Immigration to Germany: how to emigrate to Germany from Russia, Jewish emigration.

Immigration to Germany: how to emigrate to Germany from Russia, Jewish emigration.
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Possibilities for emigration to Germany to Russian citizens.
Russian emigration to Germany in recent years has intensified. This situation is due to two main factors: simplification of the procedure for admission by Germany wishing to immigrate to its territory and deterioration of living conditions in Russia.
They are looking for the opportunity to immigrate not only ethnic Germans and Jews who do not want to become residents of Israel. Also wants to emigrate the technical intelligentsia, people who are trying to create and develop their business in the European Union, young people and Russians who have relatives in German territories.
For each category of emigrants there is a certain order of immigration to Germany from Russia, which corresponds to the most vital circumstances that are associated with the emergence of an opportunity to change the country of residence, for example, Israel or Russia. However, there is no such opportunity for the residents of Israel.
General order.
Grounds for entry into German territory:
Schengen tourist visa (entitles to stay up to 90 calendar days for 180 days a year); a national German visa (allows you to live up to one year); permission not to stay; The blue map of the EU; residence; permission to stay in the EU for a long time.
All these options can be used to immigrate to Germany from Russia.
Schengen tourist visa.
A visa that is issued by the German Embassy to those Russian citizens who wish to visit Germany for tourism purposes. Of course, with Schengen getting acquainted, there can be no talk of final immigration to Germany.
This tourist trip a Russian should use to find work, options for starting a business or an opportunity to get an education. It is the established links in these three areas that will make it possible in the future to implement such projects as labor migration to Germany and relocation for work or study.
To obtain a Schengen visa, you must have proof of rental housing in German territories, round-trip tickets, confirmation of financial solvency and proof of strong ties with the homeland.
National visa.
Obtaining a national visa is the first serious step towards emigrating from Russia as soon as possible. Get this visa is much more complicated and longer in terms than Schengen. In addition, at the interview in the German embassy you need to confirm the knowledge of German at a good level (for students, sufficient knowledge of English and the initial level of German).
A national visa is opened for those foreigners who:
concluded a labor contract with a German employer; received a call from the German educational institution for training; can provide evidence of investing in the German economy (they have business emigration to Germany); have relatives living in German territories and in need of care or assistance.
In addition to the availability of these circumstances, in order to obtain a national visa, it is necessary to provide proof of financial solvency and the ability to support yourself. This amount varies between 800 euros per month during the year.
After receiving a national visa, a foreigner residing in Germany can apply to the German authorities for permission to stay in German territory. The issuance of such a permit and its duration depends on the objectives of the applicant.
Residence permit.
Free legal support by phone:
8 (800) 775-65-04 (the call is free)
Immigration to Germany is possible only if there is an initial permit to stay in Germany. According to German laws, it is issued in several cases:
students who intend to study in German educational institutions and who are interested in immigration to Germany for study; those who have the intention and the opportunity to work in German enterprises; refugees; foreigners coming for family reasons; late settlers and settlers along the Jewish line (except for residents of Israel and the United States); foreigners who have the right to be on the territory of any other member state of the EU.
Training and employment.
For students and foreigners who have concluded an employment contract, the desire to emigrate is realized by obtaining a residence permit in Germany. To the German authorities in the place of their residence, such an applicant submits the following documents:
a valid passport with a valid national visa (it is necessary to ensure that the passport is valid for the entire period of stay in Germany on a national visa); contract for study or employment contract; documents on the rental of housing; documents confirming financial viability.
On the basis of these documents, the German authorities will without any problems give the applicant the right to stay in Germany for a period of study or an employment contract.
Russians wishing to emigrate to Germany as refugees must have confirmation of the fact that in the country of their citizenship they are persecuted for their beliefs, views, on racial or national grounds. Especially for those who intend to immigrate to Germany as a refugee, an announcement is posted on the website of the German representation in Russia stating that no special “corridor” & raquo; for such refugees does not exist.
Having a problem? Call the lawyer:
8 (804) 333-68-85 (the call is free)
Late settlers.
The Germans, who were forced to leave Germany or become citizens of other states (except Israel and the US) for other reasons connected with the difficult historical fate of the German people, since 1990 have the opportunity to go back.
Such a right is granted to the relatives of those immigrants and the families of these relatives. Forced migrants (not residing in Israel) are given the opportunity to obtain German citizenship.
The whole procedure takes place in four stages:
Receipt of notification from the Federal Administrative Office, which verifies the applicant for compliance with all norms of the law on settlers. Passage of a language test by a migrant and members of his family. Obtaining a visa to enter Germany. Acquisition of citizenship.
Resettlement of Jews.
Those who are looking for an opportunity to emigrate to Germany along the Jewish line should take into account that citizens who live in the countries of Israel or the US can not be accepted in Germany.
Applications for immigration on the Jewish line are accepted from applicants who meet the following conditions:
citizen of the state – one of the former republics of the USSR, who did not reside in Israel or the United States; a person of Jewish nationality, or at least one of the parents is Jewish; there is a document confirming the knowledge of the German language; financial condition allows you to live in Germany for a long time; there is an invitation from at least one of the Jewish communities of Germany.
This is a fairly transparent and small list of the necessary documents for the emigration of Jews to Germany to immigrate along the Jewish line.
The final stage of emigration.
Emigrants who have lived in Germany for more than five years with a residence permit in that country have the right to apply for a residence permit. And after completing the naturalization procedure, a foreigner who has lived in Germany for more than eight years legally has the right to obtain the citizenship of this country.
Eight years – the term is not small, but not very large for those who set out to become a citizen of Germany. He was visited by Jews who did not want to settle in Israel, and many Russians who, since 1990, settled in the German territories, worked there and eventually became full citizens of the country.
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