In Argentina for permanent residence / Immigration – People and blogs.

In Argentina for permanent residence / Immigration – People and blogs.
Published 11 months ago.
To Argentina for permanent residence / Immigration.
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Leonid Timo.
Comments on the video.
Uncle Leon, annealed. p.s. If something is changed, you can go back on foot)))
Go to another country to revenge the streets! Nonsense. To go it is necessary or with normal money or being a sharp specialist, under the contract. And all the rest is a waste of time.
Svetlana says everything correctly, BUT not always unfortunately, the one who works a lot, lives in chocolate.
Gukovsky miners and Kuban farmers or truck drivers are an example.
It can not be said that people sit on the couch on the couch and spit in the ceiling, but they can not earn a living on life, the reasons for this are either not paying salaries for half a year, or even more, or extra taxes.
So I agree with Sveta completely, but not always unfortunately it happens.
I like this very calm and human manner of communicating Leonid and especially Sveta .. You are good people, I would even say still our “Soviet” and always, when watching your channel somehow I feel pacification from your videos .. Do not count this is for toadying, but really your videos somehow soothe the soul .. Sorry, if because of me you sometimes on the channel are arranged politsr. chi, but just some of your former fellow citizens who have not managed to build a “European free paradise” in their country by renouncing themselves and their own history find for themselves an outlet in spilling out my Russia to a neighboring country ..
Well done you are a wonderful couple – the very best for you!
Well, I do not know))) many will certainly look and change their minds to go)) but I’ll go there) is something like enthusiasm))) a little experience to achieve the result is) moved from Stavropol to Moscow) and then got well) then quite another city. almost did not make mistakes when moving, but it did not) the experience of moving there) and most importantly now there is a desire and the initial Spanish for moving to Argentina)) I do not scare off this video 🙂
Delegaciones de la Direccion Nacional de Migraciones habilitadas.
migration centers in other cities of Argentina, it is not necessary to live in the capital.
but the difficulties with language, work and purchase of housing are the same.
the picture is not rainbow, well, you all have passed it and thank God I do not know what you are doing, but I realized that Lenya deals with computers, Sveta -? —- survived, settled down, make a great video – I travel to Argentina with you – and what you really appreciate – good luck to you in everything.
Those who have a difficult monetary situation in their country, they do not need to immigrate at all. Beggars are not needed anywhere. Emigration is an expensive project, money should be taken to another country as much as possible – the more money, the more chances for success. If you can not earn money for living in your country with a free knowledge of foreign languages, then nobody is needed in a stranger and even more so. I very much agree with Leonid and Sveta about the work. Our many people believe that the state “does not allow them” to live well, etc. Need to work. In emigration, if you want to succeed, you need to know how to break concrete walls. And especially if you go on bird rights on the tour. a visa for such an adventure! People who can not move from their villages to the capital for the sake of a good life, but also abroad are soaped!
In Argentina it is difficult, but in Buenos, the climate is good. there is no winter, no snow.
the story about the green apple impressed! 🙁
would put 100 likes, but only 1 is allowed.
as always, one and the same naive questions. go somewhere without knowing the language ?! people in general in the adequate?
and generally if you go somewhere, you need at least go with money and / or knowledge.
You are all right! Only I do not agree in one thing. If you have nothing to achieve in your country, then you have nothing more to do in another country!
If you come alone, you either quickly roll back or destroy the family. My wife found a job faster, and I found it 3 months later. Modern emigration – a professional, without a decent profession is better to stay at home.
Although the professional is much more appreciated here than in any Russian muhosranske. It is clear that people from Moscow have nothing to do here.
I support completely !! In any other country it will be necessary to work very hard, nobody wants to work in their country. I liked the answer for learning the language. I live in Israel without a language is very difficult to find a normal job and communication is not at that level.
A large shortage of nurses and programmers.
But the language is the main thing, although the Argentines are very tolerant of weak knowledge of the language.
For example, in Canada, without an ideal English, you can forget about serious work.
Not the diplomas but the ability to work are valued. But it does not apply to health workers, lawyers and specialties where matrix is required.
To the conversation from 17:58 I want to add. I have changed three cities in Russia, I myself have studied for a lawyer, I have been a lawyer for 5 years, I worked as an oilman in Yamal for 5 years, I have been studying programming for more than 13 years and * Knicks system. in Moscow, distributed business cards, gave advertisements on the walls in his Moscow region conclusion: Low ZP, No one call on the clips, the prospects ZERO, with knowledge of English, even a lawyer in Moscow turns out to be like a dishwasher in the US, even if he goes to graduate or magistracy nothing changes there trained a lot How much I look at any country in the world, I understand that there is simply no worse Russia.
Lena and Sveta! FELLOWS THAT SAY AS IS. Many dream and live by some kind of fantasy, and you say it as it really is and thus save people from the terrible TOPSY.
I watched the broadcast)) and it seemed that you are talking about Belarus) people here live like this every month.
For what reason did you get there?
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To Argentina for permanent residence / Immigration.
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