour shift in the hospital and ” does not regret this now. Now she works in a large Canadian hospital and earned $ 89,000 last year (the average income of a Canadian family is 45,000, and she alone has pounded so much for a year because she was and there are), and in Belarus her work was estimated at only $ 200 per month.
Your friends (they have already been denied a working visa twice), it is also inconvenient to begin to teach Fr. language, but one of them not only agrees, but she on my advice finishes to retrain to honey. sister, which will allow her not only to pass her immigration in an accelerated manner, but also on arrival here be able to quickly obtain a Canadian nurse license and start receiving her standard $ 60,000 + a year. Believe me, a little earlier, a little later, but this family will live here. I know this type of client: they are knocking hard at the door, and sooner or later someone opens the door to them. # 8230;
And anyway, I noticed that it is better to offer a Quebec program or those who have at least two formations, since they are not accustomed to starting a business, as they say, from scratch, or to those who really really want to come here VERY, and not those who just want today, and tomorrow, sort of like, already does not really want to. who argues in himself the type of “Can I go to Canada” # 8230; what do you think? & # 8221;
I have to constantly face and with such & # 8220; customers & # 8221; (for some reason they are all from the former USSR, from other countries people, at least, at least thanked me for spending my time on them and paying something), who write to me with a request to help them in immigration. I answer, I ask them to send me a detailed resume about their education and work experience, knowledge of the language, and # 8230; they no longer write to me & # 8230; Why, you ask, did you even write to me, if it’s even difficult for you to compose a resume? And how are you even going to live here even if a miracle happens and you are brought here for money? Who will take you to work without a resume with such a character and with this attitude to the matter? You understand with what & # 8220; customers & # 8221; Do I have to deal? And there are a lot of them and for some reason all of them are from the former USSR (soviet mentality & # 8211; there’s nothing to be done about it). So you want to say to them: “Guys, you do not have a place in Canada.” # 8211; continue to lie on the couch in front of the TV at home in your home country and watch the stars of the Russian stage & # 8230; you are the candidate for the wulf number one, if you bring here & # 8230; & # 8221 ;.
You, at least, at least sent me a very detailed and neatly designed resume, for which you are HUGE thanks! Half of those who turn to me for & # 8220; help & # 8221; from the former USSR (other countries do not concern this), which they write to me about their desires & # 8221; immigrate to Canada, in response to my request to tell in detail about myself, or send some unsubscribe, or even somewhere in the vagus disappear.
As for the Russian and Ukrainian & # 8220; businessmen who would like to come here on business programs, their business is going on well with a very high strain. Again, because of the mentality of the candidates, because of the difficulty in proving that the money they earned was honestly obtained, that all taxes were paid, that there was no money laundering and so on.
Why do I write to you in such detail? And in order for you to understand that immigration & # 8211; this is the most serious step in your life & # 8230; and to it it is simply impossible to treat with coolness or lightly. Either you break down and go here and do everything for this, or you continue to live as you did before & # 8230;
Even if you agree to teach Fr. language, your chances of coming here will not be 100%. I would say that you have somewhere between 60-70 percent that you will come here on the Quebec program, provided that you will faithfully teach Fr. language and prepare intensively for the upcoming interview.
As for your chans (I consider the options for you both as the main applicant and your spouse) to come here under another program, they are almost equal to zero. Yes Yes exactly. There are other options, but you will have to shell out a significant amount of money for them.
There are provincial programs (other provinces are not Quebec), but almost all of them are related to finding work for a foreign candidate in this province. And this means that you need to pay money (and not small ones from $ 3,000 to $ 10,000 or more) to employment agents who will try to find work for you here. But here’s the question: how do you imagine the work here? You are a loyer, and in your profession you need a license here, which you can get only after 3 years of study here, an internship year and another year of special. courses and putting out just a terrible test for a license that lasts 2 consecutive days. If you find another job, then the employer (they like to do it) will call you and try to conduct a job with you. Can you pass this job interview by phone in English? You will be able to operate with professional vocabulary and prof. jargon by phone with a native speaker? I doubt it very much. From you agents will take a couple of thousand, something you will find here, they will call you, you will not be interviewed, or you will be denied a visa at the Canadian Embassy and everything will end here, and your several thousand will remain with the employment agent, who formally saying, everything was done, but you are to blame for the failure yourself and therefore the paid money remains with the agent & # 8230;
There is another option: you can come here on a study visa. Attend ESL courses, then enroll in a Canadian college and apply for immigration in a year or two. So too it is possible, and I am ready to help you to get a student visa, which will help you to get hooked on the shore & then immigrate. The big disadvantage of this option is that you are separated from your family for a long time (although you can try to open a visa for the whole family), that education for you will cost many times more than those who live here permanently, after the visa you will leave the country or from time to time to extend your status, constantly study and already from Canada to apply for immigration. I have clients for whom this is perhaps the only chance to come here. In my opinion, it is much more sensible to come here for permanent residence, to get permanent resident status and then to study and pay for the training year about 1,500 rather than 7-10,000 a year. Although for those who have money and who do not pass through other programs & # 8211; this is perhaps the only chance & # 8230; I think I answered your question in more detail.
Customer question: Another question that worries me. We submitted documents for participation in the Green Card Lottery. If we move to Canada, can we still continue to apply for participation in this lottery?
Answer specialist: You can & # 8230; But why? Canada in many respects in recent years is MUCH better than the States. You can not imagine how many Americans are now (not immigrants), they want to move here for permanent residence from the US and how many people come to work for us, since there is no work in the States or people are working for $ 7 an hour at the construction site, and here they find work for 15-20 per hour. and higher. Play your lottery if you want. I, too, when I was still in RB, used to play it for 5 years in a row, until I realized that I lost 5 years in vain and until I realized that I will not improve my life and that my right to live in a civilized, democratic and ecologically clean country needs simply, & # 8220; EARN & # 8221; & # 8230; And I earned this right. I know people who came here, as they say, “free”. Almost all of them now either sit on the wall, or for a year already paint the walls and wash the toilets, because they did not represent anything either before coming here or afterwards.
Question of the client: Do we have the right to participate in the lottery, while doing the registration of documents on immigration to Canada?
Answer specialist: Play yourself how much you want & # 8211; one thing is not a hindrance. I also played and nothing. I’m here. And many of my friends played and also came. Canada & # 8211; a country with dual citizenship and there are many people here who do not have two, but even three passports. Here it is normal. Understand, please, the most important thing that you need to understand about immigration in general and Canada in particular: here people think NOT like in the former USSR and therefore they DO NOT live like that. How do we think, so we live? Right?
PLEASE, decide whether you need Canada at all or not? Maybe you need to go to the States? Well, try, play the lottery, only, it seems to me, it’s just wasted time. Your chances are 0.005% or so. Maybe you should not go anywhere at all? Our desires, after all, the source of our suffering & # 8230; No desire and no problems at all & # 8230; The problem, however, is only that it is very difficult for people to refuse from the majority of desires & # 8230; Desires, after all, are either a creative or destructive force in our life & # 8230;
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