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Immigration to Australia ielts toefl h1>
I understand that now both one and the other exam are accepted for immigration and placement on the spot? Who can share the TOEFL experience? Can eat who tried both one and another and for comparison?
– listening to toefl is more difficult. it is wildly boring in places. when there are dialogues on some student subjects, then everything is quite tolerable. but when the lecture begins about the planet / history / cave / art and so on, by the end of this lecture my only desire was to listen and not fall asleep. very much all the places are monotonous and because of this the concentration is lost.
– reading in toefl too is more difficult. if you incorrectly make a summary (the last question of each text), then -2 points automatically. those. if you did not guess tridges with maltytl choyso, then 30 points per section minus 6 points for sammery, total 24 points take into account that you can also make mistakes in other questions and points will fall even more rapidly.
– speaking is not difficult at all. most importantly, do not sweat about screaming from the side of the same dealers, like you.
– writing is also not terrible. but everything again depends on your level of language.
Value for TOEFL, I have not watched.
For reading I have already described the pitfalls. Plus there is a question 3 on the vocabulary, which also sometimes does not differ simplicity. Accordingly, 24 on the basis of a reding can become a challenge. The remaining questions in the reading are simple, if you know the strategy.
24 on listening – it all depends on what you find easier and better to perceive by ear. For me, the format of the audio record is many times easier. Everything is short, it is clear, beforehand you can see the questions. In toefl first listen, then see the questions one at a time. Those. if you listened to something and did not make a note, then the likelihood of having an audition for a good score will fall.
Speaking is not complicated. The easiest part of tofla in my opinion.
Writing – again, it all depends on what you are easier to do. In toefl listen to the lecture, compare it with the text, write your integrated task. Plus an essay. Time is allotted for writing essays in toefl and aeltz. You can type 27 for writing toefl if you know how. I had 29/30.
If there is English, it’s easier to prepare and pass the PTE to the correct score.
IELTS would be simpler if the average score was taken to Australia.
Most importantly, look at the points you need to score on the notorious 7-ki, 8-ki, and even consider that the weakest skill we usually have is writing, and it will immediately become clear why this test is not very popular for the purpose of moving to Australia.
IELTS Academic: L7.5 / R9 / S7 / W7.
Accountant (General), 221111.
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