Immigration to Germany.

Immigration to Germany.
Germany & # 8212; an ancient, beautiful, majestic European country that gave the world a lot of ingenious people. The saturation of its history simply amazes modern scientists. Modern Germany borders on 9 countries & # 8212; Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg. On its territory are the largest rivers of Europe & # 8212; Danube, Elbe, the Rhine. The landscapes of Germany are varied & # 8212; it’s mountains, forests, plains, seashores. Every year, thousands of tourists are eager to visit its most famous ski resorts, see with their own eyes ancient castles and many other attractions.
Germany has a federal structure, is part of the European Union and the Schengen area, is considered the most populous EU country. Germany’s economy is the fourth largest in the world in terms of power, and in some industries it is leading in exports. The products of this country are known for their impeccable quality throughout the world. The standard of living in Germany is one of the highest. Its economy continues to develop even in the conditions of the world crisis. Real estate in Germany is considered the best option for investment. It is protected from market shocks, its value for the past 20 years is at a consistently high level. There are laws in the country, the state cares about its people and protects its interests, every work is paid for.
Germany & # 8212; A democratic country that values the freedom of every citizen. Reviews of immigrants indicate that Germans are tolerant toward foreigners. The demographic situation in the country is also improving due to immigrants. This program is implemented at the state level. All this makes Germany a very attractive country for immigration.
Immigration to Germany.
There are several ways of emigrating to Germany on legal grounds. Information about these programs will be of interest to those who think about moving.
Business immigration to Germany.
The German immigration policy for the last several years is aimed at improving the conditions for foreign investors. First you need to prepare a business idea. Business should be profitable and meet the interests of the region. The minimum investment (statutory fund) is 25,000 euros. Business visa is issued based on the developed and approved plan. Entrepreneurs are issued a residence permit for a period of 1 year with the possibility to extend it to 3 years. If during this period of time entrepreneurial activity is successful and brings profit sufficient for the residence of a businessman and his family in the country, you can count on an unlimited residence permit. The investor has all the rights of a resident of Germany and in the 4-5 year term can apply for citizenship.
Labor immigration.
A foreigner who has worked legally in Germany for a certain time can get a residence permit. The German employer must prove before the signing of the contract with the applicant that in his country he did not find worthy candidates for this place. This requirement does not apply only to holders of the Blue Card, who have a higher education in one of the popular professions. For many specialties, state certification of qualifications is required. Working visa is issued for a period of up to 2 years, after which it can be extended if necessary. After 5 years of work you can apply for permanent residence.
Immigration through training.
To study in most universities in Germany can be practically free, with the exception of small semester fees. At the same time, diplomas are highly quoted in the world. You can learn in German and English. Students have the right to work. At the end of the university they have 18 months to find work. The status of permanent residence is issued 2 years after graduation and start of work under a contract in Germany directly on the received specialty.
Ethnic immigration.
This category is suitable for people with German roots. This fact should be recorded in the birth certificate or passport. After submitting the request it will be necessary to prove the knowledge of the history of Germany, language, traditions, etc.
Immigration to Germany for Jews.
Repressions of the Nazis against the Jewish people were officially recognized by Germany. The government of this country has developed a special program for the emigration of persons of this nationality. To use it, it is necessary to prove the Jewish origin, and also to have at least a minimal knowledge of the language. Immigrants on arrival in the country receive assistance for the period of adaptation in the form of material assets and housing.
Immigration through marriage.
At the time of marriage with a German citizen or expatriate alien, the spouse is issued a residence permit for a period of 1-3 years, and subsequently both permanent residence and citizenship. At the same time the marriage should be concluded more than 3 years ago, and 2 years of the family – must have been held in Germany. The immigrant spouse will also need knowledge of the language.
Family reunification.
The implementation of this immigration program to Germany is possible only if there are close relatives there (children, parents, spouses). Claims are being made to the receiving side regarding income. Its level should be sufficient to provide the family with a living wage, housing, medical insurance.
A request for refugee status is submitted on the basis of the fact of persecution for national, religious and political reasons. The period of consideration of the case the refugees spend in special camps. After confirmation of the reasons for refugees, applicants are given the right to reside, work, study.
Immigration to Germany from Russia and Ukraine.
Mass immigration to Germany of our compatriots was recorded after the First World War and the revolution. And today this country still attracts Russians and Ukrainians as a permanent place of residence. Programs of emigration to Germany allow using a lot of chances. For people of Jewish nationality, for those whose relatives live in Germany, emigration will be the simplest. Studying at universities in Germany is an excellent option for young people to get a great education, gently adapt to a new life, and then change their place of residence. Those who want to find a job in Germany will benefit from a list of popular professions for immigrants. For today it is the fields of medicine, cargo transportation, construction and services. Undoubtedly, there are much more chances for qualified specialists with work experience. Businessmen wishing to pursue business development in Germany should pay attention to the most promising areas. For today it is alternative energy, introduction of technologies of environmental protection, innovative technologies in industry.

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