Immigration to Bulgaria.

Immigration to Bulgaria.
Alexnik: Look at the prices: meat from 5 to 9 leva, vegetables from 0-50 to 3 leva, fruit from 0-70 to 3 -4 levs. For an apartment of 70 m2 communal I pay from 30 to 45 levs, which is much lower than in Russia. After 5 years of residence permit, you get permanent residence and equate to the benefits of all Bulgarians, but you do not have the right to vote in elections. Then tell me, why are Russian pensioners living here all happy and none of them want to go back ?!
No need to invent about 45 lev.Pro heating in winter and did not forget to tell anything? Apparently, because of low com.payments Bulgarians a year ago rallies with self-immolations arranged, oha.
Even if in the countryside, the wood is not cheap either.
And we are not satisfied with those who have a pension of 10 t rubles. And Bulgaria is still in the eurozone, so our rubles will have to be translated into euros not by the most pleasant course of today. And how much will be 10 tons of rubles in euros, count.
I also meant a communal (current and water) in the winter period of time. In our house there is still steam heating,
but 80% of the residents & 8212; they are Bulgarians, they think that air conditioning is expensive and all are heated. I also do not need to turn on the heating, it’s very hot. Quite enough air conditioners, the floors are warm, and winters are almost never 1-2 weeks and again the sun. Yes, I forgot to say that in a year we pay 56 levs for servicing the entrances and the adjacent territory. Floors on common staircases are even washed with shampoo. As for firewood, then in the city, where the furnace heating for the whole winter costs from 50 to 70 levs. And in the villages even cheaper. Extremals, under the influence of doping and in Russia, there is enough in the central square, # 8230;
And what does the eurozone have to do with it?
Calculations in Bulgaria in leva, the rate is constant 1 euro = 1.95 leva Your 10 000 rubles: 47 = 212.8 euros x 1.95 = 414 levs. So what? Absolutely not a fatal variant ?!
Stella: I also meant a communal (current and water) in the winter period of time.
You are not re-logged, madam))
Despite the fact that there has not been discussed for a long time, about values, moving … I think that the issue of accommodation is discussed unilaterally. I do not mean that the information is bad, or misleading. All is written correctly. But, despite this, you need to weigh not only the prices of products and approximate money. In the city-one. In the village-the other. Therefore, as they say, everyone in their wallet.
I want to note and essential a pass to the discussion. With a certain family budget, how many products can you buy in Russia and how much in Bulgaria? Anyway, in Bulgaria it will be cheaper.
About the budget. We live together with my mother in Varna in the Chaika quarter – not the cheapest area for renting apartments, close to the beach and the Seaside Park. In the suburbs we rent a small apartment, plus a mom’s pension = 600 euros clean, after all housing and utilities payments and loans. For renting a small trash in Varna, we pay 180 euros, in winter we heat one room in the cold, where we both live, a water heater and a washing machine, which we switch on only at night (cheaper rate). In the last winter there was about 70 leva for a current and 15 lev per water per month. But I know that our friends in the same apartment in the presence of two children and heating it completely paid 3 times more. So, count.
We moved more than a year ago and do not regret it at all. I lost my job two years ago and in Russia we would not have survived on my mother’s pension. Here, both have significantly improved their health, and we feel more confident financially. Walking with a dog, brought a lot of friends and acquaintances among the local, I learned the language. Adapted and very happy.
Maria Melnikova: I lost my job two years ago and in Russia we would not have survived on my mother’s pension.
At 36 000 rubles you would not have survived? Well, that’s too much! Plus you would be paid extra for disability.
Paul, reading what Maria wrote, I come to the conclusion that she is quite literate person.
Narisla everything that survived and how she now lives! I think that you are not a person to whom she should give an account on what she will have money. UTB is indecent and impudent. Sorry, but you should pause and come to the conclusion that every person has his own view of life and the right to express his opinion.
Something began to strain me, where not to go, everywhere they call to Bulgaria. They paint what kind of milk rivers and puddles there are.
Recently at the forum the native Bulgarian described how hard it is for them to live. He calls the accession to the EU the occupation of Bulgaria, that the country does not have its own policy, neither external nor internal. Young people go abroad. Old people can barely make ends meet.
And then the paradise is described. When you have a lot of money, there will be paradise everywhere. When they need to earn a living, then certainly not to go to Bulgaria.
Natalia, the EU is new SEV! Politics is subject to EU demands! I have two daughters. DO NOT leave and go NOT going! They are 24 and 25 years old! Old people, it’s hard. I did not see the dairy rivers, but several families who helped move about live well. They do not complain and share that they are better off here. True, they are ALL retired.
Work up. To whom as … It depends on WHAT you work, How do you work, Who works, How do you do your business, Is there an area in the area where I bought a house about the development of your business … UTB as everywhere! NOBODY, ANYWHERE, the carpet to your feet does NOT bed! This is my opinion.
PAVELs: At 36 000 rubles you would not have survived? Well, that’s too much! Plus you would be paid extra for disability.
this is with the surrender of our only apartment, in which we would have lived, if we had not left. And after paying off huge loans taken for my treatment. In addition, you, apparently, did not try to get a disability in Russia. And I hope you will never have to go through this.
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