Is it possible for Russians to go abroad through Belarus with a ban on leaving?

Is it possible for Russians to go abroad through Belarus with a ban on leaving?
In the wake of the current economic crisis in Russia, more and more debtors can not pay off their current credit obligations. And more and more citizens in this regard are included in the category of “non-exit”.
To become “not traveling”, unfortunately, is very easy. If you have aggregate overdue debts in the amount of more than 10,000 rubles, then the court can decide on which you will be added to this category. To sue can almost any state body, before which you have a debt – traffic police, housing office, … But most often in the period 2014-2015 the initiators of court hearings are commercial banks and credit organizations. According to statistics, only in 2014 more than 200 thousand decisions were made to include citizens in the category of “non-exit”, of which more than 70% on the initiative of banking institutions. The rest is made by alimony keepers and those who have debts for communal services.
After the court decision, it is transferred to the FSSP, where bailiffs make a decision to include the debtor in the list of those who are prohibited from leaving the Russian Federation. The decision is made for 6 months and can be extended indefinitely, until the citizen repays all his debts. On the repayment of debt, the bailiff receives information from databases of banks or state. bodies. After the decision of the bailiff, the information is transferred to the Border Guard Data Bank, which controls the citizens at the border.
How to get around the ban on leaving.
Until 03.03.2015, most of the debtors to whom travel was banned, bypassed it with the help of two most common options:
Departure from Russia to Belarus, because there are no customs posts at the border between these neighboring countries and, consequently, there are no checks of passport data on bases; Travel to Kaliningrad by train in transit through the territory of the European Union, where you could get off the train at any stop (in Latvia or Lithuania).
On that date, several memorandums were signed (source: on the mutual transfer of data between the state information systems of Belarus and Russia on debtors for maintenance, loans and debts for housing and communal services. This should close the possibility of leaving for those citizens who are included in the relevant bases. However, in practice, there is no mention of specific dates for the implementation of such agreements, so citizens are still open to both ways of departure.
According to numerous online reviews of citizens who have been listed in such “black lists” for many years, the most popular method of “circumventing” the ban on leaving is the following scheme:
you leave the territory of the Russian Federation across the border with Belarus (where there is currently no control over the border crossing); from Belarus (most often – from Minsk) go by train or take off by plane to the country of your destination. Depending on the rules of entry of a particular country, you may need a visa for entry and a passport; since you do not have any of your data in Belarus’ bases, then you completely stop the border; enjoy a trip or rest, after which you can already return to Russia by direct flight. Do not let you into the RF can not, because the ban on entry due to debts, under current legislation, you can not impose.
As for the trip to Kaliningrad, this option is more risky than in Belarus, if not to say, adventurous. You must buy a train ticket to Kaliningrad. Customs officers and border guards in this case you should not check, because the purpose of the trip is from Russia to Russia. However, having entered the territory of the European Union, you can get off the train at any convenient point of the way and, thanks to the openness of internal borders, get to any place in Europe. Why is this way more dangerous? You can easily check the documents and, if your Schengen visa is overdue, put in jail and impose a considerable fine. Needless to say, after such a finale of your trip, you will not be able to obtain a Schengen visa in the future.
Check whether the list of those who are prohibited from leaving the Russian Federation, you can link to
Is it possible to lift the ban on leaving?
Yes. The prohibition record can be removed from the FSSP registry. There are several ways for this:
Completely pay off all debts. For speeding up, you can personally bring all payment receipts from the bank or printed out from the Internet service, indicating full repayment of the debt and hand over to the bailiff. Motivated to convince the bailiff that the debt will soon be repaid. Convince the bailiff of the urgent need to travel in connection with accompanying the patient to treatment abroad or in connection with the organization of the funeral.
Within a few days, the bailiff can terminate his decision to impose an exclusion order, after which he passes the relevant information to the border authorities’ databases. If you urgently need to go abroad, you can personally take the bailiff to the border authorities, so that he passes documents on the removal of the record from the register. This will speed up the process for a couple of days after which you will again be allowed to cross the border freely.
If you have any questions & # 8212; You can ask them through an online consultant.
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Is it possible to go abroad with debt and how difficult is it to do?
Measures to influence debtors are becoming more painful.
A good site for alimens. And how to leave Russia, bypassing Belarus, and Kaliningrad. Thank you, more such news, who wants to leave Russia.
Dmitry, I’m glad that you need this information! I have been using these methods for many years. By the way, there are a couple more ways out, but they are not really for public publication.
And in a personal write? I’ll give you an email.
Kostik help it is necessary to go to the treatment what other options are available.
Good day, very necessary any ways to go to Kyrgyzstan to her husband for 3 years think about it please tell me any ways.
Constantine tell me at the moment whether there is a loophole with Belarus? I have a ban since 2013. And what else e.
There are ways to give an electron to the galaxy so as not to advertise.
I welcome you, you can tell about these couple of ways, how to fly to a debtor abroad, the debt for child support is 450 tr. (
Hands are connected, with his wife problems begin (because in Russia everyone has already traveled, and I want of course for the sake of thanks, for earlier thanks.
And you can go back the same way? Will there be no problems?
yes pizdezh sdes written))) on the lifting of the ban on leaving Russia. you can not lift the ban, you can be more precise, but it’s temporary for a lot of money.
And in a personal write you can.
until now you can leave Russia for Belarus if you are forbidden.
I just returned from Italy, I have a bailiff for a year will not withdraw from the site of duty. I paid for everything.
did not risk flying from Russia.
And I, as an honest citizen of the Russian Federation, went through friendly friendly Belarus, the trip was very interesting from St. Petersburg, I went by bus the ticket costs 1600 rubles. or 450 000 BYR. They brought me to the center of Minsk, but I had to go to the Minsk-2 Airport, many taxi drivers approached me and asked me to go to the airport 1600 rus.rub. I refused and the farewell guy came along. The real taxi driver agreed with him. 1100 rubles Sergey +375333640616 +375293740874 .
he met me back, you ask why only a taxi can not be a bus or an electric train, if you have a lot of time before the airplane, then you can also walk slowly.
At the airport passed easy passport control and flew to Italy, the main thing do not jerk behave calmly and confidently.
Belavia was flying BELAVIA. Take sandwiches with you in the plane do not feed.
Still thanks to our state that they raise the fraternal country financially the price of the ticket in both directions is 280 euro., This is from one.
Anatoly hello. Tell me what date did you fly?
You can fly to Asia from Kazakhstan from Almaty or Astana. I traveled to Kazakhstan by train. Passports were checked on the border by rail and Russian border guards and Kazakhs. I was very worried, skipped or not. Passports are taken away, in 15 minutes they return. And cheers. Before Delhi fly from Almaty by local flight only (.) Three and a half hours. And the price of tickets pleases.

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