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Wednesday, January 30, 2013.
In Canada, there will be a new immigration program for the founders of start-ups.
Alberta invites!
Friday, 18 January 2013.
The rule says that when a Canadian or a permanent resident of a country becomes a sponsor for their spouses from another country, they are required to live in legal relationships for two years, otherwise the sponsored person will be sent back to their homeland.
Wednesday, January 16, 2013.
In continuation of the topic – the immigration plans of the government of Ontario. The relevant statement of the provincial government says the need to increase the flow of economically active immigrants, that is, young people with enough professional education and experience. New immigrants make up about 30 percent of the number working in Ontario. However, due to certain features of the immigration policy of Ottawa, the number of such immigrants arriving in Ontario has declined over the past ten years to 52 percent – while in other provinces of Canada they come on average 70 percent. Based on these figures and discussion of the public problem, the Ontario government decided to conduct its own immigration program aimed at attracting such immigrants, which could be of great benefit to the province.
This first such program in the history of Ontario provides for an increase in the number of “economic” immigrants to 70 percent. The Government of Ontario intends to play a more active role in the selection of such immigrants, and to more than double the Provincial Nominee Program, a provincial immigration program from 2,000 immigrants in 2013 to 5,000 in 2014.
In addition, the provincial government intends:
– improve employment opportunities for non-economic class immigrants.
– to encourage employers to hire immigrants, as well as providing them with opportunities to acquire Canadian experience.
– bring the number of French-speaking immigrants to 5 percent.
Wednesday, January 9, 2013.
The Federal Skilled Worker Program will come into force on May 4, 2013.
The Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship of Canada briefly outlined the most important aspects, which will attract attention when selecting new residents of the country:
Sufficient knowledge of the state language becomes one of the main selection criteria;
Demand for young prospective specialists who have already received relevant experience of studying or working in Canada;
* Weakening the requirements for participants in the Canadian Experience Class (now, instead of 24 months of the relevant experience, only 12 will be required);
Implementation of the ECA education assessment system to determine the equivalence of foreign and Canadian education;
Simplifying the employment process in Canada, if the Canadian labor market needs an appropriate specialist;
Additional points for those whose spouse is fluent in English or French, or whose spouses have already been in Canada as a student or employee and have relevant experience.
All this is necessary in order for immigrants to adapt as quickly as possible to the Canadian society, they could quickly find work, become competitive in the labor market, and thus both successful and beneficial to the Canadian economy.
These changes, according to the Ministry of Immigration, will make the process of immigration to Canada more flexible on the one hand, and on the other hand, cut off the path to the country for those who do not plan to work, but sit on the neck of the federal government, receiving government subsidies. For the government, new professional cadres are important, which will work, contribute something to the development of their business and improve their performance. And for this, how not to twist, knowledge of the language and the ability to communicate with both the employer and clients are necessary. Therefore, when assessing your chances of immigration, pay attention to your language skills, and if necessary, do self-education or attend language courses.
The Ministry of Immigration has already announced a more accurate date for the beginning of applications. This is May 4, 2013.
By this time the Ministry of Immigration:
A list of organizations that will provide services for evaluating and verifying the authenticity of educational documents and ascertaining their compliance with Canadian educational standards will be processed and published;
A quota for entry into this program will be announced.
Quotas for other programs were announced earlier.
In turn, the Ministry encourages the applicants that now their questionnaires will be considered for several months, not years, as it was before.
The news was also commented on by the well-known lawyer David Cohen, who for many years has been conducting immigration affairs and providing services to the population for the preparation of all necessary documents. First of all, new aspects can not but rejoice entrants. Now the process of changing temporary residence to permanent will be greatly simplified. After all, it is more advantageous for the government to leave those who have already settled down, to study the Canadian way of life, to acquire friends and acquaintances, and to undergo training at Canadian enterprises and institutions.
The same applicants who plan to use the Federal Skilled Worker Program this year are given enough time (as long as 4 months) to prepare in the best possible way. With this, you need to hurry, because the quota is not declared and there is a probability simply not to get into the outgoing train. In order not to postpone immigration for another year, you need to hurry. Will the ministry itself cope with the boom that awaits it in May thanks to the created excitement? Let us hope for the best. We wish success to all!

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