Immigration to the United States.

Immigration to the United States.
The US immigration system was created to serve the interests of the country, built in accordance with the constitutional principles of the state and is regulated in detail.
The possibilities of immigration to America.
1. The simplest and cheapest option is free participation in the Green Card Lottery. Test your luck!
2. The working visa – N-1B is given subject to the availability of higher education, preferably five years of seniority. In reality, American companies issue such a visa in the absence of high-quality specialists in the United States. In priority, programmers, mathematicians, physicists, specialists in the field of technical, natural sciences, information and communication.
3. Unusual, talented, gifted people of interest to the national interests of the country open the way to the US for visas: EB2-NIW – scientists (mostly technical sciences and natural knowledge), O1 – to famous sportsmen, musicians, cultural figures.
4. Investment emigration (EB-5 visa), which provides an opportunity for investors to obtain a residence permit. True, you need to invest in the US economy at least half a million, and better – a million dollars.
5. L1 / L2 is a business visa granting the right to top managers to open a branch of their business in the United States, as well as granting the right to trade.
6. The right to immigration is also provided by the marriage of a citizen of the United States.
7. You can ask for political asylum, by providing facts confirming the real persecution and the inability of the country of residence to provide you with protection.
8. If your American relative submits an application for the reunification of Form I-130, then you have the hope of obtaining a residence permit in 2-3 months (or year, as lucky, depending on the degree of kinship).
9. Individual visas are provided for members of the clergy: R-1 – temporary or nonimmigrant, R-4 – immigration.
Study in the university and citizenship of the United States.
And, of course, we recall the immigration scheme, such as the opportunity to legalize in the US, after graduating from an American university. This path looks like this:
* Using visas for students F-1 or J-1. A more loyal and promising F-1 visa is obtained by full-time students, and students requiring J-1 work permit are students on exchange programs.
* After graduation, an internship for 1 year, allowing you to find the desired job and employer-sponsor for future employment.
* Then – working visa (H-1B), which is issued for 3 years with the possibility of a one-time extension up to 6 years.
* Immediately after receiving the H-1B visa, you can apply for a Green Card.
* And finally, receiving the treasured citizenship of the United States – you are at the target!

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