In Russian.

In Russian.
Mob: +358 40 486 5262.
Graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Helsinki 2007.
Finnish, Russian, English, Swedish.
2014 & # 8211; Legal Bureau Lexlan / Lawyer, Partner.
2012 & # 8211; 2014 Attorneys at Law Attorneys-at-Law Juridia Butzow / Attorney.
2010 & # 8211; 2012 Attorneys at Procope & amp; Hornborg Attorneys-at-Law / Lawyer.
2007 & # 8211; 2010 Attorneys at law Hannes Snellman Attorneys-at-Law / Lawyer.
– issues of labor, civil, migration legislation.
– protection of interests in courts.
– protection of interests in divorce proceedings, property and inheritance disputes.
– legal assistance and advice in cases of violation of consumer rights.
– Housing disputes, family law and other.
– company registration in Finland, legal advice and comprehensive support.
– Subscription legal services and a set of services for legal protection of business.
– legal advice and services to support transactions with real estate.
– participation in negotiations, development and legal examination of contracts.
– advocacy of the interests of the company in courts of all instances.
– One-time legal advice.
Professional assistance in migration matters:
Residence permit in Finland (we draw up an average of 4 months)
We will help you get a residence permit in Finland. At the first consultation we will find a more suitable variant of the basis for the residence permit, as a rule, it is a job or an IP. Other grounds may be real estate, the creation or purchase of a business, family ties, etc. If you want to engage in business in Finland, you need to obtain a residence permit for an entrepreneur or an employee. What kind of residence you need depends on the type of your business. If you are an individual private entrepreneur (IP), you need a residence permit for an entrepreneur. If your company is a joint-stock company, you need a residence permit for the employee. To obtain a residence permit, you need to work directly at your company in Finland.
Extension of the residence permit (approximately 10 months after the receipt of the first residence permit)
We offer a full range of services for extending the residence permit. It is important to apply for an extension of the residence permit before the end of the previous permit. If the term of validity of your previous authorization expires during the processing of your application, you can still stay in Finland. As a rule, during the review of your application, you also have the right to work. If you applied for an extension of your residence permit only after the end of your previous permit, you can stay in Finland while you are considering your application, however, you do not have the right to work until you get a new residence permit.
Permanent residence permit in Finland (4 years after the residence permit is issued)
We will help you not only in the process of adaptation, but also in obtaining permanent residence. You can obtain a permanent residence permit (pysyva oleskelulupa) of status (P) if.
you have lived in Finland for at least four years with permission for status A and have not lived abroad for more than two years, and the grounds for granting you previous residence permits remain in place.
A permanent residence permit is valid for an unlimited period of time.

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