Immigration to the Czech Republic from Uzbekistan

Immigration to the Czech Republic from Uzbekistan h1>
for 250 euros per year.
calculation and calculation of wages.
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Immigration to the Czech Republic: trust, but check.
The greatest number of reports about fraudsters deceiving their clients on behalf of our enterprise, we receive from the Republic of Uzbekistan. It is for this reason that we have abandoned the services of intermediary firms registered in Uzbekistan, as well as in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. We do not have partners in these countries! About all cases of fraud known to us, we are already informing our clients and partners on a special page of our website. In this regard, we want to give several recommendations that are useful, save time, money and nerves also for residents of other countries of the former USSR:
Beginning negotiations with a company that speaks on behalf of our company, demand to present the Contract and the Power of Attorney signed by us. It should be only originals, as we always send these documents to our representatives. Pay attention to the validity of the Agreement. The maximum term of the Agreement is six months! If the Agreement and the Power of Attorney are dated, then these documents have lost their validity.
Write down the name of the representative company, the number of the Agreement, the date of its conclusion, contact us so that we confirm to you the legitimacy of the actions of the intermediary firm. You can call us, write an e-mail, send a fax – all these data are necessarily in the Contract, which we conclude with each client, the progress of which you can follow on a special page of orders placed on our website.
After you start working on the preparation of documents for visas, you must get a contract in the name of our company specifically with you. On our site you can see the samples of the Contracts for the basic, private and working packages. At any time you can call or write to us to make sure that a particular contract was registered by us.
Our representatives do not have the right to accept money from customers. Customers pay for their services in any convenient way only after we receive from them the power of attorney and other documents we need to work on the order.
After receiving the documents and the first part of the payment (for each order we give the opportunity to split the payment into two stages), your order, which has the number specified in the Contract, appears in the special order table placed on our website. Only after this begins work on your order, you can be sure that all the documents necessary for obtaining a Czech visa will be fulfilled on time and with the maximum quality.

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