Immigration to Sweden refugee

Immigration to Sweden refugee h1>
Status refugee in Sweden (cont’d-2)
The Dublin Agreement. Those who arrived on other visas and applied for asylum will be denied a refuge in Sweden and, after passing the formal transfer procedure, you will be sent with all the honors to the country that issued you a visa (but not immediately home). If you arrived on a Finnish visa and surrendered on it – you will be sent to Finland, with a cover note. And your case will be considered by the Finnish authorities, where you will again be interviewed. In this case, do not despair, but do everything to stay in Finland – it is among the top ten most prosperous countries in the world (Germany after it). There is the same system as in Sweden (in some even better, see Finland section for details). The transfer is not instantaneous, and the whole procedure lasts up to 3 months, this time you also receive benefits, and you are provided with housing. The average time taken to make the first decision is about six months.
SIV must make a decision within six months. If refugee status is rejected, SIV examines automatically whether a minor child needs protection for other humanitarian reasons.
If the authorities believe that there can be a prospect of reunification of the family in their home country, a temporary residence permit is issued, which usually lasts for six months until the reunification is completed. Then it is renewed automatically.
1. Spouse (spouse) or cohabiting partner (including same-sex relationships). Those. to one who is a permanent resident of Sweden. 2. A child of parents living in Sweden, provided that the child is under 18 years of age.
3. A close relative of a resident in Sweden, provided that they lived together and jointly operated in the country of origin.
According to legal practice, this situation of dependence means that relatives can not live without each other (helpless grandmother, Uncle Down, etc.).
If a spouse, child or parents arrive in Sweden within two years after the first member of the family has received permanent residence, they receive the same state benefit ie SEK 150,900 [EUR 18,110] for an adult and SEK 90,300 [EUR 10,837 ] per child.
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