In Italy, the Immigration Dossier 2016 is published.

In Italy, the Immigration Dossier 2016 is published.
IDOS: 5.5 million foreigners and more than 1 million “new Italians”.
In Italy, the updated statistical dossier on immigration 2016 (Dossier Statistico Immigrazione 2016), compiled by the Idos research institute in partnership with Unar, was published.
As of 2016, 5.5 million foreigners live legally in Italy, but in order to get a real picture of a multi-ethnic and multicultural Italian society, one million 150 thousand “new” citizens of Italy of foreign origin who received citizenship (+178,000 applications for citizenship last year).
The Italian indigenous population continues to decline and this trend will only develop, migration flows, however, can mitigate the situation with the birth rate in the country. Meanwhile, Italy’s treasury is replenished, thanks to immigrants: last year, immigrants paid 10.9 billion euros of taxes, receiving only 0.3% of the total pensions paid in Italy.
In 2015, foreigners accounted for 10.5% of the total number of residents in Italy (65 thousand more than in 2014).
The employment rate among foreigners is 58.9% against 56.0% recorded among Italians; The unemployment rate was 16.2% compared to 11.4%.
Crisis has struck and on foreigners. Between 2008 and 2015, the employment rate for foreigners fell by 8.1% (for Italians by 2.1%), and the unemployment rate rose by 7.7% (among Italians 4.8%). This partly explains the fact that a large number of residence permits for foreigners have not been extended: 64,000 only last year.
Only 6.8% of foreigners are employed in skilled work areas, while 35.9% perform unskilled labor and 30% are employed as handymen. Foreigners earn, on average, 28.1% less than the Italians (979 euros against 1362 euros).

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