Immigration to Canada from the Crimea

Immigration to Canada from the Crimea h1>
And another question to those who have recently been “interviewed”, what is it and what does it eat?
How much will the difference in the standard of living be felt and what “pitfalls” it is desirable to be ready and whether there is a big difference in psychology, style of life.
And even if you can roughly the price of housing (they say cheaper it will be possible to buy on the islands.)
open an enterprise, or rather a company,
Canada is probably the simplest place for this place in the world,
30 dollars, you fill in pieces of paper and. all .
Immigrate – if you have a business for about three years and legal, you can do business immigration,
you can in another way, the immigration specialist, here everything is written on the site, where and what documents.
apartments are inexpensive, for example,
the house can be bought starting from 150,000 and on,
depending on your desires and possibilities.
“Of a thousand princes on white horses, I still stubbornly choose a dragon”
Some official statistics about Montreal:
Here’s the situation: Father is an entrepreneur, he is far from a new Russian, he is 60 years old, a higher economic and trade education, worked all his life in public catering, from a cook’s apprentice in the restaurant of Yalta to the director of the catering complex in Evpatoria , but already 15 years as just an entrepreneur, provides sanatoriums with food. All labor is covered with various kinds of gratitude. This will give something in the form of extra points & # 92; for the procedure? And in general, will our question be considered, since father is already 60? And my mother, she’s 39? graduated from the technical school of the specialist goods manager food, but the specialty did not work. And we also have three children. Is it bad or good about children? And I’m already 19. Are children under 18 years old? For what you can really get additional balls?
The initiator of the move is Mom. The father really assesses his chances. But maybe we have some chance, Please express your opinion. Thank you.
Immigrants in the category of Business are people,
who can invest or start their business in Canada and will contribute to the development and prosperity of the Canadian economy.
Immigration programs in the Business category are aimed at attracting people to Canada,
having a positive business experience.
here is a detailed description, as well as for what you can score.
“Of a thousand princes on white horses, I still stubbornly choose a dragon”
If you apply for the system of professional immigration, then one of the most important parameters is age, since the province needs a professional specialist who will work for many years for the benefit of Quebec. Your father’s age is close to retirement age. Next, the leader, this is not quite a specialty. This is definitely a professional and interesting activity, but is it necessary for Quebec?
As for the female half, age is ideal. But, as for work experience, here we have a huge minus – it’s not there.
Children are a huge plus! If I’m not mistaken, then the children under the age of 21, but at the expense of recording in immigration questionnaires, then it is necessary to check up to 21 or 18.
I suggest the following options for action:
1. Go to the official website and fill out the online questionnaire in two options (father and mother).
This will give an opportunity to check who has more chances and who gets more points.
2. There is a special program for business immigrants (the Singer has already written about this)
Here is the official link with a step-by-step explanation of business immigration:
3. Since you yourself are a future specialist, you can try now to check the chances of success by filling out a professional immigration questionnaire. In case you come and go, you can later bring your parents.
Apparently we all need to learn English well.
They went to these links, but they could not translate exactly and specifically.
Maybe you know where you can find this information in a Russified form?
But the language must be taught in any case.
Guys, please tell us about the interview, this procedure is carried out with the whole family or only with the initiator of the move and in what language.
Tell me please, is it possible to purchase a ready-made business, with a lease of premises (a small catering enterprise) if possible (in our country this is the usual thing) at least about how much money it will cost and whether it is possible to find such an option in advance.
In our newspaper came the announcement of the Canadian consulting center “Canada”, about all types of immigration services (a firm in Kiev on Vorovskogo Street). If someone used their services, please write comments or advise them about another center where there is less likelihood that you will be thrown.
P.S. in the announcement this firm gives a phone number in Toronto (looks seriously)
Added (11.10.2007, 03:18)
Tell me please this kind of subtlety, I’m currently studying at the university (I’m studying for a system administrator-roughly speaking a programmer), how difficult it will be for me to find a job in this specialty, after moving, can I finish my studies and how much will it cost?
As in the whole world, in Canada it is good practice to purchase or sell a ready-made business.
Here are the pages with sales of businesses in Quebec:
The fact of the presence of the Canadian phone does not say anything about the company.
As for the work, the sphere of computers is very popular – there should be no problems with the work.
P.S. small question, in what language is the interview going on?
Thanks again for the info.
my interview was only in French and in a very pleasant atmosphere,
thanks for the warm words,
if this site existed when I passed my immigration, I would save a lot of thousands of dollars and years of waiting.
“Of a thousand princes on white horses, I still stubbornly choose a dragon”
Very impressive. We looked all over Quebec and on. Friends advised to choose Toronto.
But no city & # 92; in our opinion & # 92; can not be compared with Montreal. Very beautiful city, very well-groomed, very elegant & # 92; by photo & # 92; and how-would be cozy & # 92; in any case, looking from the satellite.
respectively, the Russian community is much larger,
but in Montreal there is a unique charm.
atmosphere of relaxation, adventure, romance.
Repent is never too late, but you can sin and be late …
Compared with us: the average salary in the country is $ 92; and even the family income is $ 92; per month is $ 200, and go to the store and buy something to eat for a day- $ 10 – $ 20, a guarantee that you will be well fed-for about 10 days.
And it is absolutely impossible to imagine what else will have to pay out of this money interest of 20-30 taxes, especially difficult, of course, for single pensioners.
Posted on: 27.10.2007, 16:10
Hello, we again with you, your advice is very necessary, we filled in and sent the questionnaires and came the next answer.
“Your application form has been evaluated by the immigration firm Metro Immigration.
International, located in Toronto, Canada. You have good ones.
Professional data for immigration to Canada by business category like.
An entrepreneur or an investor. One of the basic conditions is experience.
doing business for 2-3 years and having the capital to start a business in.
Canada or investing. Requirements for knowledge of English / French.
1. An entrepreneur must have an amount of at least $ 300,000. Kahn. for.
opening a business in Canada upon arrival. The condition of opening a business –
compulsory. The entrepreneur makes a business plan for the new enterprise.
in Canada and comes to Canada on a conditional visa, which becomes.
the final permanent resident visa after his new business in.
Canada / Quebec will last at least 1 year.
We offer a contract for registration for you and the family of visas for a permanent place.
residence in Canada for a business program, as an Entrepreneur or as.
The investor. Terms of registration – 6 – 10 months. A businessman with a family can.
Come to Canada after opening his file in the Canadian immigration center.
and if desired, wait until the end of registration, without leaving the country. ”
Please tell me what amount should be available for the opening of the company (or show it for the immigration process) in the province of Quebec (if you can information from the official site), since we have information on the federal program – 300 000 thousand of your dollars.
Term of registration (what ??) 6-10 months.
If you can tell me how believable it is: A businessman with a family can.
Come to Canada after opening his file in the Canadian immigration center.
and if desired, wait until the end of registration, without leaving the country. and actually what it means.
Did you use the services of immigration consultants, is it realistic to arrange everything yourself?

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