Immigration to the Caroline Islands

Immigration to the Caroline Islands h1>
The Carolinas & # 8211; This is an archipelago consisting of 936 Pacific islands, which now has 2 independent island states: Palau (about 200 islands) and Mikronenia (over 700). The largest islands of the archipelago are Palau (390 square kilometers), Ponape (335 square kilometers), Kusaie (110 square kilometers), Yap (105 square kilometers) and Truk (100 square kilometers).
Regarding the discovery of the Caroline Islands by Europeans, there are 2 versions, over which historians are arguing. According to one of them, the discoverer of these islands is the Spaniard Salasar (1526), on the other & 8211; his compatriot Saavedra (1527).
The Karolin Islands, which at the time of their discovery inhabited the primitive tribes of the Aborigines, a rather complicated story:
– until 1899 the islands belonged to Spain;
– in the years 1899-1914 & # 8211; Germany;
– in the years 1914-1947, the islands were ruled by Japan;
– from 1947 to 1982, the Caroline Islands were under US jurisdiction;
– Since 1982, the Caroline Islands have been granted the status of a territory freely associated with the United States.
The climatic conditions in the Carolinas fully correspond to the conditions of the equatorial and subequatorial zone, & # 8211; the average annual temperature is about 27-28 degrees Celsius, uniform precipitation is about 2000 mm per year (in mountains up to 5000 mm per year).
The Caroline Islands would be an ideal place for green tourism and diving enthusiasts if not for 2 circumstances:
– In the area of the Caroline Islands, a very active seismic zone and earthquakes occur here quite often;
– The area of the Caroline Islands is known for the fact that there are about 25 typhoons a year (July-November is considered a season of typhoons).
But all the same, the Carolinas enjoy the interest of tourists who are attracted by beautiful beaches at the junction of evergreen tropical forests and the ocean or on the shores of coral islands, as well as the unique beauty of the underwater world.
The Gilbert Islands & # 8211; these are 16 small coral atolls (the total land area of which does not exceed 280 square kilometers) in the Micronesian Pacific region. The largest of these atolls are atolls of Tabiteusa (37.6 square kilometers), Tarawa (31 square kilometers) and Abemama (27.4 square kilometers).
The exact date of opening this group of atolls is very difficult to establish & # 8211; English ships visited these [. ]
The Mariana Islands & # 8211; This is a group of islands stretching for 800 km, equidistant from the Philippines and Papua New Guinea (about 2,500 km), in the western part of the Pacific region of Micronesia. The Mariana Islands include 7 large islands (Guam # 5411 sq km, Saipan 115.4 sq km, Tinian 101 sq. Km, Rota 85.4 sq. Km ., km; Pagan & # 8211; [.]

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