Important news Saturday, February 04, 2017:

Important news Saturday, February 04, 2017:
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The United States timchasovoj zupinili vikonannya “m�gragits�nogo” decree of Trump.
The ministry of national security of the USA timchasovoi hiponilo vikonannya position of the decree of the President of the United States Donald Trump shodo zaboroni v’zhdu gromadyanyam seven edges nislya rishennya Federal court in Setly.
The court in the US pripupiniv diyu m�gragits�nogo decree Trump.
The Federal Court in Sietli, Washington, having set up a decree of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, about priinyuni priyoma bizhentsiv that vidz to the Gromadyans of the seven powers, the populations are dominated by Muslims.
Derzhdep USA proceeding before the trial on the court order on the Trump Migratial Decree.
The Department of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the United States started the trial of the court in the Settlement about the prince’s death by the decree of President Donald Trump, which was interchanged in the country, and passed to Reuters from the posts to the representatives of the agencies. “Mi anuljuvali povodnye skazuvannya viz. Tim people with visions, which is not banned fizikochno vidmovleno in” #, “is allowed, but on the territory of the United States, yaksh.
The Iranian authorities did not allow the US team to fight in the country for the World Cup in response to Trump’s decree.
The new president of the United States prohibits entry into the country for 90 days to all citizens of seven countries, including Iran.
Jolie called Trump’s decree on migrants “games with fire”
Actress Angelina Jolie has criticized the decree of US President Donald Trump about migrants. This is reported by The New York Times. It’s not true that our borders are overloaded by refugees, and that they are not properly checked – Angelina Jolie In her opinion, only a small number of people – less than 1% of all refugees in the world will ever move to the US. The edition notes that there are more than 65 million ba in the world.
The USA anuluivali ponad 100 tysyach viz through the decree of Trump, at Derzhdepi speak about 60 thousand.
Ponad 100 thousand American American Bullets anulovanni pislya decree of the President of the United States Donald Trump, a breeze vobiv fence on v’�� for gromadyan � ���� �� perevozhemo Muslim populations.
Trump’s first trail. The judges slipped the fence to the United States to let the migrants.
The President of the United States of America lodges an appeal, an abi yogo scandalous decree on the day after the day.
The federal judge blocked Trump’s decree on immigration policy.
A federal judge in the city of Seattle, Washington, temporarily blocked the action in the US decree of President Donald Trump on tightening immigration policies. This is reported on Friday, February 3, Reuters. The decision of Judge James Robart, which came into force at the time of its adoption, provides for the abolition of restrictions on travel to the United States of citizens of seven countries affected by the decree.
The British are protesting against the “racist” decree of Trump: photo.
Protesters call the US President’s decree on immigration racist and require the British government to take action.
London vieshov on the street of Trump, – photo.
The center of the British capital in subotu was filled up by the participants of the Baghto-Tis march to the protest, as well as the pre-emir of the territory of the Territory. Theresa Mey skews to the British President of the United States Donald Trump.
Court in Seattle against the ban on issuing visas to refugees.
In the United States, a federal judge in the city of Seattle has imposed a ban on President Trump’s decree prohibiting the entry of refugees from seven countries of the Middle East into the United States.
In the United States, the execution of Trump’s immigration decree has been temporarily suspended.
The US State Department was officially informed by the Ministry of Justice about the federal court ruling in Seattle, and then suspended the provisions of the decree of President Donald Trump.
In the US, agencies began to enforce a court order that suspended the Trump migration order.
Kiev. 4 February. UNIAN. The State Department and the US Department of Homeland Security began enforcing the decision of the court that suspended the immigration decree of the new US president, Donald Trump, reports Deutsche Welle. The foreign policy department today restored about 60 thousand previously revoked visas, which were issued to citizens of seven countries with predominantly Muslim n.
In London, they staged an action against the Trump migration order.
Thousands of protesters in London in the UK marched against the recent decree of US President Donald Trump, who forbids citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries to enter the United States.
Making America hate again. London had protested against Trump’s policies.
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