Immigration to Switzerland.

Immigration to Switzerland.
Full support for immigration (emigration) to Switzerland, provision of residence permit, residence permit in Switzerland from the “European holding company Denis Miller”:
The first associations that arise when mentioning Switzerland are, as a rule, the famous hours of the best quality assembly, the most delicious cheese in Europe and, of course, a reliable banking system. All this fully characterizes the country and its citizens: punctuality, prosperity and stability & ndash; these are the main words that can describe this state in central Europe.
In this regard, wishing to obtain the citizenship of Switzerland is huge. However, it is important to remember the very strict Swiss legislation on immigration policy.
The authorities are most loyal to representatives of the European Union. But people from other countries, too, do not despair. There are several options for obtaining residence permit in Switzerland, and in the future & ndash; and the citizenship of this country.
The shortest way to acquire a residence permit in Switzerland is & ndash; through investment, passive and active. In other words, business immigration to Switzerland.
The main advantage for a businessman going to master the Swiss market (in comparison with many other countries) is the lack of the need to produce documents confirming the origin of the authorized capital. It does not matter whether it is inherited or earned independently.
It is also not necessary to have an official experience in doing business.
The requirements for a potential investor wishing to obtain a residence permit through business in Switzerland through passive investment are not so great. This age limit is & ndash; not younger than 18 years, as well as the absence of a criminal past.
The candidate opens a firm on the territory of the country and annually pays from 100 000 to 1500 000 francs to the treasury. This is the only mandatory tax, the specific amount of which depends on the area in which the company is registered.
In the case of active investment for business immigration to Switzerland, the requirements are the same, and the minimum contribution is at least 1 million francs.
However, here more attention is paid not so much to the amount as the expediency and usefulness of the business project itself, which must necessarily be approved by local authorities. In Switzerland, the opening of homes for the elderly is very welcome. However, this business is not as simple as it might seem.
A residence permit in Switzerland and a permanent residence permit are issued by the cantonal authorities that control migration issues.
The residence permit is issued within 3 months from the date of the investment payment. Then it must be renewed every year for 10 years.
To acquire vunge in the Alpine republic, you need to have a property in Switzerland.
There is also the possibility of immigration to Switzerland under an employment contract. However, here the chances are only among the most highly qualified specialists.
The main initiative for the preparation of documents in this case lies on the shoulders of a Swiss firm inviting an employee from abroad. It is this firm that must also prove that there was no candidate for a position among Swiss citizens. If this procedure is successful, the migrant worker is given a residence permit almost immediately after signing the entry permit.
Only for secured clients (business immigration to Switzerland) – residence permit (residence permit) in Switzerland – the processing time is within two months, thanks to the know-how of the specialists of our Swiss office.
Four main options:
1. a working contract with the firm, a salary of at least 200,000 francs a year;
2. Harmonization of the single tax with the cantonal authorities;
3. buying a ready-made business in Switzerland;
4. the applicant has a large capital;
5. Combined option.
All details are discussed at a personal meeting in the Moscow office.
Business immigration (emigration) to Switzerland – legal paths.
The following is a brief overview and legal basis for obtaining a residence permit in Switzerland for citizens of countries that are not members of the EU:
Employees of the “European holding company of Denis Miller” more than 11 years are engaged in issues related to immigration to Switzerland, opening a business in Switzerland, accounts in a Swiss bank, the registration of companies in Switzerland.
Receiving a residence permit in Switzerland, as well as a variant with business immigration, primarily begins with demonstrating to the authorities the financial viability of the applicant. This is quite a costly procedure, which subsequently provides such rights as free movement around the world, comfortable life and security.

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