Immigration to China from Russia.

Immigration to China from Russia.
The living conditions in Russia and Ukraine are not satisfied by the whole population of these countries – this fact is not a secret for anyone. That is why in these two countries immigration to the Czech Republic, America, Germany and other countries of the world is so popular. A long time ago no one is surprised by a person who is going to move to some European country for permanent residence in it. Much less is known about immigration to China, although it also exists, but much less attention is paid to it.
What can immigration bring to China? It is popular among Russian pensioners, especially those living near the border with China. This is explained very simply: selling your apartment in Russia, a pensioner can provide himself with housing in China, and you can choose a residence near the sea, or somewhere in the mountains, surrounded by a favorable climate. The pension received in Russia, the pensioner will be quite enough to live in China at the proper level (much better than the pensioners live in our country).
Attracts immigration to China and businessmen who are much easier to work in the Middle Kingdom. The Chinese government is favorable to visiting businessmen and in every possible way promotes the beginning and development of business in China. In addition, there is a fairly cheap workforce and much less corruption.
The population of China is good for foreigners and is much more friendly than for visiting people in Russia, so you can feel comfortable in this country, even if you do not speak the language – you will come to the rescue, like other immigrants, and Chinese, who speak Russian.
A separate category of people for whom immigration to China is a good choice are high-quality specialists who can hope for a worthy assessment of their professional abilities: this is facilitated by the rapid development of the economy and production in China, as well as by state policy.
In general, immigration to China, despite a small amount of information about it, may be of interest to many residents of Ukraine and Russia.
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immigration to China from Russia.
immigration to China from Russia.
To date, a person who aspires to move to a European country is not uncommon, but people who want to go to live in China are a big nonsense, even despite the fact that China has the most favorable conditions. In many respects the reluctance of people to move to the PRC is justified by the fact that it is extremely difficult to move there.
The way of life in China is very active, as the citizens of the PRC do not stand still and constantly strive to do something new. Moreover, the prevailing number of Chinese residents are very friendly to visitors, even if they do not know the language. Moving to China attracts primarily Russian pensioners living near the border with China, because after selling an apartment in Russia, they can buy housing in China near the sea and live there for one pension. Also immigration to China attracts businessmen, because there are wonderful conditions for business development and there is almost no corruption. In addition, highly qualified specialists can leave to live in China, whose professional abilities in China will be appreciated.
Ways to move to China for permanent residence.
To get a “ticket” to the unique world of Chinese culture and traditions, it is possible, with the help of outstanding services to China (this method is not considered by ordinary people), through the application (the entry permit is received by a maximum of two families throughout the year), and also by purchasing housing in the border areas of China and the Russian Federation (it is worth remembering that the border life has a number of negative “features”).
It is very difficult to move to China, and it is also not easy to obtain the citizenship of this country. Foreign citizens and persons who do not have citizenship need to be willing to comply with the Constitution of China and the laws of the country. In addition, immigrants must meet one of the following conditions: to have close relatives among Chinese citizens, permanently reside in this country or have other grounds that are not disclosed, but are considered separately by the administration.
Living in China is a great way to learn this unusual country a little better, and then, if you like it, stay in China forever. The most populated country in the world will welcome you cordially, whoever you are: an ordinary family man, an imperious businessman or a pacified pensioner.
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