the passage of immigration to Canada.
Reception of applications from professionals to obtain an entry visa for immigrants from January 2015 is made on a new system, commonly referred to as Express Entry.
According to this system, immigration applications are submitted for the following main selection programs for professionals:
– Federal Skilled Workers Class (FSW), for professionals with high professional training,
– Federal Skilled Trades Class (FST), for skilled workers,
– Canadian Experience Class, for applicants with Canadian work experience.
Similarly, applications for provincial programs, with the exception of Quebec, are submitted.
Now, the process of submitting applications for these programs consists of two parts:
– the first stage: the applicant registers with the data bank (& laquo; pool & raquo;) and places his profile therein, thus demonstrating his interest in immigration to Canada.
– the second stage: if the candidate’s profile is selected from the pool, he receives an invitation and submits a set of documents for obtaining an entry visa.
It can be called as the “expression of interest & raquo; to immigration, just so, Express of Interest (EOI) is called a similar system of applying for immigration to Australia, which obviously served as a prototype for this, the Canadian one.
According to it, anyone who wants to move to Canada for example, as a professional, first registers on the ministry’s website, opens his profile and places his data in a special bank, & laquo; bullet & raquo ;, along with other candidates for immigrant visas.
In order for the applicant’s data to be accepted into the bank, they must meet the conditions for selecting at least one of the programs: work experience, the results of passing the test in English or French, etc. (for details, see the description of the programs).
Candidates whose data are hosted in the & laquo; bullet & raquo; are assigned a rank. The ranking system is based on the accrual of points to applicants on certain criteria similar to the qualifying ones: age, level of education, language skills, work experience. The maximum possible amount of points scored for these factors is 600.
In addition, the applicant is given an additional 600 points if he receives an invitation to work or a nomination from the province. As a result, such candidates have a knowingly higher score, compared to those who do not have additional points.
Statements are ranked in the bank based on the scores received (more points & ndash; higher rank), regardless of the time of placement of data in the bank, that is, the date of placement of data in the pool does not matter for the rank.
Selection of candidates from the pool for applying for immigration is made on the basis of the highest rank at the time of selection.
All actions for placing data in the pool are conducted by candidates online and do not require payment of any fees.
If, while being in the pool, the candidate has improved the data, they can be added to his profile and get a higher rank in the ranking system.
After placing the data in the pool, within a month, the candidate must register and place his data in a special data bank for job search, Job Bank. This bank has access to Canadian companies & ndash; employers. Thus, they can choose a candidate from the pool to take on the vacancies that they have.
If the company finds a specialist suitable for it, then it gives him an invitation to work, which gives the candidate an additional 600 points and, as a result, he takes the highest rank in the pool. Such a rank practically guarantees the candidate to write down his file at the next sample and receive an invitation to apply for an immigrant visa.
The Ministry of Immigration periodically samples and writes off profiles from the bank with the highest (at the time of writing off) rank and offer them applications for an immigrant visa. The Ministry will publish in advance information about the impending writing off of the profiles from the pool, in particular:
– the date of the impending cancellation,
– the number of candidates who are to be invited to apply for a visa,
– programs that will be used to select the profiles.
If the candidate’s data were not selected (written off from the pool) for submitting an application for immigration within a year, his profile is deleted and to continue expressing his interest in immigration, it is necessary to create a new one.
The candidate whose data was selected and written off from the pool receives an invitation to file a set of documents for an immigrant visa. For this, he is given 60 days.
The Ministry believes that the issuance of visas for such applications will be made within a period of up to 6 months. Hence the name of the system is obvious: Express Entry.
The rules of filing, the composition of the documents and the requirements for them, as well as the criteria for selecting the selection programs for specialists remained the same. Below is a brief summary.
Skilled workers, FST, this class is designed for the reception of specialists in working specialties: electricians, mechanics, carpenters, etc. In order to be qualified in this category, the candidate must have the certificate of passing the IELTS test (if English) and the invitation to work having an invitation to work from a Canadian company or a Canadian professional certificate. Considering that in the CIS countries workers meeting such requirements are extremely rare, this program does not have much significance for CIS residents.
Threshold requirements are as follows:
1) Have 1 year of continuous work experience with a full working day (or in recalculation) in the last 10 years in a profession requiring high professional qualifications (level 0, A or B of the Canadian qualifier of occupations, NOC).
2) Have a certificate of passing the test in one of Canada’s state languages at the level of & laquo; upper middle & raquo; (upper intermediate). In English, for example, this means that the IELTS test results should be at least 6 points for each module.
3) Have a Canadian equivalent of documents on education (diplomas, certificates, & hellip;). Appraisers in Canada are appointed to assess diplomas.
Further, candidates are awarded qualifying points for certain criteria. Then these points are summed up and, if the result is equal to or more than the established minimum, then the applicant has the right to receive an immigrant visa. The data of only the main applicant, one of the spouses, are evaluated.
The selection criteria and their points are as follows:
age: maximum 12 points, if the applicant is more than 17, but less than 36 years. For each following year, one point is withdrawn;
education. Points are awarded in accordance with the Canadian equivalent of the diploma: 25 points for the doctor’s degree, 23 for the master’s degree, 22 for two bachelor’s degrees, 21 for one bachelor’s degree, 19 for a two-year college program (after secondary education). The educational level of the graduates of the four and five-year programs of the CIS universities is usually equated with a bachelor’s degree;
knowledge of English and French: a maximum of 24 points for fluency in one of them and an additional 4 for a good knowledge of the second language. It is estimated 4 components of language proficiency: writing, reading, speaking, comprehension by ear.
work experience: maximum 15 points, given for 6 or more full years of work, 9 points for one year.
an invitation to work in Canada, approved by the Ministry of Human Resources & ndash; 10 points;
adaptability: for the level of proficiency in the state language of Canada education of the spouse (ohm) at the level of the intermediate school; 5 points, relatives in Canada add 5 points, and training in Canada after school more than 2 years or work more than a year before applying for immigration & ndash; 5 more points. The maximum estimate for adaptability is & ndash; 10 points.
The passing minimum for today is set at the level of 67 points. Assess your chances of success in the selection of specialists, you can by filling out a questionnaire on our website.
In case of successful passage of the obor, the examination of the file passes to the stage of the admission, at which the applicant and family members are checked. The following requirements for immigrants have been established in all categories: the absence of a criminal past and medical contraindications, the truth of the documents submitted and the lack of communication with intelligence, terrorist organizations, org. crime.
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