Immigration to Canada for relatives.

Immigration to Canada for relatives.
Today, Canadian authorities are actively pursuing a policy aimed at restoring families. It is assumed that relatives of immigrants can also move to live in the country of the maple leaf, having passed the corresponding process of processing documents. The main condition – a person inviting his relatives to Canada, must have the finances to ensure their lives. In this case, it is possible that a relative can become a permanent Canadian resident.
1 Spouses, children. This is a priority category. Accordingly, the process of their immigration to Canada is much faster.
2 Parents, grandmothers, grandfathers. Here the process is more complicated, because the Canadian authorities limit the stay of people of considerable age to the country. As a rule, applications for this category are considered for a very long time. Quotas are limited.
3 Sisters, brothers, etc., who are close relatives. In this case, it is necessary to substantiate the reason for their immigration to Canada, which is very difficult to do.
The program Family Class.
Family Class is intended for relatives of immigrants living in Canada who have citizenship or permanent resident status. It is designed for the first two categories listed above, only children must be under 18 years old. Relatives who entered the country of the maple leaf under such a program become permanent residents. All the benefits begin to spread to them. But if they can not support themselves, they will have to do this to those who invited them to Canada. The main advantage of this program is the lack of all requirements, except for the availability of certain means for keeping the invited people with the applicant.
Stages of Family Class.
� A Canadian resident applies for immigration to Canada for a relative. He must attach documents that show his financial situation.
� If the result is positive, the documents are sent from the center where the applications are pre-processed to the embassy.
� The documents are checked at the embassy, the medical board is conducted.
� If the immigration authorities satisfy all the points, the relative is issued a visa.
For spouses and children under the age of 18 there are no restrictions on the number of applications. Such statements are very quickly considered. And in the process of consideration, both of them can live together with the applicant in the country of a maple leaf on a temporary visa. The fact of matrimony is very carefully checked and it is very difficult to prove in practice. As for parents, grandparents, then there are quotas, and in a limited number. In the case of such relatives, it is suggested to use Super Visa, which allows you to live long enough in the country.
Regional programs for relatives.
There are also programs at the regional level that allow starting the process of immigration to Canada for relatives. But only residents of the respective provinces can use them.
Super Visa and its features.
Super Visa is issued to parents, grandparents for 10 years. It provides an opportunity to be in the country maple leaf for 2 years. After 2 years, you need to leave Canada and extend your visa. And the exit can be short-lived. The timing of the consideration of documents in this direction does not differ in duration. The number of applications for this direction is not limited. The requirements for Super Visa are the same as in the case of the Family Class.
Can we somehow immigrate relatives in Canada?
If immigration to Canada does not work out by means of an appropriate program for relatives, you can help them move to the country of the maple leaf and in another way. For example, you can help them enroll in an educational Canadian institution and begin the process of immigration through training. Relatives who are able to work can enter Canada as an employee. That they could successfully pass the selection process, they need to help them with the search for an employer.
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