Investments in Lithuania.

Investments in Lithuania.
Investments are investments, on which the country’s economic growth depends. Domestic and foreign investments in the country contribute to the creation of new jobs and increase the standard of living of the population, therefore we intend to create a business investment map and prove the high competitiveness of investments in Lithuania.
Investments in Lithuania.
Migration of the population in the last decade has been increasing every year, foreign citizens are changing their place of residence to improve their own standard of living, improve living conditions, achieve their goals in business, politics, life and science. Over the past year, there have been dual trends of migration in Lithuania. One of the trends is the emigration of Lithuanians to other EU countries, and the second trend is the ” many people from third countries (countries that are not part of the European Union) come to Lithuania. They occupy vacant jobs, do business in Lithuania, Europe and try to establish their positions here.
Lithuania does not yet provide services for obtaining a residence permit through the purchase of real estate, but it is possible, having bought inexpensive real estate, to get a multivisa. Based on the purchase of real estate (if the living space is not less than 14 square meters), the buyer can claim for a multivisa. The period of stay in the countries of the Schengen zone for this visa should not exceed 90 days for half a year.
In the event that a foreign citizen is interested in business in Lithuania and immigration to Lithuania by obtaining a residence permit (residence permit), he can do business in Lithuania. Buy a ready-made, operating business or register a company in Lithuania, i.e. to obtain a residence permit in Lithuania with the help of the investment policy of the country. Lithuania & # 8211; one of the most favorable EU countries for buying real estate and doing business. One of several options offered by our company is to become a shareholder of the company by purchasing shares for a total of not less than 14500 EUR.
If you are interested in investing in Lithuania, our company will be your representative and will help you find a business, establish contacts with partners, provide information on investment programs, and participate in contests for the development of European investments for the development of the economy of the Republic of Lithuania.
Highly developed infrastructure, convenient geographical location (proximity to Russia, Belarus) and many other reasons make Lithuania very attractive for the development of investments from the near abroad and the EU. According to Eurostat, Lithuania remains in the group of leaders in the development of foreign investments.
Lithuania is one of five countries with the largest population, which knows at least one foreign language (usually English, Russian and German). 92% of Lithuanians for interview can communicate in other languages. More than 50% of the population speaks two foreign languages; 80% – in Russian, 38% – in English and about 14% – in German.
Why invest in Lithuania:
Flexible system of taxation of entrepreneurial activity; Low, compared with other EU countries, property prices; Convenient geographical location; The infrastructure is well developed; The majority of the population is fluent in English and Russian.
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