Immigration to the European Union.

Immigration to the European Union.
Immigration to the European Union.
Since January 1, 2007, Romania and Bulgaria have joined the European Union, expanding the list of EU members to 27 countries (Austria, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Finland, France, Sweden , Hungary, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Estonia).
The passport of a Romanian citizen has become equivalent to the passports of all other EU countries. This allows the citizen of Romania to live and work in all other countries of the European Union. The passport of a Romanian citizen allows to enter without visas all EU countries, Switzerland, Latin American countries, South Africa, Japan, countries of South-East Asia and many other countries of the world.
The descendants of Romanians have the right to restore Romanian citizenship (Romanian citizenship) (art. 10 ZG) and live outside it. The law does not stipulate that it should be residents of Bessarabia or Bukovina. Many residents of these territories were deported to Kazakhstan and Siberia and scattered throughout the territory of the former USSR. Therefore, any resident of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, as well as other republics of the former USSR, can be an applicant for Romanian citizenship (Romanian citizenship).
The lawyers of our company on the basis of archival research, for example, baptismal evidence, the confirmation of the Romanian communities abroad prove the Romanian roots, and then receive the birth certificate of your grandparents from the territory of Romania in the registry offices from 1918 (before that Bessarabia was a part of the Russian Empire) to 1940 (the period of occupation of the USSR Bessarabia)
The lawyers of our company fulfill all the necessary requirements, and the law gives guarantees of obtaining the result – the acquisition of Romanian citizenship. After the dossier with confirmed Romanian roots is formed and prepared – the legislation of Romania comes into effect, which guarantees you the restoration of citizenship! The guarantee in obtaining citizenship is given to you by Article 11 of the Law on Citizenship and Article 7 of the Constitution of Romania.
If you want to make sure of the quality of our work, see the whole process of submitting the dossier, we invite you to make a trip to Buxarest in the Ministry of Justice for FREE!
Required documents for obtaining Romanian citizenship:
1.Internal passport (copy 1, 2 pages, registration).
3. Birth certificate.
4. Certificates of marriage (divorce).
5. Birth certificate of the mother.
6. Birth certificate of the father.
7. Certificate of marriage of parents.
8. Birth certificate (if died – that certificate of death) grandmother – on one of the lines.
9. Birth certificate (if died – that is evidence of death) of the grandfather – on the same line.
10. Certificate of marriage of the grandfather and grandmother on the same line.
11. Certificate of the absence of previous conviction of the country of which you are a citizen.
1) No refusal of the first citizenship is required. In Romania, a second nationality is allowed. Since 2007, Romania is a member of the EU with a special regime, which is valid until 2013 inclusive. Since 2014, Romania has become a full member of the EU.
2) No change of place of residence, registration.
3) Starting from 01/01/2014, it allows working in EU countries, including traditionally closed highly developed states: Germany, Great Britain, France, Belgium, Denmark and others.
4) Since 2007, it allows unhindered access to the territory of (all without exception) EU countries without opening visas, up to 3 months.
5) Since 2009, allows you to carry out official work in more than half of the EU countries, new members of the EU. Southern countries: Spain, Italy Portugal, etc., Scandinavian countries. Also Ireland and England.
Program 1. If there are related roots and there are supporting documents (Original birth certificate). The processing time is 12-14 months.
Program 2. If there are no Romanian related roots (from 1918 to 1940), and if the parents were born after 1940. The processing time is 12-14 months.
Regardless of the program for obtaining citizenship, the whole process of passing the dossier on the verification commissions is monitored and controlled by our licensed Romanian lawyer.
1. Provision of all necessary documents in electronic form for preliminary analysis;
2. The first stage of payment; the granting by the applicant of a power of attorney in the name of a lawyer and a certificate of non-conviction from the country, the citizen to whom he is;
3. Preparation of the dossier required for delivery within 2 to 3 weeks; coordination of the date of departure to Bucharest for submission of the dossier; the opening of a visa to Romania;
4. Upon arrival in Bucharest, a contract is concluded with a lawyer for the provision of legal services, followed by filing a dossier with the Ministry of Justice accompanied by a lawyer, after the dossier has checked the dossier, for reasons of applying for citizenship, the applicant’s database is recorded and recorded, after which a confirmation is issued in the form of a coupon with the full name and the file number, under which the dossier is registered in the database of the Ministry of Justice. The lawyer fulfills all legal aspects, and also helps in submitting the dossier without knowledge of the Romanian language;
5. After submitting the dossier and receiving confirmation of its receipt, the second stage of payment is to be made;
6. Waiting 12-14 months before the release of the citizenship order on the official website of the Ministry of Justice; the study of the Romanian language, possibly with our teacher 15-20 lessons on a special course for the successful delivery of the oath;
7. Taking an oath at the consulate or in Bucharest; on the same day, the receipt of the Certificate of Citizenship, from that moment is a full citizen of Romania;
8. On the basis of the Certificate of Citizenship, the following documents of the Romanian state sample are issued:
– birth certificate with identification number (CNP);
– Marriage certificate;
Term of issue is 2 months.
Without these documents, it is not possible to obtain a ROMANSKY PASSPORT.
9. Upon request, it is possible to obtain an internal passport with a residence permit or a foreign passport. To obtain a Romanian passport (domestic or foreign), a trip to Bucharest is required in order to receive fingerprints and photos.
– Passport & # 8212; 2 weeks;
– internal passport (buletin) 45 days;
10. Final calculation.
Optionally, it is possible to issue:
If there are under-age children, they are given the opportunity to simultaneously register Romanian citizenship. To do this, you need to provide an additional:
– Birth certificate of a child (children);
– Notarized consent of the parents of the child (children);
The information on this site is for information only. For more detailed information, please contact us by any convenient way!

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