Invest in real estate in Bulgaria & # 8212; is there a risk?

Invest in real estate in Bulgaria & # 8212; is there a risk?
It is beneficial to invest free funds in the purchase of real estate abroad. Of the many countries Bulgaria is most attractive in this respect. Luxury four-room penthouse here you can buy at the price of a one-bedroom apartment in Moscow. If you invest correctly in real estate in Bulgaria, it will help not only to save them from inflation, but also to multiply.
Housing in this state is relatively cheap, supply exceeds demand, but experts predict that in the future, the rise in property prices will begin. This means that now is the time to invest, so that you can then profit from renting or reselling property. Some buyers do this: they acquire dilapidated housing in the village, bring it into proper condition, bring in communications and sell with profit for themselves. In general, such a method of reselling is chosen by foreign investors.
Risks in the purchase of real estate.
The purchase of real estate in Bulgaria is virtually unrelated to the risks. But there is one nuance: Russians can not be owners of land located in this country, so they need to buy either ready-made apartments or real estate in the unfinished construction stage. Many profitable options are on the secondary housing market. With commercial objects sometimes there are difficulties, therefore from number of Russians very few buyers of shops and shopping centers. In the process of registration, intermediaries participate. First, a Russian citizen draws up documents for the firm, and then receives a visa for a period of 3 years.
Selection of the property.
It is more profitable to buy expensive objects: afterwards you can get more profit from them. To begin with, you need to determine the purpose of the purchase (resale, year-round or temporary leasing). You can rent a house for several months in a year, and for the time of vacation to come there with your family.
The property can be a town house, a penthouse, an apartment with one or more bedrooms, a cottage, a studio or a small house. Area depends on your financial capabilities. The cost depends on the availability and type of finish, on the degree of livability and on whether the object is ready for occupancy. But still the main factor affecting the price is location. The most expensive houses and apartments are those located in the areas of health and ski resorts, in large cities and on the sea coast.
How to buy property in Bulgaria with maximum benefit?
It is worth paying attention to the apartments in the houses under construction: the developers offer them at low prices. However, you need to be discreet, otherwise you can lose money and get nothing in return.
Today, to buy elite housing with a good location, for example, near the sea coast is quite feasible for an amount equivalent to 2 million Russian rubles. Buy property in Bulgaria is affordable and affordable in rural areas. Good ecology, clean air and remoteness from the urban bustle make rural cottages an attractive acquisition.
To get rid of the hassle associated with finding tenants, it is best to sign a contract with the agency and quietly make a profit.
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20 thoughts on & ldquo; Invest in real estate in Bulgaria & # 8212; is there a risk? & rdquo;
All the same, it seems to me that any investment of large sums of money & # 8212; this is a risk, especially if it is buying property in the territory of another country.
The fact that the risk exists is absolutely indisputable. Here, too, Russia is trying to destabilize all sorts of sanctions. But the risk is a risk, and whoever does not risk that does not drink champagne and even more so real estate is always in price.
You need to buy only in the resort area, as vacationers will always be here, but commercial objects & # 8212; this is the question. Bulgaria is closely connected with the EU, and there, as you know, a sluggish crisis.
A good idea for investing in real estate, in Ukraine now will be very popular holiday in Bulgaria, many people in Crimea do not want to go to Crimea, it would be nice to look after the apartment in the resort town, and for themselves rest and can be rented out. How much is a studio in a resort town?
Buying a property in Bulgaria, at the moment is extremely profitable. On the one hand, the country, a member of the European Union, on the other & 8212; poor EU representative. Housing is inexpensive, but there are prerequisites that in the future, the value of real estate will grow. I consider the risks of investing to be minimal.
Money should work, but do not lie dead load. Put money into real estate profitable business. In a smart way, you can live on interest that you can get by renting out real estate for rent. The main thing is not to be greedy and contract with a trusted office.
There is always a risk, because in today’s world there is a very tense situation in the economy and politics. But, if you invest in real estate on the beach, you can repel money in the holiday season.
They say that in Bulgaria you can buy real estate cheaper than in Moscow or other major European cities.
But in fact buy & # 8212; this is not all. Real estate must still be maintained, it is necessary to pay taxes for it.
So if available money & # 8212; the last or only, that is, the sense to think: but how to live after buying?
I am confident that one of the best investments is & # 8212; this is the purchase of real estate. Therefore, I do not see any risk. But there are a lot of pluses. Especially if it’s a house in Bulgaria!
Real estate abroad & # 8212; good investment. In connection with the growing popularity of this type of investment in real estate in Bulgaria, many scammers have divorced. You need to be careful and learn all the little things.
Given that what is happening in the political world, you can say that you need to spend money and spend it in real estate. As a good option to buy a house in Bulgaria.
You need to invest uniquely! Any real estate, even abroad, & # 8212; this is an excellent investment of money. After all, you can buy housing, and then just rent it out, for example.
In Bulgaria, not a very long holiday season, so that the delivery of real estate is not very earn, it is not Turkey.
agrees that real estate in Bulgaria is worth buying only in new homes, because similar to Spain, before the quality of construction of objects was very poorly controlled and chances to get a lot of unpleasant surprises from the already purchased real estate in this case are quite high. In general, as an investment option is quite good.
The most banal investment option is the banks. More precisely, deposits in banks. I will sound the main points:
– In 2013 many Russian banks like Masterbank were deprived of a license, but 700k rubles in any case are insured by the state (ASV).
– It is advisable to invest more than 700 thousand rubles only in banks that are in the top ten (for example, VTB, Sberbank, Alfa). On the other hand, if, in some surprising way, Alpha is deprived of a license, the DIA with such a volume of depositors may not be able to cope.
– In large banks, the percentage of deposits is lower than in small banks. The biggest% that I’ve ever heard is 13.4% on the promo code in 2T Bank. However, by the time you read this post, the stock may be irrelevant, but you will imagine the maximum% and know about the existence of promotional codes. Actual% can look at, a good rating.
– In currency (dollars, euros),% on deposits is always lower, but in early 2014 the ruble fell and “ruble depositors” had to be nervous.
– Deposits can be either frozen for a certain period, or available for permanent replenishment and withdrawal. Of course, the first type often has a much more attractive percentage.
I myself am from Ukraine, but I have relatives living in Moscow. These relatives about 5 years ago invested in buying an apartment in Bulgaria. I did not understand why, but with her renting they have some problems and this apartment is therefore simply idle. I learned about this quite recently when in the telephone regime I complained that we lost our own spa zone (Crimea) and these relatives immediately offered me my apartment in Bulgaria for a rest there, because they are still standing there and they have the opportunity to go there only occasionally to go in it to have a rest. But in principle, with a view to investing money, if not better, there is not a bad option, it’s a good option.
Is there a risk? Looking where to buy it, I think we should find out the frequent places of tourists in Bulgaria and try to hand over, we do not need to move there for permanent residence, there is a unemployment crisis. Vienna, Bucharest, Dubrovnik, I think these three can be bought, with enough advertising there will be an exhaust and not a bad one. Plus, the apartment there is much cheaper than in Russia, the price of about 30 thousand dollars can be bought one-room in Vienna, not in the center of course.
Investing in real estate is a profitable transaction, and when abroad, it’s even better. But with the current situation between Russia and Ukraine, this is undoubtedly a great risk!
If you start investing in real estate or gold, you need to learn and analyze everything in more detail so as not to lose a lot of money.
My husband gave me an apartment in the complex Harmony Suites in Sunny Beach! A beautiful city. There is not life, but pleasure. I checked out the documents right away. It did not cause any difficulties. Some pleasantness.

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