Immigration to Italy.

Immigration to Italy.
Wednesday, December 25, 2013
A view of living in Italy.
For work in Italy.
For other reasons.
Business in Italy: buy, open, register.
Or to place investments of your capital in the ready business of Italy for confidence in the future?
Business consulting in Italy on:
– Calculation of the attractiveness of industries in terms of acquired business in Italy.
– Development of an enterprise development strategy in Italy.
– Calculation of the volume of investment, investment, the conditions for entry into the market of Italy and Europe.
– Calculating the profitability of projects, the effectiveness of investment in the economy of Italy.
– Study of possible channels for the sale of products, search for the most effective options.
– Identify the company’s market opportunities.
– Calculation of the economic scheme taking into account various components (marketing, product promotion, logistics).
– Search for partners in Italy.
– Search for alternative partners / suppliers in Italy.
– Carrying out an analysis of the performance of an existing company, company, society, enterprise in Italy.
– Forming proposals for optimizing business in Italy.
– Realization of controlling functions by the owner of a business / investor in Italy.
Permanent residence. Living in Italy.
Consequently, a foreign citizen who has a permanent residence status in Italy is a resident of the European Union.
Visa and residence permit in Italy on motive “Selected residence” & # 187; in Italy.
Everyone differently translates or names the given motivation for staying in the country, and, accordingly, the typology of the Residenza elettiva visa as the Selected residence in Italy or the Selective residence in Italy, or the acquisition of permanent residency through the purchase of real estate in Italy.
2. Notarially certified act confirming the ownership of real estate in Italy, as well as an extract from the cadastral register.
Does the Consulate of the Republic of Italy compulsorily, in order to obtain a positive result at the request for a visa for a motive? Selected place of residence In Italy, the availability of real estate in personal property?
Despite the fact that according to the requirements of immigration services, there is no need to acquire real estate in Italy before obtaining a residence permit in the country, it is enough at the time of requesting the opening of a visa at the Italian consulate to have a lease of a dwelling in Italy. But, as experience shows, the Italian Consulate gives preference in opening a visa to those candidates who, at the time of requesting a visa, already own real estate in Italy.
3. The annual stable income received from legitimate sources that will not change over time, even after entering Italy in excess of twice the minimum level – the minimum level is 8,900 euros, foreseen by the law of the Republic of Italy for exemption from participation in medical expenses.
4. An extract from a personal account opened with a bank located in Italy, with the indicated amount of funds available in this account.
5. The presence of an Italian or foreign insurance policy, or other relevant documents that would provide for full protection and coverage of insurance in the case of medical assistance or emergency hospitalization in Italy. The costs of providing assistance to an alien are repaid by direct transfer of amounts to the appropriate medical institutions.
6. Open visa D to Italy lasting 365 days is multivisa – multiple and allows you to repeatedly enter the country.
7. Within 8 days after entering Italy, a foreign citizen applies for a residence permit in Italy.
Procedure for taking a decision on issuing a visa for motivation The chosen place of residence in Italy must be completed within 90 days – art. 5 comma 8 R.A. from the date the request was submitted & # 8211; this is the maximum period of waiting foreseen by law. But, as a rule, within a few days from the date of submission of the request, the consulate will consider an appeal for opening a visa with the attached set of documents, and a decision is made; the applicant can check the readiness of documents online on the website of the Consulate of the Republic of Italy in the country of residence of the requesting citizen.
A visa can be used for the entire period of its validity.
Refusal to open a visa, taken for reasons of security or public policy of the country, should not be motivated in writing.
2. The photo is standard for documents of 3×4 size, corresponding to the age of the person who is being asked to open a visa.
3. Foreign passport, the validity of which must exceed, for at least 3 months, the validity period of the visa required.
4. Photocopies of documents confirming ownership: significant economic assets, real estate or other legal, legitimate sources of income other than labor, receipt of a pension or rent in Italy, or from another source recognized by the Italian authorities.
5. Notarially certified act on the purchase of real estate in Italy with an extract from the cadastral register.
6. Insurance policy for the whole period of stay.
Immigration to Italy.
– if you do not violate its laws, do not treat neglect of its customs and traditions, do not seek to suppress others with your wealth or knowledge. For all others – one of the most stringent in Europe to various illegal immigrants.
With our help, your immigration procedure will pass safely and reliably.
The content of our work is set out in the section “Our Services” in the form of two packages of services –
In a generalized form this is:
– Development of an individual plan for the passage of the immigration process. Advising on the choice of the method of immigration, on the basics of business organization in Italy. Professional assistance in collecting all necessary documents for obtaining residence permit in Italy (including by proxy, in the absence of the applicant), support for the immigration process to entrepreneurs and members of their families.
– An important part of the work is help in preparing your personal documents to the Consulate General of Italy for obtaining a national visa D. It is at this stage that the main risks of critical errors.
– Escort at moving in & # 8212; assistance in the selection of real estate and transactions with it (importantly, only real estate agencies deal with the sale / lease of real estate!), assistance in preparing housing for living and improvement. This seeming insignificant part of the work becomes especially valuable when you start contacting with communal and other services. The absence of light, gas, water can poison the holiday of moving to many weeks. We help to solve these issues quickly and effectively.
– Organization of interaction with accountants-auditors, chamber of commerce, administrative bodies on the issues of starting and conducting commercial activities of your Italian firm.
“The VIP package includes almost all the questions related to the move, which we will take to ensure comfort when moving to an unfamiliar country in the first, most nervous period of change of residence.
Immigration services in Italy.
We will help you save time and money.
– registration in a short time of individual work activity ITD in Italy, the accreditation of the enterprise in the Chamber of Commerce;
– establishment / registration of new companies of any form of ownership in Italy, amendment of constituent documents;
– search on your request for a ready-made business in Italy for purchase;
– cooperation with a notary in Italy, speaking in English;
– obtaining the licenses necessary for the company’s activities under the laws of Italy, registration of the trademark;
– registration of the VAT number in Italy – Partita IVA;
– legal and accounting (communication with tax services) support of a ready business in Italy;
– preparation and submission of financial statements, tax and other financial documents;
– selection of the office / legal address of your company for doing business in Italy, providing a temporary or permanent legal address;
– brokerage services for insurance;
– detailed advice on the immigration process in Italy;
– strict observance of the terms of execution;
– phased payment excluding financial risks;
– full customer support;
– cooperation with the Italian lawyer for immigration law, filing appeals with the court on refusal to obtain a visa for autonomous work in Italy;
Lawyer, Italian immigration lawyer:
– registration of internal Italian documents: residence permit in Italy, internal Italian passport, identification code, medical card, etc. – permesso di soggiorno, carta d’identita, Tessera sanitaria, Codice fiscale;
– opening accounts in banks located on the territory of Italy, consultations on request and obtaining financing;
– consultations on Italian legislation, information support;
– requesting certificates in Italian administrative institutions;
– a full range of legal services: consultations of professional lawyers in the administration of administrative, civil and criminal cases, services in international and commercial law;
– translation of all types of documents with certification at the Tribunal.
We carry out your assignments on the territory of Italy by proxy on your behalf, legalized in the Italian Consulate in the amount of the powers indicated by you.
Operations with real estate in Italy:
– search for a property for purchase in Italy, services of both search and real estate administration;
– simultaneous interpretation during negotiations;
– registration in all necessary instances of the acquired real estate in Italy for a new owner and obtaining relevant documentation confirming the ownership of real estate in Italy;
– registration of property rights from an English-speaking notary for the property being purchased;
– assistance in obtaining a loan for the purchase of real estate in Italy;
– conducting an independent evaluation of the facility, as well as conducting legal, technical, audit and financial expertise of the facility with the involvement of relevant specialists or licensed companies;
– Legal services for property / trust management of real estate in Italy: leasing, payment of taxes, utility payments, correspondence processing, integrity control of the acquired real estate, security, gardener, etc.
The principle of our work is an individual approach to each client, prompt preparation of documents for their submission to the consular office of the Republic of Italy to obtain a national visa D, which allows you to request a residence permit in Italy for your chosen motivation for the official location in the country.
Property in Italy.
Before buying real estate in Italy, we advise you to pay attention to some important nuances.
Hence it seems that the city flaunts in the middle of a vast bay, which is capped by two capes: Green in the east and Black in the west.
Working and living in this amazing city, located on the North coast of Italy, not far from the famous French Cote d’Azur, we perfectly understand its immense appeal and special uniqueness.
Today, the property of this “heavenly corner” is 187; causes our compatriots no less interest. The real estate market in the Apennine peninsula is developing quite actively. Despite the dynamic growth, property prices in Italy remain lower than in Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, England. Prices for liquid objects are steadily growing, not without the influence of demand from buyers from Germany, Russia, France USA.
business and historical centers.
Despite the “Equity Pact”, the amount of tax payments for the purchase of real estate by a resident and a non-resident is different.
At the same time, the Buyer must confirm its intentions by placing 10-20% of the transaction amount on the deposit account, which turns into a mandatory deposit called a caparra confirmatoria.
The contract is signed by the Seller and the Buyer, and then by the Notary. At this stage, taxes are paid (imposta di registro or IVA, ipotecaria, catastale) there, and then at the Notary’s office.
(NB .: IVA in Italian = VAT in Russian).
Be prepared, you will not only have to pay out the planned amount, but also incur additional costs. So registration is 4% of the purchase amount for the first housing and 10% for the subsequent one.
Example: You want to buy the first property in Italy & # 8212; One-room apartment worth 100,000.00 euros. In addition, in addition to paying the specified amount, you have the following expenses:
And also the buyer is obliged annually to pay property tax, therefore it is necessary to pay also the work of the accountant. The annual property tax is approximately 0.4% to 0.7% of the declared property price and is paid in two installments during the year.
This type of payment is called a capital gains tax.
And the last point: every owner of the property has the following costs: electricity, gas, water, garbage disposal; cleaning, lighting in the entrance and maintenance of the elevator (if any). Additional costs & # 8212; presence of a landline phone.
Property Insurance & # 8211; personal business of the Owner.
For foreign citizens who own real estate in Italy, the method of obtaining a residence permit in Italy is foreseen.

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