Immigration to Switzerland from Moldova

Immigration to Switzerland from Moldova h1>
Residence permit of Switzerland.
The choice of canton for permanent residence.
The only country in the world where the status of the state has a stasis of 4 languages: German, Italian, French and Romansh. At the same time, the Swiss do not speak all four languages, but only in languages that are used in an individual canton.
Depending on the canton, the percentage of the tax charge may vary. Therefore, before deciding on the choice of a place to live, we recommend that you calculate the amount of tax collection in several regions.
The legislation of Switzerland establishes certain restrictions on the purchase of real estate by foreigners.
A foreigner with a B visa has the right to purchase for himself personally, as well as members of his family, he can acquire a property whose area is no more than 3,000 square meters. m.
If permit C is available, you can buy housing practically on the whole area of Switzerland, with a rare territorial exception.
You can come to Switzerland on a simple tourist visa, which can be obtained at any Consulate of the European Union. But we must remember that the visa obliges to leave the country in the lines established in the visa. In addition, a tourist visa does not give the right to work and purchase a property.
Immigration to Switzerland.
If you intend to stay in Switzerland, you need to get a visa type A, B or C. If you comply with the rules established by the migration law of Switzerland, you can subsequently obtain Swiss citizenship.
The new law on Swiss citizenship will come into force in January 2018. The new rules will significantly change the requirements for obtaining Swiss citizenship. One of the novelties concerns the division of residence permits with explanations.
In February 2017 in Switzerland, a vote was taken to simplify the receipt of citizenship grandsons of immigrants. The majority voted this initiative was approved. Thus, the policy of obtaining citizenship for children born in Switzerland will be reviewed.
Has a time limit. From this type of visa can be in Switzerland for not more than 9 months. And the next entry into the country is possible not earlier than in 3 months.
Important! If you receive a Type C visa for several years and do not violate the Swiss migration law, the applicant will be eligible to apply for a Type B visa.
To obtain a visa of this type, it is necessary to confirm the financial solvency of the applicant. In order to obtain a residence permit for Switzerland on the basis of the “Tax Agreement” motive, a non-resident must have a declared annual income of at least 150,000 Swiss francs. At the same time, the amount of tax to the treasury of Switzerland will be 30%. At the same time, there is no need to justify the source of available funds. The size of the capital that is to be invested in Switzerland is important.
If you have a visa B you need to stay in the country for at least 180 days a year.
Tax law in Switzerland provides tax benefits for holders of a visa B, the essence of which is the payment of a fixed low rate, without reference to official income.
It is possible to obtain a residence permit for Switzerland to a highly qualified Blue Card specialist.
Permanent residence permit.
Switzerland (Permit C) can be obtained after 10 years of legal residence in the country. BUT! For citizens from the CIS countries the term is up to 5 years.
In general, Switzerland has an interest in the inflow of foreign capital, but there is no obligation to make a positive decision in the provision of Swiss residence permit. The Immigration Service is not required to grant a temporary or permanent residence permit in the country.
Unlike the temporary residence permit, Permit C is not required to be renewed annually. It is only necessary to update the status once in five years.
Documents for obtaining Swiss residence permit.
Certificates of the birth of children.
Information about the qualification: diplomas, certificates and other.
Information about the financial condition: an extract from the bank account.
Confirmation of employment: an employment contract or an employer’s invitation drawn up in accordance with the requirements of Switzerland’s migration legislation.
A language passport, with information about the possession of one of the state languages.
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