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Europe – it’s easy! Immigration. Marriages in the EU are subtle moments.
Europe – it’s easy!
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Are you planning to move to the southern countries of the EU? Get the instructions on the webinar (seminar via the Internet) on June 26. The strategy of moving to the EU countries: Greece, Spain, Italy, Cyprus. Make a plan and then with my yearly support pay it and in 1-2 years you are in the land of your dreams. Feedback from the seminar.
Last week, fate presented a meeting with the Deputy Minister for Immigration Legislation of Denmark. An informal interview will be in the near future. At the moment, Denmark remains one of the few countries with an immigration program for highly qualified specialists, on the other hand in Denmark is one of the harshest migration laws of the EU.
In the newsletter on Greece and Cyprus, we touched upon two painful and painful topics that hit many: & laquo; fictitious marriage for the sake of citizenship & raquo; and & laquo; rights of spouses of the EU when living with a spouse outside the home country of the spouse & raquo ;.
On the first topic & laquo; fictitious marriage for the sake of citizenship & raquo; much has been said in the press, and I will focus on not obvious aspects. Typical letter:
I would like to marry an Estonian citizen for immigration to the EU. Tell me what can be pitfalls.
On my experience, there are a lot of fictitious marriages and maybe those who do not “get stuck” & raquo; with this marriage to me and do not write. My advice on the basis of statistics (here I’m not talking about legal aspects and paperwork, this we discuss in consultations).
1. Often the marriages in which former citizens participate are now in the EU, or returnees end up with either an open deception (fictitious documents) or blackmail.
2. You need to live together or at least stay in the same city. According to this factor, marriage will be unequivocally recognized as fictitious.
3. It is not necessary to negotiate through the Internet and on the forums. They are monitored by the authorities and there have already been cases in the EU on fictitious marriages uncovered precisely by forums.
4. I recently read in the Cyprus Newsletter the story of how the girls from Latvia were taken to Cyprus, not even for prostitution, but for making fictitious marriages with the citizens of India and other third countries. The case is not yet proved, but judging by the fact that a fictitious marriage on unofficial data costs from 3 to 8 tons of euros, it seems to be true.
5. In case of proving the fictitiousness of the marriage, you will be deported with a criminal record, and the accomplice may incur all the criminal penalties.
6. There may be problems with the ownership of your property after the divorce.
The second topic is & laquo; rights of spouses of the EU when living with a spouse outside the home country of the spouse & raquo; especially complex and here is a typical and not the first letter:
Anna, good afternoon! found by chance your forum in contact. I am a Russian citizen and 2 years in England, married to an EU citizen (Malta). Marriage orders to live long ie. breaks up. I have two children. (children are Russian citizens). I do not work (although there is a desire, but my husband is against) do not tell me, do I have any chance to stay here in England? English, intermediate level. I tried to contact the Home Home organization, like they first undertook to help, then unopened. but they made it clear that they would not help me, because there was no British passport. We tried to help with the help of the police. But since it does not raise a hand on me, it only clamps me morally, or rather makes life unbearable. Do you have any examples of my case? I will be very grateful! Thanks in advance. Elena.
In such situations I consult for free, but do not pull to such a situation, consult and make plans in advance. In the end, this will save you from losing both money and status in the EU.
On the issue, you should understand that when you marry an EU citizen, your rights also depend on where you will be registered (I say it is registered because it’s absolutely irrelevant where you live, it’s important who gives you the residence permit).
In the case of the above, the only option to stay is to obtain a Permanent Residence in England (Indefinite Leave to Remain ILR). Since if you have never been registered in Malta then you do not have the right to support from there (which is why pre-consultations for brides are so important, it is often more convenient for husbands to EU citizens, but wives do not understand that they are generally without rights).
Permit for permanent residence in the UK receive: After 2 years in the UK for a visa for a husband / wife (Marriage Visa); However, after 4 years in the UK as a man’s wife / husband, who has no restrictions on being in the UK (for example, citizens of the European Union);
And it is ILR that gives the right to unlimited stay in the UK; The right to work; The right to seek help from the state (Public Funds);
On protection organizations. The question is, what kind of violence will they advise you to divorce or, at best, to move from your husband. But in your case, this is 90% will mean returning home. Similarly, according to my information, they often do not testify against the EU citizens in court, even if the victim appealed to them.
One of the possible options now is while you are in England and have not yet filed for divorce receive a student status, which later in the divorce will allow you to extend your residence permit for this status. It requires money. The device for work in your case will play a positive role, but if you are not a highly qualified specialist you will not be given a status in the future. And of course there remains the option to live up to a divorce for another 2 years.
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