Immigration to Belgium from Tashkent

Immigration to Belgium from Tashkent h1>
The largest number of letters from Central Asia recently on issues of refugees comes to the company “Al-Pary invest” from Uzbekistan. This is due to the deterioration of the economic and political situation in the country, impoverish the population, the negative attitude of the authorities towards the non-indigenous population. more details >>
Belgium! I remember perfectly well the time when even before my immigration living in one of the CIS countries all just raved about Belgium. This word was on the lips of almost all non-indigenous people. In Belgium, everyone was bursting! It was some kind of myth, a mirage, a sweet lie. more details >>
All this time, rumors persisted that supposedly Belgium with “open arms” accepts all Russian-speaking people from the republics of Central Asia. We conferred on the family council and decided that it was necessary to go, but for the time being only to me, to reconnaissance, and if I manage to get hold of it, then I would draw all the others (the fact that I went alone, later became my main mistake) . more details >>
The Galapagos Islands is a window for a while. In the geological sense, they are relatively young, but at the same time they look very ancient. The largest animals for this archipelago are giant tortoises, whose life expectancy can be estimated more than a hundred years. more details >>
In the jungle of Ecuador there are a lot of parrots. Basically, these are parrots of huge size with a powerful beak, capable of biting this metal rod with a finger thick and with powerful and terrible screams that are heard over many kilometers. more details >>
The most common are unusual words. A bitch in Ecuador is called everyone with blond hair. If you have blond hair, then turning to you can easily call you a bitch! There are a number of expressions that are not entirely literary. . . more details >>
Good afternoon, gentlemen, comrades, compatriots! Accidentally got on this site, and two days I can not tear myself away, I wonder. How could one not love his people so that he would have a desire to flee to where his eyes look! Even in Ecuador. . . I’ve been living in the West for seven years – thanks to Gorbachev! And she did not regret anything, never! more details >>
Payment of benefits from 1.12.1997 Benefit money is paid to the refugee account on the first working day of each month. The allowance is paid immediately for the entire month. Every asylum seeker (adults) must be registered in person at the reception center on a monthly basis. more details >>
Informational brochure for refugees and other immigrants A house in Finland is intended for their justification in Finland, in the new country of their residence. This brochure outlines the life and activities in Finland, for example, about living and studying. The brochure summarizes the most important public services and social benefits at different stages of life. more details >>
I would like to describe in a few words the situation with emigration to Sweden – a question that is not yet covered in this website, but it is probably of interest to many. I’ll start with the bad news: Sweden does not pursue an immigration policy in Russia. This means that it is impossible to simply emigrate to Sweden. There are four ways to get to Sweden for permanent or temporary residence. more details >>
In recent years, my work has been closely linked with journalism. I present several printed publications of Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan in Latin America. Working with publishers, as well as working on a website, practically take away all my free time. Nevertheless, sometimes I throw everything and bring my family to the sea. Saturday or Sunday days I try to spend in the nature with shish kebabs and with vodka. more details >>
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