immigration to england.

immigration to england.
Immigration to the UK.
In the section of permanent residence, Real estate on a question How to emigrate from Russia to England and how to make a dual citizenship. What documents do I need to collect? asked by the author Kirill the best answer is: With Great Britain, Russia does not have an agreement on double graduation.
But Russia admits two gradations, and these are different things.
It’s too early to think about the second citizenship. We must first immigrate to the country, which is quite difficult if there is no money to open a business there.
Naturalization (citizenship) is possible only after 5 years of legal residence in the UK.
On immigration to the UK read here: link.
There are several ways to emigrate from Russia to Britain. There is immigration for investors (you need to have a million pounds in the bank). There is immigration for entrepreneurs (you need to have 200 thousand pounds in the bank and plan to create your own company in Britain). There is immigration for skilled workers (an employer who has a license to hire foreign workers is needed). There is immigration for graduates of British universities (you know, you have to finish university in Britain). There is immigration for especially gifted ones (this category has just been opened, final requirements have not yet been determined, but the ceiling, however, is already established – no more than 1000 people per year). Well, the good old marriage channel, of course.
To obtain British citizenship, you must legally live in Britain as a migrant for at least five years, and for at least a year you must be “free of migration restrictions” (except for those who marry – they have special rules for them). In practice, it looks like this. A migrant entering the country receives a residence permit for three years. After three years, he must apply to the Border Agency for an extension of the status (and a thick bundle of accompanying documentation). The extension is for two years. After the expiration of these two years, the migrant has the right to apply for permanent residence (settlement). If the application is satisfied, this very “freedom from immigration restrictions” comes. And accordingly, a year after its onset (provided that the migrant at this time physically lived in Britain for five years), the right to apply for citizenship is raised.
Dual citizenship in Russia is allowed only under international treaties. With Britain there is no such treaty, therefore, the dual citizenship of Russia and Britain is impossible. Thus it is possible to have absolutely two citizenships – Russian and British. (Believe it or want to check: dual citizenship and two citizenships are legally different situations.)
And about what documents to collect – it depends on which immigration category you want to go.
with the beginning it is necessary to take permits in the Mexican Embassy for triple citizenship.
run with me, forge a passport and a visa, all the way, the current is really necessary to register triple citizenship in the Mexican Embassy, but for this it is necessary to emigrate to the polish in order to collect all the documents for England.

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